The Men of "Friday The 13th"

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    Any fans of these guys, or anybody with any more pics exposing more of them? I've only listed those from Part I through Part VII:The New Blood so far.

    Kevin Bacon (Part 1) [photo in this post]
    Harry Crosby (Part 1) [photo in this post]
    John Furey (Part 2) [photo in this post]
    Tom McBride (Part 2) [photo in this post]
    Russell Todd (Part 2)
    Jeffrey Rogers (Part 3)
    Peter Barton (Part 4)
    Lawrence Monoson (Part 4)
    John Robert Dixon (Part 5)
    John Shepherd (Part 5)
    Tom Fridley (Part 6)
    Thom Mathews (Part 6)
    Kevin Blair Spirtas (Part 7)

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