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The Morales' Pt 1

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by arliss, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. arliss

    arliss Member

    Jul 22, 2006
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    New York
    The Morales’ house is with in walking distance from Hampton Road. They own a three level, five bedroom, contemporary style, beachfront property. Morgan arrives at 11:30pm. He wears an Italian made, cream rayon and silk suit with cream, leather, Italian shoes. A silk, paisley handkerchief is in his left breast pocket. To compliment the outfit, Morgan carries a beige, leather man purse. Mr. and Mrs. Morales are in Havana for one month. The family owns the largest and most recognized recycling plant on the East Coast. A Cuban immigrant, Mr. Morales started Pea Tree Recycling in the early 1980’s. Now, they’ve twenty five recycling facilities nationwide. Morgan met Hector and Juan, through his mother Doris, when they were teenagers. Doris and Mrs. Morales were friends and shopping buddies. The brothers are identical twins. Juan’s getting married to his high school’s sweetheart, and Hector wants to throw a party for him. In Sag Harbor, the Morales’ family are considered to be the most attractive family in the East Hampton because every member is extremely beautiful and charming. Morgan recalls their gorgeous cousin Julia. He had a crush on her when they were younger. Both brothers stand at 6’1”, have square, masculine faces, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. They love entertaining people and having house parties every year, for a selected few. Morgan’s close with Juan, but over the years, he has developed a better relationship with Hector. Juan’s more reserved, but Hector’s the complete opposite, rough around the edges. When Morgan entered the house, Rap music blasts in the background, 50 Cents, “I’ll Woop Your Head Boy” is heard. The base is thumping. A DJ, from a well-known Hip Hop radio station in Manhattan, is hired. The house’s packed with one hundred fifty people, wall to wall. Their ages range from 30-45. As everyone danced, Morgan notices most faces are white, with a few brown hues scattered about.

    Hector approaches screaming. “Yo! Whaz-up Bro! Check you the fuck out! Your ass is extra Morgan. You clean as a motherfucker, with your blond hair!” Hector laughs uncontrollably, while hugging and patting Morgan’s back.

    “Hector, my brother, you know how I do. How the fuck are you man?”

    “I’m doing good.” Observing the crowd, “Look at all these damn people. What the hell was I thinking about when I sent out the invites? You see than man over there.” Hector points to a tall gentleman with straight, light brown hair. “His name’s Ivan Rochko. He‘s a famous Russian Opera singer.”


    “Yes dude! I don’t know him! I never sent him an invite.”

    Morgan laughs. “Where’s Juan, the married man to be?”

    “Hmmmmmm! How the fuck should I know? This is his party dude, and I‘m greeting all the guests. He’s probably upstairs getting some pussy, or his dick’s in a glory hole.”

    “A glory hole? You guys aren’t playing this year.”

    “Hell no bro! This is the party of the Century.”

    “How’s Julia?”

    “She’s here too, my cousin the freak. She’s dating a young, married Italian couple. I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you. Look at that mocha brown honey with the locs, holding the white Pomeranian. Why the hell did she bring a dog to this party? I love her though.”

    Wearing a white, lace cat suit and white suede stilettos, her attire leaves nothing to the imagination. Her bodyguard is two feet away.

    “Wow! She’s beautiful.”

    “She’s some kind of erotica entertainer. She calls herself Empress Erotica. I don’t know how the fuck she got here either, but I ain’t mad.”

    “Is Lillian here?”

    “Yeah, I saw her dancing with Jordin.”

    “How does Jordin look now? I haven’t seen her in years.”

    “She’s fine as fuck man, and yes, her ass is still fat. Look at all these beautiful women Morgan. They all need to be getting fucked tonight. Oh my damn! I feel like I died and went to heaven.”

    The DJ plays David Banner’s “Play” (Dirty version). The partygoers scream. Two women jump on the coffee table; it’s Lillian and Jordin Stein. Everyone cheer them on, as Lillian and Jordin seductively teased, by slowly removing their tops. Like Morgan, Jordin’s biracial. Her mother’s African-American, and her father’s an Orthodox Jew. Jordin’s family has a six bedroom, contemporary style house in Water Mill. Mr. Stein owns two, reputable retail shops, in the Diamond District of Manhattan and one in Beverly Hills, selling imported diamonds jewelry from South Africa. While dancing, Jordin displays a beautiful, diamond, tennis bracelet and ring on her left hand and wrist, and they sparkle across the room. A gleefully, unemployed millionaire and 32 years old, Jordin’s a tall, curvaceous, light cinnamon woman with light brown eyes, reddish, wavy, shoulder length hair and light freckles on her nose and cheeks. Her natural breast are double D’s, which perfectly matches her small, muscular waist and full hips. Morgan always loved her body. Although she’s much smaller, Jordin reminds him of Elaine. Jordin wears a short sleeve, sheer, white belly shirt that hangs off the shoulders, which stops three inches below her breasts, with white low rider jeans and pink, spiked heels. Jordin never liked to wear bras. Her thick, light brown nipples press against the fabric. Lillian wears a cream, silk bikini top with matching capri’s. As the pants rest on her hips, she displays a diamond belly chain with beige, leather, pointed mules. The chain was given to her, by Jordin, as a birthday present. As they removed each other’s shirts, both women dance topless.

    “Look. That’s Lillian and Jordin there.”

    Morgan shakes his head at Lillian. “Damn, Jordin looks good. You remember what I told you yesterday, right?”

    Hector laughs, “Hell yeah. I remembered. You’re as cold as ice Morgan. I hope I don’t get on your bad side.”

    “Make sure you distort your voices, but don’t distort Lillian’s.”

    “Damn, I love you man. Well, let me start recording now. We‘ll talk later.”

    Morgan notices a familiar face he‘d seen on television and in art magazines. It’s the Nigerian sculptor, Ajani. Ajani appears to be much taller on television. He’s dancing with the famous Afro-Caribbean British model, Kiki. Morgan couldn’t stopped looking at her. Kiki’s ebony skin glows underneath the lighting. To Morgan, she exemplifies a pure vision of beauty. He glances at Jordin, and she inserts a pill in her mouth, leans down and French kisses a woman near the coffee table. Repeating the same action, she kisses a man. Then, she kisses Lillian. Acknowledging Morgan and dressing into her top, she comes off the table and approaches him. As she moved near, Jordin manually inserts pills in everyone’s mouth. Lillian continues to dance, but her eyes are closed.

    “Morgan Blake, look at this delicious man before me. Damn baby, it‘s been a long time.”

    Greeting her with a hug, Jordin looks better from a distance, but her curves remain intact. She’s clearly high on Ecstasy. As Jordin talked, she continues to dance but closer.

    “How are you Jordin? I see New York has been good to you.”

    “I’m living and loving. My life’s stress free. Mmmmmmm! Look at Lillian. That girl can dance. I love her. Isn‘t she fantastic?”

    “Yes, I see her. Lillian’s the best. I guess all the dance lessons paid off. She studied Classical Ballet for fifteen years.”

    Laughing, “Really? She never told me that. Morgan you‘re so sexy.” Jordin plays with Morgan’s hair. “I always liked you. Remember all the good times we shared together?”

    “Thank you Jordin. I‘ve always liked you too. Of course I remember the good times. You’re a nasty, dirty girl.”

    “Mmmmmm! You’re awesome. This party’s fantastic, and everyone looks so good. Every day should be like this.” Stretching her arms in the air, “I feel so wonderful tonight.” Jordin giggles and hugs him again. “Do you want some Ex? They’ve Percocet, Coke, Valium, Crystal Meth and Alcohol too.”

    “No thank you. I’m good.”

    Dancing closer, “Lillian mentioned she had an awesome time in Bathsheba. I must visit you one summer.”

    “You always say that, but you never come. I would love to entertain you too. I can think of a few things I would love to do to you.”

    “Mmmmmmm! Stop tempting me. Next summer, I’ll be there. What are you doing tonight?”

    “I’m going home alone. Do you want to join me?”

    “Ahhhhhhh! Morgan, are you offering me something?”

    “Yes, some good Black dick. Something you can use right about now.”

    Jordin laughs, “How can a lady refuse that offer? Before you leave, find me. We can continue the party at your house,” while brushing her breasts against his chest.

    “I will.”

    “Let me join Lillian. I’ll see you tonight baby.”

    As Jordin departed, Morgan watches her hips sway from left to right. Then, Marty Rabinowitz interrupts. His father owns the largest, most prestigious accounting firm on the West Coast, Rabinowitz & Ross. Although Marty has an MBA in Finance, he’s a slacker and a careered college student. Like Lillian, he enjoys the pleasure of living off their family name. The Rabinowitz owns a four bedroom, ranch style home in Southhamtpon, and they aren’t religious people. Marty’s a thin, tall man with auburn hair.

    “Mulatto baby. Do you have a personal stylist? You‘re the flyest motherfucker in here.”

    “Marty the Moron. I see you’re still retarded.”

    They laugh then hug.

    “How are you Morgan?”

    “I’m doing well. Did you get married to a nice Jewish girl yet?”

    “The Jewish women don’t like me, but the Spanish chicks, that’s another story. They cannot get enough.”

    “Marty, you’re a fool. Where are you staying at now?”

    “I live in Las Vegas. I‘ll be in New York for another week.”

    “Are you enjoying the party?”

  2. arliss

    arliss Member

    Jul 22, 2006
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    New York
    “Hell yeah! Hector and Juan go all out. I love those fucking guys. Hey, I purchased a cottage in Hampton Bays. It‘s only has two bedrooms, but I would love to invite you to dinner. My girlfriend, Yvette, is a wonderful cook. She isn‘t here tonight. Yvette wouldn‘t approve of the party.”

    “Sure, I’m at the house on Hampton Road. Call me there, and we’ll set something up.”

    “I’ll do that. It‘s good seeing you.” Marty stumbles, as he spoke.

    “How much did you drink tonight? Do you need a ride home? I‘ll talk to Hector.”

    “I drank a lot man. I stopped counting at 11pm. I’ve been here since 9:05pm. I cannot believe I’m still standing dude. I’ll be okay. Yvette’s picking me up later. Did you check out the fucking glory hole?”

    “Nahhhh Marty! That’s not my style.”

    “I don’t know who’s on the other end, but that person gives a mean blow job. Speaking of blow jobs, I think I’m due for another one. Bye.”


    Hired, muscular security guards are dressed in black. Each men walk around the house with headphones in their ears. Ten bartenders serve mixed drinks. Twelve hostess are hired, passing out delicious cheese, spinach and meat appetizers along with fruit. Juan calls out to Morgan, waving hello. Then, he joins two male friends. Timmy Nunez, the famous major league baseball player, walks by Morgan. He’s entertaining a posse of scantly clothed yet tastefully dressed, beautiful Latina women. Morgan browses around the house, greeting familiar faces. An extremely thin, fair woman, with light brown hair, is seated at the end of the couch. Her face looks worn. While talking to herself, she’s stacking plastic cups repetitively. She stands to walk way, only to return and sit, stacking the cups again. She grins at Morgan, and some of her teeth have rotten in her mouth. Lillian spots her cousin, and she proceeds to approach, but three male friends stop her: an African-American male, Donald, and two Latin men, Lee and Juan. Donald and Lee are Juan’s best friends. Several years ago, he’d met them in Med School. Lilllian greets them with smiles, while Juan hands her a drink, and she follows them. Morgan goes to the second level to use the bathroom. At opposite ends of the halls, there are two, as large as the three bedrooms. The women and a few men are on the left. The ladies were fixing their make-up and hair in the mirrors, but a blond gentleman stands out the most. He spoons himself Coke, in the mirror, with his long pinky nail. Although some blood trickled from his nostrils, he continues. Most of the men stood on the right, along with Marty.

    “Hey Morgan. You decided to join me.”

    “No, I have to use the restroom.”

    “Check out the front of the line.”

    When Morgan walked towards the front, a white gentleman stood with his pants at his ankles, while his cock’s inserted through a hole in the door. When he orgasmed, another gentleman places his through. This went on all night long. Morgan stands on the left line. He hears Lillian’s voice, and some laughter follows. Morgan hides in an empty bedroom. When she passed, he goes to the third level to use the restroom. Laughter resonates from the first floor. Someone broke a glass and more laughter followed. Morgan uses their telephone to call Lauren. He promises to be with her tomorrow evening. When they finished talking, he heard moans coming from an adjacent bedroom. The lights were on. Turning the bathroom lights off, Morgan holds the door ajar. Lillian’s in the room with Donald, Lee, Juan and Hector. She’s giving the gentlemen private lap dances, as Hector records the event.

    “Hector, put down the camcorder.”

    “Are you shy Lillian?”

    “No, but come join us. We’re having so much fun.”

    “I like watching you because you’re so sexy.”

    “Mmmmmm! Thank you baby.” Lillian laughs, but it’s from her being inebriated and on drugs.

    “Lillian show us that dance you did downstairs,” inquired Juan.

    Hesitating, she smiles for the camera. “But, I need music.”

    “You can hear it from downstairs. Keep dancing sexy. You‘re such a beautiful woman. I wish I could have you for myself,” said Hector.

    Removing her top, Lillian giggles, as the three gentleman sat in chairs. Topless, she dances around them, while intermittently grinding her hips into their groins. They encourage Lillian to remove more clothing, and she did. As they began touching her, Lillian’s breathing became heavy.

    “I see you boys want to get naughty.”

    “We do,” Donald said.

    “We want to make it air tight,” said Lee.

    Laughing, “As long as you have condoms, lets get this party started.”

    The men remove their clothing, with erections at full capacity; they’re well endowed. Completely nude, Lillian lays on the bed. As she waited for them to approach, Lillian begins masturbating.

    “Don’t do that sugar. Let me eat that pussy for you,” said Juan.

    “Come get it baby,” she replies.

    Getting on his knees, Juan performs oral sex on her. As his head bobbed, Donald walks over, placing his cock in her mouth. Moaning, Lillian spits, sucks and licks his head and down his shaft. Hector continues to tape. As he watched for twenty minutes, Lee lubricates and strokes his dick.

    “Stop being cheap with the pussy,” said Lee impatiently.

    “Don’t fight guys. I’ve enough to spread around. Lets all lay on the bed,” said Lillian.

    Facing Lee, Lillian sits on his cock, while Juan enters her anus from behind. Donald inserts himself in her mouth. All men proceed their grinding motions into her body, and Lillian moans aloud.

    “Ahhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmmmmm! Hmmmmmmmmm! Oooooooooo!”

    “Gentleman, it’s officially air tight. Fuck all those holes good,” said Hector.

    Morgan watches for forty minutes. Moans, grunts and cooing noises are heard. Lillian looks possessed and in Heaven simultaneously. Although he had a throbbing erection, Morgan only watches. There wasn’t a need to masturbate. He knew he would find some pussy to fuck before the evening is over. They move Lillian to a loveseat. Donald sits first. Spreading her buttocks apart, Lillian sat on his dick, leading with her anus. Juan’s cock enters her mouth. Sliding between her thighs, Lee inserts himself in her pussy. Lillian’s eyes are delighted with each stroke. For better resistance, Lee holds onto the top portion of the loveseat, while gyrating his hips. As she rested her back on Donald‘s chest, Lillian extends her legs outwards, welcoming more into her body. Donald grasps Lillian’s thighs, fixing them in position. Her breasts dance in the air at every pummel. Donald, Lee and Juan’s bodies became sweaty, and it drips onto Lillian’s flesh. Her hair’s wet and stringy, but her body craves more, as she spread her lips apart. Juan massages her breasts, while rubbing sweat into her body.

    “Mmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!”

    The men pound Lillian harder. Lee smiles at the camera and spits on her pussy. Hector continues recording with a massive erection. Then, he begins to jerk himself, focusing the lens on his body. Juan switches positions with Lee, entering Lillian again. Leaving the bathroom, Morgan has seen enough. He decides to join the party on the main level. Upon exiting, Morgan sees a familiar face. It’s Asta. Her name means love. Asta’s family are esteemed, Norwegian socialites; they own a castle in Oslo. After her parents divorce, Asta’s father came to the United States, marrying an American woman. They purchased a house in the Westhampton. Before coming to America, Asta has never seen or encountered African-Americans. She was slightly timid yet fascinated by Morgan, especially his best friend Jaylin. When her fears diminished, the three became close friends, and she would plan her vacations to New York, according to Morgan and Jaylin’s availability. Throughout her stay, both men would introduce her to Manhattan’s nightlife and engage in threesomes. Although they treated her with respect, like any amicable relationship, Asta was their personal slave, and it lasts for three years. She runs toward Morgan.

    Kissing him passionately, “Morgan. Hi!”

    “Hi Asta. My goodness, you look incredible.”

    “Thank you. I don’t mean to be rude. I know you like honesty, but my husband’s in the second bathroom. Damn, I wish I knew you were coming. Is Jaylin here?”

    “I’m not sure. I haven’t seen him. How long have you been married?”

    “Three months.”

    “Is he a good man? Are you happy?”

    “He’s wonderful, but some days, I‘m happy, and other days, I’m not. I miss you and Jaylin.”

    “Believe me. We miss you too.”

    “I didn’t know who’s baby I was carrying, and I couldn’t keep it. I wasn’t married, and my family wanted me to go to college. You do understand.”

    It was really Jaylin’s child, but Asta doesn’t want to admit it, in fear of loosing them both. Morgan hugs Asta.

    “We were young and experimenting. Don’t be ashamed. I’ll always respect you.”

    As her husband flushed the toilet and began washing his hands, Asta continues, “Morgan, I’ll leave him now if you ask me to. You and Jaylin can take me away. I’ll be your slave forever. Just say it. Please!”

    Morgan‘s looks at her luscious body and is tempted to bring her to home with him tonight. Stroking her hair, “Baby, I cannot make that decision for you. I’m not into breaking up marriages. Try to make it work. You said he‘s a good man.”

    When Asta’s husband opened the door, Morgan swiftly walks away and turns the corner. She and her husband began kissing in the hallway. Then, they return to the party downstairs
  3. millionman

    millionman Well-Liked Member

    Jun 11, 2006
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    United States
    Arliss, is there going to be a third installment? There's a lot going on in this story with a lot of different names. You may want to work on setting the stage for the story as opposed to just throwing your reader into the middle of a party scene where everyone knows everyone and there are too many stories to tell and not enough time for background on each one. I think you've got an interesting tale going, but there's still a bit too much going on for the reader to really follow where your story is actually going.
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