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The New Girl In Class

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by Mikey22, May 19, 2019.

  1. Mikey22

    Mikey22 Admired Member

    Apr 16, 2019
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    Fairhope (AL, US)
    It was 8:45 in our social studies class. When the door swung open. And in walked Mrs. Kim Beasley. She was followed by a new student. Who followed Mrs. Beasley to the teachers desk. Where Mrs. Harris was sitting. They talked quietly for a moment. And Mrs. Beasley walks out.

    I was already profiling the girl. Who was dressed in a flannel shirt, jeans and cowboy boots. Like she just stepped off a ranch or something. She wasn’t exactly pretty or ugly for that matter. She was a big girl. But not what I would consider fat. But I’ve always liked bigger girls. A girl with some meat on her bones. Was always sexy to me.
    She had shoulder length dark blonde or light brown hair.

    By appearance she didn’t look like a preppy stuck up bitch, that thought that she was to good for anybody. I always hated those types of girls.

    Mrs. Harris stands up, to address the class.

    “ Everyone this is Kris. Y’all all need to make her feel welcome. “
    Kris just stood there awkwardly. As everyone was sizing her up. While Mrs. Harris looks around for her an empty seat.
    She acted like she was trying to find the right students to pair Kris up with. She pointed to an empty desk. Next to my girlfriend Misty.

    “ Sit over there. Misty you take care of Kris and show her around. “

    “ Yes ma’mm. “ Misty said nicely.
    I was sitting behind Misty, watching her approach us.

    “ Hi “ I said softly.
    Kris just smiled a warm smile at me. And sat down. Of course I just stared at her big ass as she sat down. Misty leans toward her, and took and opened up her social studies book. To help her get to wherever it was, that we were at in the book.

    Soon the bell rang. Misty wanted to put on a good impression for Kris. For some reason she looked like she would be a good friend.

    “ Hey this is Mikey. And this is Shirley, Staci and Rachel. Who were the others in Misty’s clique. We all did our best to make her feel welcome. I could tell just by interacting with her. There was something special about this girl that I liked.

    “ Lets see your schedule. I’ll help you out. “
    She hands the schedule over to Misty.

    “ Oh cool your going to the vocational school to. And we’ll have PE. together.

    “ But we’re not going to have English and Math together? “ Kris said with disappointment in her voice.

    “ It’s okay, you’ll be alright. “
    Misty led her through the crowded hallway. To Kris’s next class. Which had those pretty preppy bitches and of course the alpha male jocks were in there.
    And one of them couldn’t resist the urge to bark like a fucking dog at Misty.

    “ What’s the retarded skank doing in here?”
    A girls voice said.
    Misty pushed Kris to the side, and stepped in to the classroom.

    “ What’s that you say Connie??? “ Misty says out loud, while dropping her books and purse. She then stepped out of her high heels. “ I’m right here Bitch!...Bring it on! “ She said challenging her.

    Kris looks on in disbelief. First day at a new school, and she’s right in the middle of a fight.

    Mr. Brown jumps up from his desk.

    “ That’s enough girls!...Ain’t going to be no fight in my class! He points to the door. “ Out!...You know your place! “ He said with sarcasm.

    Misty gathering her things kept her eyes on Connie. She slowly backed out the door.

    “ Fucking Bitch! “ She said out in the hallway, catching her breath. While putting her high heels back on.

    “ What’s wring Babe? “ I asked her as I just walked up, missing out on the action.

    “ Your ex girlfriend! I can’t believe you used to like that bitch! I’m gonna kick her ass! “

    I laugh to myself. Remembering there last scrap, when Connie tried to drown Misty. By holding her head in the toilet,

    “ You sure Babe? Like you did last time? “
    I couldn’t resist that one.

    “ Shut the Fuck up!...Who’s side are you on? “ She asked just a fuming.
    Outside the school I take and hold her hand.

    “ You know I love you! “ I say to her.

    “ I know. “ She then smiled.
    We make our way to the old trailer. Where us special kids had our class.

    Me, Misty and Shirley were in this class. Along with Becky. Who had black hair, and was so pale that she looked like warmed over death. She always wore black clothes and black lipstick and always was depressed. And didn’t talk much.
    Then there was Jed. He was tall and red headed with bad acne. He had a bad speech impediment and was hard to understand. It was always exciting hanging out with Jed. He had a very short fuse. When bullies came his way, he always throws the first punch. And would usually beat the God Damn Hell out of them. If not with his fists he’d use chairs, desks and one time we saw him flip the camera table over at them. It usually took two or three jocks to take him down. And when he got his ass kicked, it just pissed him off more. Revenge was always on his mind.
    Surprisingly Jed could read pretty good. He liked that 1984 book, along with The catcher and the Rye. And you always know people that read those books have some issues.
    I always felt that Jed would take the typical fight to the next tragic level. And the sad thing is. I wouldn’t blame him in the least for it.

    Shirley and Jed had an on again and off again love affair. She always told Misty that he was hung like a fucking horse. And he was the only boyfriend she’d had up to that point, that could make her cum with his cock. She always tried to get her to try it. But Misty felt that would be the one time her birth control would fail. And she’d have to raise his kid. And she didn’t want that kind of long term relationship with him.

    There was a hand full of other’s in the class. Greg was in a wheelchair. With a bad seizure disorder. The others had there own disabilities to some degree or another. But at least in those classes, everyone was nice to each other.

    After those two periods. Misty and her other girlfriends hooked back up with Kris at the gym. Mrs. Brown assigned Kris a locker. And gave her a tee shirt and a pair of shorts to change in to.
    Kris was prepared with her own sweat pants and tennis shoes. The girls changed. And went in to the gym. Some played basketball. Others played volleyball. Misty and her clique just leisurely walked laps. They didn’t care for sports and were just lazy as Hell anyway.
    Kris liked the girls but seemed board.

    “ Is there a weight room here? “ She asked.

    “ Yeah...You lift weights? “

    “ I do a little. “

    “ Yeah we got one. Some of the guys might be in there though. “

    “ That’s okay I’m good with that. “ Kris said enthusiastically.
    They walked toward the back door of the gym. That led to a hallway that went to the weight room, wrestling room and on to the boys gym.

    Mrs. Brown saw the girls. She knew them well enough, that she figured they were looking for a place to smoke. Or had a boy waiting to suck, fuck or jerk off. She followed behind them, and stood in the doorway to keep an eye on them.

    Kris went straight to some 45LB. dumb bells. She picked them up like they were nothing. And started doing a set of curls. Misty did the same but only with 10 pound weights.

    “ Damn girl your strong! “ Misty said watching her. The girls moved around the room, from one machine to the next.
    Rex and Donnie were the only boys in the room with them. They were both nerds from the advanced gifted classes. Both were highly intelligent. But were small and weak. As far as physical stature was concerned.
    Thankfully the jocks and more athletic types had 7th. Period PE. So nobody had to feel intimidated or put up with there Bull shit.

    Rex and Donnie didn’t do much to help one another. Donnie was doing squats, while Rex was doing bench presses.
    Kris was on the pec machine behind Rex. He had 90 pounds on the bar. She watched his arms tremble and shake. As he pushed the weights up. And suddenly he dropped them.
    She leaped from the machine and raced over. Grabbing the bar, lifting it and placed it on the rack.

    “ Are you Okay? “
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  2. Mikey22

    Mikey22 Admired Member

    Apr 16, 2019
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    Fairhope (AL, US)
    She asked him, looking down at him.

    “ Yeah...Thanks. “ He was red faced and looked embarrassed. “ No pain no gain you know? “ He said to her.

    “ You’ll get there stud! “ She smiles at him warmly. She wanted to be encouraging to him.

    “ Take a brake and cool off! “
    Rex gets up and Kris lays down on the bench. She grabbed the bar and thrusted out 10 reps.

    “ Need more! “ She said getting up and putting two more 45 pound plates on the bar.

    “ Spot me please. “ Misty got on one side of the bar. Shirley got the other end. As Kris pumped the weights up and down. The girls followed with there hands, waiting to grab the bar. If they had to.

    After the tenth rep. She puts the bar ion to the rack.

    “ Damn!...Have you got a set of balls between your legs??? “ Misty asked surprised. They all laughed. Kris sat up on the bench, to see Mrs. Brown looking at her. By the look on her face, she seemed impressed.

    “ Shower time girls. You don’t want to be late for lunch. “
    They all go back to the locker room.
    Mrs. Brown walks along beside Kris.

    “ You play sports? “ She asked curiously.

    “ Have you got a softball team? “

    “ Tryouts are in February. “

    “ Cool I’ll be there. “
    In the locker room the girls all stripped down.

    “ See no balls here. “ Kris said. Misty glanced down at Kris’s shaved pussy and smiles. Where most girls put a towel around them. On the quick walk to the showers. Kris was comfortable being naked. She just threw her towel over her shoulder. Misty follows looking at her big ass, and pussy from behind. Wondering if she liked to fuck or not.
  3. fireman1294

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    Jul 27, 2008
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    Lake Villa (IL, US)
    I love where this is going, muscle women are hot as fuck. Especially when they out muscle men. I also envision Kris having rather large chest as well, both tits and pecs
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  4. Mikey22

    Mikey22 Admired Member

    Apr 16, 2019
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    Fairhope (AL, US)
    As the girls showered. Kris’s instincts told her that the other girls were checking her out. Especially after what they saw her do in the weight room. She just stayed cool, and didn’t acknowledge any of them.
    After the shower, they dried off, and made there way back to there lockers to dress.
    Facing her locker, Misty picked up her bra. And started to put it on. She glanced over at Kris, and hoped she wouldn’t notice her looking. Kris’s tits were quite large. Not as large as Misty’s. But they had better shape. Could be from working out she thought.
    Kris picks up her bra and looks at it. She then chose to put the bra inside her gym bag.

    “ Wow! What confidence she’s got. “ Misty said to herself. She looks down at her own tits. And finished harnessing them up. She liked the front clasp bras, since it gave easy access to me get at her tits. But she wished she had Kris’s confidence.
    Kris puts on a tee shirt, which she covered with the flannel shirt, she wore earlier. She continues to dress.
    Misty slips on her panties and sits on the bench to put on her nylons. Kris noticed the red high heeled pumps that were still in Misty’s locker.

    “ Your boyfriend likes for you to wear those heels don’t he? “

    “ Yeah he does...Was it obvious? “

    “ I saw him squeeze and adjust his cock this morning in Social studies class. “ Kris smiles at her.

    “ Yeah I like to tease him. “ Misty says with a laugh, as she stands to put her blue jeans back on.

    “ Is he any good? “ Kris inquires.

    “ He’s not the biggest I’ve had. But he fucks me good. “

    “ Y’all do it often? “

    “ Not as much as I’d like. Before I started working every afternoon. We did it every day. Now it’s more like a quickie before school, and Friday and Saturday nights. But I always want it and need it. “

    Little did Misty know, Kris was trying to figure out her routine.

    “ So you have a job? “ Kris asks while she sits and puts on her socks and cowboy boots.

    “ Yeah I work down at the Food Land. And usually get off at closing. So there’s not much time afterwards, with school and all you know. “

    The girls then brush out and style there hair and reapply there makeup.

    By then it was lunch time. Where Misty and Shirley and the other girls. Took Kris off to themselves to find out more about her. They find out that her parents were divorced. And Kris didn’t like the man that her mother was trying to replace her dad with. So after turning 18. She decided to move in with him. And of course the boyfriend subject comes up. Which Kris didn’t have one at the time.

    “ So are you a virgin? “ Staci asks her point blank.

    “ Oh no! Of course not. “ Kris replies with a laugh. From there end of the table they talked quietly but giggled and laughed often.
    I knew they were talking about sex, cause that’s how they acted when they did.

    “ I like a big dick. “ Kris said.

    “ How big? “ Shirley asked her. All the girls watched and listened as Kris described how big her ex was.

    “ He was how big??? “ One of the other girls asked out loud. Getting mine and the other guys sitting arounds attention. That was followed by more giggling.

    “ Well I guess I don’t have to worry about you steeling my boyfriend. “ Misty said with a laugh.

    Little did she know. Kris was feeding them all a bunch of crap, and she was really intimidated in me.

    After lunch we all made our way across the parking lot to the vocational school. Kris stopped by her truck. Which was an old Orange Chevy with four wheel drive.

    “ My boyfriend would love this truck. “ Misty said. “ That’s his over there. “ She points out my Toyota 4x4.

    “ This is one of my dads trucks. But I like it okay. “ Kris says opening the door. She put her books and putting away her books and gym bag. She then grabbed another large duffel bag.

    “ What’s all that? “ Misty asks her.

    “ Oh just some work clothes and tools I might need. “
    All the girls looked bewildered.

    “ You take shop? “ Shirley asks.

    “ Yeah. “ Kris smiles and reaches in to the truck for a welding helmet.

    “ You know how to weld? “ One of the others asks.

    “ I can a little. “ Kris says downplaying her true abilities. She wasn’t one who likes to brag.

    They make there way in to the building.

    “ We’re going up stairs. I take cosmetology. “ Misty says. There was also a computer class, nursing class. Home economics and child care class, where most of the girls were in to.

    “ All the shop classes are down that hall. “
    There was all the usual auto mechanic and body, electricity, heating and air, electricity carpentry. Welding and a Horticulture class.

    “ Is there a place I can change? “ She asks.

    Misty points to the girls restroom.

    “ You can change in there. I doubt anyone will bother you. As far as I know your the only girl, that’s taking any of these classes. “

    They then leave Kris and go up stairs.
    Kris goes in to the restroom and changed in to her work clothes and steel toed boots. She made her way in to the welding class.
    Of course in the classroom, all the boys were cutting up. Taking about getting some pussy and all during the weekend. They didn’t even notice Kris walk in.
    Mr. Wallace the instructor comes in behind her.

    “ Settle down boys!...We have a young lady in the class now. “
    They all shut up. And all had this WTF? Look on there faces.

    “ Guys this is a real treat for us. This here is Kris Green. “ There then was a long silent pause. As the boys were all wondering who she was supposed to be.

    “ She’s from Green Welding and fabrication. “
    Mr. Wallace said proudly. Which was the biggest welding shop in town. That Kris’s grandfather owned.
    That got all the boys attention. Many of them wanted to apply for jobs there after graduation.

    “ Pay attention boys. Y’all might learn some valuable things from this girl. “

    He then spit the boys up. And they all went out in to the shop to work on all the projects they had going on. He led Kris and 3 or 4 other boys to a large trailer frame they were building.

    “ Kris do you see anything wrong with this trailer? “ Mr. Wallace asks. The boys stood back while Kris took her time inspecting the trailer. She crawled under it looking at every joint and corner where it was put together.

    “ Not bad sir...But the one where the tongue is attached is going to brake. “ Kris said confidently.
    Mr. Wallace nods with approval.

    “ No it won’t! “ Roger said, who was supposedly the best in the class.
    Mr. Wallace picks up a sledge hammer and swings and hits the tongue of the trailer. One of the welds just cracks apart.

    “ Fuck!!! “ Roger says red faced and humiliated.

    “ She’s right Roger. If this trailer was loaded down and being pulled by a truck. This could have caused a serious accident. And you and whatever shop you were working at, would be responsible. “ Mr. Wallace explains.
    Kris could tell Roger was pissed.

    “ It’s okay. We can fix it. I’ll help you. “ Kris put on some goggles and lights a torch. And dismantled the entire tongue. Which her and Roger would rebuild together. After which her and Roger would be best friends. But Kris would be the teachers pet, from then on.

    At brake time Kris follows the boys out back to the smoke pit. Where I was. I wasn’t in the class with them. And wasn’t expecting to see her. Just walking up I thought she was just one of the guys.

    “ Hi remember me? I’m Kris. “ She said as she walked up. Unbuttoning her work shirt. She makes sure I noticed her bra less breast under her tee shirt.
    I was speechless. I took my pack of cigarettes offering her one.

    “ That’s Okay I got my own. “ From her shirt pocket she brings out a pack of filter less Camels.

    “ Let me try one of those. “ Roger said walking up to us.
    Kris lets him have one. He lights up and takes a draw, and starts coughing.

    “ Damn that’s strong! “ Roger said. In no time at all he had a buzz.

    “ So you weld hu? “ I say again glancing down her shirt. My cock starts to get hard.

    “ A little “ she says with a flirting smile. And didn’t seem to mind one bit, that I was looking at her big tits. I saw her eyes go right to my crotch. She licks her lips seductively, before taking another draw from her cigarette.

    “ That’s an understatement. “ Roger said with a laugh.
    We just talk casually while finishing our smokes.
    After brake we all go back to class. And I then got the biggest fucking boner.
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    Jul 27, 2008
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    Lake Villa (IL, US)
    @Mikey22 fuck yeah man I love where this is going! You’re on the cusp of a whole new fetish for this site. One I’m sure most of us share though.
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  6. Mikey22

    Mikey22 Admired Member

    Apr 16, 2019
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    Fairhope (AL, US)
    I went back to my own class. Which was full of fucking guys of course. With my aching cock.

    “ Damn! “ I said to myself. All I could think about was Kris. I was intrigued with her. She seemed to be such a private person. And didn’t talk much. But like at brake time. She always seeks me out, like she likes me. And I liked her to. And really wanted to get to know her better.

    By the end of the day. Everyone at school was talking about Kris. Most of it was positive. But there’s always those. Usually that obnoxious bunch. The same ones that like to think there better than the rest of us. That put out the rumor that Kris was a lesbian. Or she looked like the kind of girl that would strap on a cock.
    Kris just ignored them. She didn’t get pissed or start fights with them or anything.
    And her being Misty’s friend was also a positive thing. Her little clique followed Kris to the weight room every day. And with in weeks her body was showing it. Her arms and legs started looking more toned. And she started loosing weight. Which was great.

    About the same time. The school board was threatening the vocational programs with proration. The liberals claimed that the money would be better spent preparing kids for college oriented programs.
    The shop was almost empty. And Mr. Wallace was struggling to find things for his students to do. As Kris and the guys came in to class. They heard a loud horn blow from outside. It was Kris’s grandfather. He had a tractor trailer loaded down with steel.
    His shop was running 3 shifts a day and Saturdays to. And with Kris being in the class. He thought he’d take a chance and let the vocational school have some of the work.
    Mr. Wallace was thrilled. Kris’s grandfather could keep them busy for the rest of the school year. The old man climbed out of the truck, with one of those Camel shorts hanging from his lips. With blueprints in his hand. He then looked at Kris.

    “ Stick that trailer in the hole. “

    Kris smiles and climbs in to the cab of the truck. Acting as if she’s done this hundreds of times. We all just watched with our jaws on the ground. As she swung that trailer around and backed the trailer in to the shop, like it was nothing.

    “ Damn that girl can drive! “ One of the guys said. Kris was full of surprises. That was for damn sure.

    But a few days later, when we were having our senior pictures made. I got the biggest surprise of all.
    That morning she strolled in to our social studies class. She was dressed in a thin white blouse, a blue denim skirt. And white CFM heels.

    “ Damn!...Who are you??? “ I asked her. She just smiled and sat down next to my girlfriend as usual.

    “ Wow! Kris you really look awesome! “ Misty said to her.

    “ I just thought I’d be a girl for a change. “ She said with a laugh.
    I thought Misty wore me out that morning. With our quickie we had in the back of the cemetery. Where we would meet to fuck before school. But watching Kris made it quickly rebound. As it grew rock hard. I was going commando at the time. Misty told me to do that, cause she liked seeing my cock bulge out from my jeans.
    I kept watching her. Her bra straps were easily seen through the thin blouse. Without a doubt everyone would see her awesome tits, if she went bra less today.
    And her legs looked amazing. No hose were needed for her sexy muscular legs. Which she crossed and started playing those sexy games with me, like Misty would. Dangling her high heeled pump from her bare foot. I squirmed in my seat, trying to adjust my fucking cock.

    “ Fucking cock tease! “

    Eventually the bell rings, for us to go to our next class. As Misty was looking away. Kris looks right at my straining cock and points at it.

    “ I want your cock! “ She said with just her lips. But I heard it loud and clear. She licked her lips again seductively.
    I wanted so badly to just bend her over the desk and give her and myself. What we both so desperately needed.

    As we walked out the door in to the crowed hallway. I feel her grab my cock. Just for a quick teasing squeeze.

    “ And your girlfriend says your small. “ She whispers in my ear.
    I gulp not knowing what to do or say. She lets me go and walks quickly in front of me. Shaking her ass a little. As she ducks in to her next class. She glanced over her shoulder and smiles again.

    Me and Misty make our way to our next class, along with our other rejected and deplorable friends.
    At the trailer Greg was struggling to get up the ramp, with his wheelchair.

    “ I got you Greg. “ I say not to startle him, I push him up the ramp and in to the trailer.

    “ Thanks man. “ He said, rolling his way on to his desk.
    Behind us total chaos brakes out. As Jed gets tackled from behind.

    “ Fight!...Fight!...Fight!...Get that fucking retard! “ A circle of kids gather to watch.
    Misty and Shirley both spot Connie as she kicks Jed in the ribs.
    Misty’s out of her high heels and takes off.

    “ No!...Don’t! “ I yell at her. With Shirley right behind her they jump Connie together. Provoking more of the other girls. It’s all out brawl for a matter of seconds. Misty’s skirt is snatched off. As her and Connie wrestle in the muddy grass. With her blouse ripped open. With her bra covered tits swinging uncontrollably. She sits her fat panty covered ass right on Connie. With her hands around her neck, choking the shit out of her. While slamming her head up and down against the ground. Boys were going wild seeing Misty almost stripped.

    Teachers come from all directions. Along with Russ the resource officer. Braking up the fight.

    “ Get off of her Misty!...Get off of her! “ She had a death hold on the snobby little bitch. And she didn’t want to let it go.

    From a distance I just laughed. The shit between these girls had been building since junior high. They hated each other and really needed to finish it. But it Wasn’t going to be today.
    Finally Misty lets Connie go. She then collected her skirt. She wasn’t even given a chance to put it on. There were 6 or 7 of them being led to the office. I grabbed up my girlfriends shoes and took off after her. Giving them back to her. I noticed her busted lip and bruised face.

    “ You won that one Babe! “ And she just smiled proudly as she enters the office.
    Two police cars show up. Along with all the parents. Which almost turned in to another brawl in itself. Misty’s mom was another hot headed red head. And this was the third time this year she’d been called up to the school for this kind of shit. She wasn’t happy at all.
    They all got suspended and sent home.
    As bad as this was. There was a bright side.

    I got to have lunch with Kris to myself.

    “ Mmmmmm! “
  7. Mikey22

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    Apr 16, 2019
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    Fairhope (AL, US)
    We meet for lunch.

    “ Wow you really surprising me today. Your really beautiful. “ I told her.

    “ Ahh your just saying that to be nice. “ She starts to blush.
    I reach across the table and hold her hand.

    “ No I really mean it. “ She reaches up and wipes a tear from her eye.

    “ They don’t think I’m beautiful. “ She looks across the cafeteria, where the preps and bitches were sitting. “ They think I’m a dyke! “

    “ Fuck them!...They don’t know shit! “

    “ Your So nice to me. Maybe I’ll dress up for you more often. “

    “ I’d like that. “

    “ You know your girlfriend has really got a temper. You think she’ll get in to much trouble? “

    “ She’s always in some kind of trouble. She’ll be all right. “

    “ I ain’t never liked getting in to fights. “

    “ Ain’t no girl in her right mind. Would pick a fight with you. “ She again glanced across the room. And sees one of the fucking snobs looking at her.
    She turns away and looks back at me.

    “ I hope your right. “

    Back to the shop class we go.
    The welding class was intense. Kris again is bra less in a tank top this time. Sweating like Hell. The jobs had time limits on them. People were depending on them big time. Kris ran around the shop like a chicken with its head cut off. Making sure the boys kept there minds on the task at hand.
    She’d pick heavy steel beams up like there nothing. And was much stronger than a lot of the guys in the class. Her biceps bulged, covered in sweat she’d throw them around. Beat the shit out of them, with a sledgehammer to straighten them. She’d grind, cut and weld. Like it was second nature to her. And just like a boss in the real world she’d cuss like a sailor, when she saw something she didn’t like. And usually it was the work the morning class did, when she wasn’t there.

    “ Fucking amateurs!!!”

    With out a doubt. She took this shit seriously.
    They didn’t even take there usual smoke brake.
    Me and several of the other guys were at the smoke pit. And nothing but noise come from the metal building. Where Kris was cracking the fucking whip.

    “ God Damn! We ain’t never seen that shop that busy! “ One of the guys said. As he took a big dip of Copenhagen.

    “ Damn right! That’s big money rolling in! “ I informed him.

    After class she got Mr. Wallace to close off the boys restroom. So she could take a hot shower. Which she desperately needed and deserves.
    After which she was just as beautiful as she was before. The few boys that were still there whistled at her, as she walks out the door.

    “ Damn that girl is Fucking Hot! “ One of them said. Which Kris did hear. With her back to them she smiled.

    “ Maybe they like me after all. “ She says to herself. Making her way to the parking lot.
    By then most of the parking lot was empty. She’d parked next to my truck that day. When I got to her. She’d had her hood open. And was looking around the engine.

    “ What’s wrong Sexy? “ I asked her.

    “ It won’t start. “ She slams the hood shut, like she doesn’t want me to check it out.

    “ Can I get a ride?...It’s a long walk in these heels. I don’t wear heels often. “

    “ Wow! You really had me fooled the way you strutted around this morning. “ Like a true gentleman I opened up the passenger side door. She climbed in. And I got a quick peek up her skirt. Before I got in the other side my cock was at full mass. I hadn’t even had a chance to sneak away to jack off. My balls were so fucking full. And before we’d get to wherever we were going to go. I’d be leaking.

    “ Fuck!!! “ I said to myself. As I glanced over at her. Cranking the truck. Then lighting a cigarette.
    After her shower she again stayed bra less. Her big tits just molded perfectly to her thin blouse. I could see her nipples poking through it.

    “ Stop by my grandfathers shop. I’ll tell him about the truck. “

    “ Oh okay. “

    On the way we passed the Food Land grocery store.

    “ Look your girlfriend made it to work after all” Kris points out.
    From the red light. I see her black Chevy Nova in the parking lot.

    “ Yep She’s at check out line number one. “

    “ Don’t you want to stop by to say hi? “

    “ No better not. She might get jealous with you being with me. “

    “ Is She the jealous type? “

    “ She can be. Better not take that chance. “
    We continue to her grandfathers shop.
    She gets out and goes in to the office. I just sit there, and unzip. I was already leaking. I gently stroke myself.

    “ Ahhhhh....Feels So fucking good! “

    Kris and her grandfather walks back outside.

    “ Who’s that? “ He asks her.

    “ He’s just a friend from school. He’s giving me a ride. “

    “ It’s good to know your making friends. Good friends are hard to find. “ They then hug. Kris then starts to walk back toward the truck.

    “ Oh Kris...You know your dad is working the night shift?...Be quiet around the house. He needs his sleep. “

    “ I know...I love you grandpa. “

    “ I love you to. “
    To put on a good impression. I jump out of the truck, and race around to open her door. So she can get in to the truck. Her grandfather watched intensely. So I didn’t look at her sexy legs to long.

    Kris lights a cigarette. And unbuttoned her blouse a little.

    “ It’s so fucking hot! “
    I glance over to see half of her left breast, through the open blouse.

    “ Sorry the air only works when it wants to. “She starts to perspire. I could see her areolas through the thin blouse.
    My cock pulses in my pants. Which Kris noticed. She just looked at it.

    “ Ready to go to your house? “

    “ Not really my dads working nights. He needs his sleep. How about yours? “

    “ Okay. “ I flash a smile at her. Both my parents work so we should have the house to ourselves for a while.

    “ Good cause your bed will be so much more comfortable than the grass at the cemetery. “

    “ She told you about that? “

    “ Shirley told me about y’alls threesome. That’s so fucking hot. If you can satisfy those two together. You won’t have no problem pleasing me. “

    “ Shit ! “ I almost run off the road. Kris laughs a little. She then reaches over and slides her finger along the length of my cock.

    “ Lets set that beast free. “ I unsnap my jeans. She unzips them. And pulls my cock out.

    “ Pay attention!...10 and 2. “ She reminds me, as I drive. She then leans over and licks the pre cum that oozes from my cock. She then gave me long teasing licks with her tongue.

    “ Mmmm! she then smacks her lips. “ I can taste your girlfriends pussy on your cock. If her pussy tastes as good as your cock. I’d lick her anytime. “
    I thought I was seriously going to loose it.

    “ So you like girls to? “

    “ Some I do. “ She then goes down on me all the way, and gently sucks my cock all the way to the house. Once I park, I couldn’t hold back any more. I held her head to my cock. And she sucked me hard.

    “ Oh God! “ I said as I shot my first load in to her hot mouth. It hit the back of her throat. Rope after rope of my hot cum followed. She sucked me until my cock quit pulsing. I let her head go. She sits up and swallows the whole fucking load.
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    Made me solid as a damn rock man
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    fuck me thats fantastic...
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    “ Damn!....Girl you can suck a cock! “ Being with my own girlfriend for so long, I thought she was the best. But she wasn’t shit compared to Kris.

    “ I like your cock! “ Kris says as she sits up. She smiles and looks around.

    “ Hey I know where I’m at!...I just live a few blocks from here! “

    “ Awesome! “ This day just keeps getting better.

    “ You got a nice house to. “

    “ Thanks “ I say as we get out of the truck.
    We make our way through the carport. I hang back a little just to watch her walk. I love. Seeing her in a skirt and heels. Her muscular calves look amazing. I catch up to her to unlock the door, that enters the den.

    “ That’s my room back there. “

    “ Cool you got a room on the ground floor. “
    She points out, and seems happy about that.
    Years ago, when I met Misty. I confiscated the guest room. So I could move from up stairs. And have more privacy, and my own bathroom. This smart move has paid off and saved my ass many times.

    “ Cool you have your own bathroom to! “ She said noticing it.
    We enter my some what cluttered but spacious room. She spots my weight bench.
    It was nothing special. Just a cheep bench with plastic and sand filled weights.

    “ You lift to? “ She asked curiously.

    “ Not much maybe I’ll get more serious about it, hanging out with you and all. “
    By then my cock was hard again.

    “ I see you like going commando? “

    “ Yeah Misty got me to start doing that. “

    “ Guess what? “ She asked me, with a flirtatious smile.

    “ What? “ She then unfastens the snug fitting denim skirt. It falls to her feet. And she to was commando. I couldn’t help but stare at her sexy bald pussy. With my mouth watering. And my cock throbbing. She slowly and teasingly unbuttoned the last buttons of the thin white blouse. And slowly took it off. Just in her sexy white pumps. She turns and showed me her ass.
    I was like a kid in a toy store. Marveling at her sexy body.
    Though she was a big girl. Her thighs were quite muscular. And was definitely not what I expected. Seeing her for the first time.
    There wasn’t even a hint of cellulite.
    She then went in to one of those body building poses. Flexing her arms.
    Her biceps and triceps just popped. Her shoulders sculpted.

    “ Holy Fuck! “ I said in disbelief of what I was
    seeing. Her belly was not quite as toned as the rest of her. But it wasn’t fat either. She was for sure a real treat compared to the piece of ass I was used to.
    She then relaxed her pose.
    And comes closer to me. Reaching for the snap of my jeans.
    My cock just pops out at full mass. She gently strokes me in her soft hand.

    “ I can’t wait to feel you inside me! “
    She then kisses me. I reach around and squeeze her ass. I push her back toward the bed. She brakes the kiss.
    I kick out of my shoes and take off my shirt.

    “ Your girlfriend says you like a girl in heels. Should I leave them on? “

    “ For now you can. “ Which they would soon come off anyway.
    She lays back on the bed, with her legs spread wide.
    I dive right in. Parting and licking her pussy.

    “ Oh God! Your going to make me cum so fast! “
    I gently suck her swollen clit. And slide my fingers inside her. Oh she was so tight and wet. Much tighter than Misty.
    I let her clit go. And spread the cheeks of her ass. And dart my tongue right in to her poop shoot.

    “ Ooooooohhhhhh!...Wasn’t expecting that! “
    She said excited.

    “ It’s okay ain’t it? “ I asked making sure.

    “ Oh yes! I like that! “
    Which for sure not what I expected. I then drove my tongue deeper in to her tight ass. After getting it lubed up more. I replace my tongue with 2 fingers. Digging deep in to her rectum. I go back to her pussy with my right hand. Using 3 fingers at first. I soon get 4 in.

    “ Damn your tight!!! “ I say before returning to her clit.

    “ I didn’t get fucked every day like your girlfriend does! “ She then moans and starts rubbing her big tits. I continue to work my fingers in to her pussy and ass at the same time. While still keeping constant sucking pressure on her clit.

    In moments her body starts to shake uncontrollably. She lets out a squeal. And her pussy gushed.

    “ Oh God that feels so fucking good! “ Her muscular thighs lock around my head. I continue to suck until she pushes me away.
    She’s gasping and breathing hard.

    “ Damn! You know how to eat some pussy!Misty Damn sure wasn’t lying about that! “
    She then spread her legs again.

    “ Fuck me!....And fuck me hard! “
    I start to mount her. Guiding my cock along her slick slit.

    “ Your gonna make me cum fast! “ I warn her.

    “ I don’t care!...Just leave it in!...When you do! “
    Wow! I thought I ain’t never been told that! Except by Misty of course. And the one or two occasions that I fucked her hot and sexy mother. But neither one of them had anything on Kris.
    The head of my cock slides in to her tight box. She grabbed hold of me and squeals as I push the full length of my cock in to her for the first time. I pull back and thrust it in again and again. Increasing the pace, for Damn sure I don’t want to disappoint her. She lifts her legs up over my shoulders. I glance over to see her flex her feet. Still wearing the high heels.
    I drive my cock in to her harder and faster. She moans more and more.
    Then the God Damn phone starts ringing.

    “ Fuck!!! “ I glance at the clock. It was a little after 5:00. It was probably my sisters boyfriend. Another fucking jerk that I despised. Rumor has it that he’s got a big dick. And he’s always getting in to her pants.
    I block out the phone and concentrate, trying not to cum to fast. But it was building fast. I finally give in and just pound her tight pussy. And with one last mighty shove I go in to her balls deep and let it go. Her pussy contracts hard. She clamps down on my cock, like a fucking vice. I thought for a second she was going to rip it right off of me. She throws her strong arms around me. And holds me tight against her. As I empty my nuts in to her. Feeling my hot spunk flow in to her womb.
    After which I collapsed on top of her. We both gasping for air.
    The phone starts ringing again.

    “ Fuck!...Can’t they just leave us alone! “

    “ Maybe You should get that. It might be important. “ Kris says recovering from her awesome orgasm.

    “ Nothing is more important than what we’re doing right now. I’ll check the machine though. You want something to drink? “

    “ Sure. We’ve worked up a thirst. “

    “ I’ll be right back. “
    I didn’t bother to dress. I just walked upstairs to the kitchen. With my cock starting to shrink.
    I see 4 messages on the machine.

    “ Hey it’s mom! Your missing your sisters piano recital you know! “

    “ Shit!!! I’m going to catch Hell now. “
    I check the next message.

    “ Hey dumb ass! Are you to good to go to your sisters recital??? “
    That was Josh my sisters boyfriend. Not that he likes pianos or recitals. He’s just going so he can get a better chance to get in to her pants.
    Next message

    “ It’s Mom again. Dinner is in the refrigerator. We’re going to be late getting home. “

    “ Yes! “ More time with Kris I hope.
    Forth message.
    Bill collector Moms late on her credit card payment again.
    I look in the refrigerator. Spaghetti my favorite.

    “ Kris you hungry? “

    “ I’m starving! “

    “ Come on lets eat! “

    I put the spaghetti in to the microwave. And set the table. Kris joins me. To my surprise she remained nude. Minus the heels though.

    “ I hope you don’t mind? They were killing my feet. “

    “ Not at all. I’ll rub them for you after we eat. “
    I fixed her a glass of sweet tea, and fixed her a plate.

    “ Wow! This is really good! Your mom sure can cook. Did I hear your sister plays piano?”

    “ Yes she can play. Do you play piano to? “

    “ Oh no! Can’t do that. It takes a lot of practice. How about you? “

    “ Oh Hell No! “
    That was something I learned quick not to get in to. My sister Trish was only five or six. When Mom asked her if she wanted to learn. And she started taking lessons. And What started out as fun, turned in to serious work. For Trish that was. Our overbearing mother went overboard with it. She’d just about put a gun to Trish’s head and force her to practice. Though she’s quite good at it. It’s all more for Mom than it is for Trish.

    Me and Kris were having the best time. Never in my life did I imagine I’d be sitting naked at the kitchen table. Eating spaghetti with a naked girl. Kris was so easy going and fun to talk to. There were no bipolar mood swings. Or chaotic bull shit. She seemed to have a warm and loving personality.
    In the back of my mind I was seriously thinking about dumping Misty. Kris would make such an awesome girlfriend.
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    I feel Kris’s foot as it comes to my lap. I get hard again as she plays with my dick. I reach under the table and hold her soft bare foot against my dick.
    By then we’re finished eating. And are ready for another round. I hastily just put the dishes next to the sink. This will turn in to a big mistake later. Cause Mom keeps a immaculate clean kitchen.

    We go back to my room. Kris climbs in to the bed, facing the dresser mirror. Doggie style. Which I love watching myself perform. And more importantly I love seeing the expressions on the girls face, as I pound her.

    “ Remember do me hard! “ Kris said looking back at me smiling.
    I slide in from behind. Grabbing and holding her ass, while shoving it in.
    Kris lets out a yelp. In the mirror she’s got this wild fuck look on her face. My balls swing and slap against her pussy with every thrust.

    “ Oh I love it like this! “ She says with a grunt. I slap her ass hard. While I watch her big tits swing back and forth. My next load is coming fast. But before I could cum she yells.

    “ Fuck my ass! “ She demanded.
    I almost lost it. I’d never been told that before. I spread the cheeks of her ass. And pressed the head of my cock in to her tight hole. Underneath she vigorously rubbed her clit. As I shoved my dick deeper in to her tight ass.

    “ I got to cum!!! “

    “ Let it go baby! “ I pumped her tight ass full of my seed. Before collapsing on top of her. She pulled me to her. We kiss again.

    “ That felt awesome! “ She kissed me again. We then had a smoke. And watched a little Tv.

    “ I want to ride your cock next! “
    I didn’t know if I had another round in me. But Kris soon had me hard again. She looks down on me, straddling me. I just lay back and watch her work. Thinking Damn! What an awesome woman. And just before we cum again. I hear the door unlock.

    “ Fuck!!! There home. “
    Kris lowers herself one last time on my cock. Her tight pussy contracts. I sensed that she was going to scream. I throw my hand across her face to muffle her. I look to see her eyes as big as saucers. As I drain my balls in to her. She collapsed on top of me. We kiss again.
    Mom and Trish are stomping up the stairs.

    “ Just So you know!...Forth place is not good enough!!! “ My mother lashes out at Trish.

    “ Get those damn dishes washed! “

    “ Damn she’s pissed! “ Kris said getting up.

    “ We better get dressed!...I got to get you out of here! “
    I quickly dress. And crack open my bedroom door.

    “ Shit! “ Dad was on the couch cussing under his breath.

    “ Damn! Missed the whole game for that damn recital! “ He was watching Sports center. Trying to find out what happened.
    I go back to Kris.

    “ Your going to have to go out the window. “
    I say in a whisper. Slowly I open it, and push out the screen. Just above us outside was the deck, which was just off the kitchen.

    “ I ain’t never had to do this! “

    “ Misty does it all the time! “ I watch her crawl through the window. Out the other side I hand her her shoes.

    “ Run to my truck and wait. I’ll be out soon. “
    I then give her another kiss.
    I then casually stroll in to the den. Dad looks up at me.

    “ Just where the Hell were you at this evening? “

    “ I was just out with the guys. “

    “ And doing what? “

    “ Oh you know...Just hanging out. “

    “ You know graduation is just around the corner. You need to be looking for a God Damn job! “

    “ I know daddy I know!...I need to go to the store now. I got to get something for school tomorrow. “

    “ You know that girl you like to fuck ain’t much to look at. But at least she’s got a job. “
    I don’t respond to that one. He reaches in to his hip pocket for his wallet. He gives me a ten dollar bill.

    “ Here get me a pack of cigarettes. I know that’s what your going to get anyway. “

    “ Okay daddy. “ I start toward the door.

    “ And I want my change back this time! “

    “ Yes sir. “
    I race to the truck where Kris was waiting. I crank up and start to back out. But I look up to the deck. To see Trish, giving me the look.

    “ Oh Fuck! “

    “ What??? “ Kris says looking up at the deck. We watch as Trish takes a long draw from her cigarette. She exhaled the smoke, giving me a cold icy stare.
    I back out of the driveway.

    “ Did she see you? “

    “ I don’t know. Why? “

    “ Lets just hope she didn’t. “
    I stop off at the store for the cigarettes. And buy Kris a Coke. And take her home. Luckily she doesn’t live far.

    “ I really enjoyed this evening. We’ll have to do it again. “ We kiss again.

    “ Hey look your truck is back. “ Kris looks at it and smiles.

    “ See you in the morning. “ I drive away.
    Kris walks over to the truck. Her grandfather left a note.

    “ Your coil wire was off again. “ Which she knew. She smiles again knowing that she’s the one that sabotaged the truck. She’d obviously done this before with someone else.

    As I drove home. I had a sick feeling in my gut. There would be Hell to pay for missing the recital. I wasn’t worried about Mom or dad. But Trish had a sadistic side to her. She’d probably get Josh and his buddies to beat the Hell out of me. But If she saw Kris leaving the house. She’d hang that shit over my head big time. With Mom and Misty. But luckily I do have an out. If I have to use it.
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    love it mikey22 please keep it going
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    I returned home. Dad had already gone to bed. But unfortunately Trish was still up. Stretched out on the couch. Watching on Tv. What I’ve started to call. Soloflex muscle porn. Back in the 80’s Trish was on this kick of watching that good looking young stud Scott Madeson I think was his name. She’d watch that shit for hours. And I’d catch her playing with herself. Oh he was the man for her. Or so she hoped.

    “ Oh at it again sis? “

    “ I ain’t did nothing! It’s just on! “

    “ Yeah right! “ I give her a cocky smile.

    “ Sit down! Me and you are going to have a talk! “

    “ I’d rather stand! “ I cross my arms, looking down at her. Preparing myself for whatever bull shit she’s going to try to pull.

    “ You didn’t eat alone tonight. And your girlfriend is at work. “ She smiles wickedly.

    “ And I seen that muscle Bound dyke run out from under our deck, and straight to your truck. How are you going to explain that to your slut?...Cause I’m gonna tell!...And if I tell it. I think that crazy bitch will kick your ass! I saw what she did to Connie this morning you know? “

    “ Fuck! “ This is exactly what I was afraid of.
    I just nodded my head and smiled.

    “ Okay What is it you want this time? “

    “ Well I really don’t want to take it all. Cause I know how hard you worked last summer, cutting all those lawns. “
    She reaches in to her night gown. And from her bra, she brings out a list.

    “ I want a pair of black and gray Gasoline jeans. With the matching jacket. They got them both at the Merry go round store. At the mall. “ She smiles again.
    “ Then I want a pair of those high heeled ankle boots like Madonna wears. Then I want a Swatch watch. And if you got anything left I want some hot pink jelly shoes. “
    By then I had enough. I reached down and snatched her up. And shoved her toward my room. Kicking her in the ass along the way.
    I shut and lock the door.

    “ Now What are we gonna do? “ She spots the cum stained sheets on my bed. And points at them.

    “ Just you wait till I show them to Mom! “
    I grab her again. And get right in her face.

    “ Bitch!...The only thing your going to do is Shut the Fuck up!...And listen ! “
    I reached under my bed and brought out a tape recorder. Then I pushed play.

    You could hear the bed squeaking. The headband slamming against the wall. And Two guys grunting like Hell. Namely Josh and his good friend Steve. And then Trish was moaning and squealing like a fucking whore. Yes I got her ass good on tape.
    And then.

    “ Oh God!...Oh God! I’m coming!!! “
    I push the stop button. And smile. I fast forward the tape.

    “ Give me some of that big dick man! “ Josh says to Steve. Which is followed by slurping sounds.

    “ OMG! Trish says on tape. Followed by. “ I want it! “ They both argue about who will take Steve’s load. And Josh wins out. Slurping up the load like a dog.
    I stop the tape again and look at Trish. Her face was beet red. She looked as if she could blow her top anytime.

    “ And you say my girlfriend is the biggest slut in the school??? “ I laughed wickedly at her.

    Josh and Steve were big time varsity football players. With scholarships on the line. This was also in the deep rural south. Back in the day, when being gay was not so cool.

    “ I want that tape!!! “ She said to me.

    “ This tape will go with me to the grave! “ I said to her and I meant every word of it.

    “ Little Sis! I’m always one step ahead of you! “ I said with the most cockiness and arrogance. I ever had. “ You will never win at this game with me! “ I laughed again right in her face. “ You can go now! “
    She stomps off up stairs. And slams her bedroom door. And sulks and fumes the rest of the night.

    I had Trish right where I wanted her. And I put the God Damn screws to her. And made it painful. It was the last time she tried to Fuck me over.
    Before she goes off to college. I had her washing and detailing my truck. Along with my muddy dirt bike, after a long days ride. And I had her doing the same for my girlfriends car.

    And then there were her snobby bitch girlfriends, that thought they were to good for a dumb ass like me.
    Trish had them lined up and willing to suck my dick, and for me to use anyway I seen fit.
    Oh how sweet revenge is.
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    damm thats so hot love it please keep it going
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    The story briefly touched on Mikey with Misty's mom possibly a couple times. That too would have made for a good story. :)
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    Oh I agree. When I finish up this one and the other one I’m working on. I’ll write another one. With Misty’s Hot mom. As the main character. I think you’ll like what I got in mind.
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    Well please do not forget to finish the one you had out before this one
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    I ain’t forgotten it. I’ve just got what I wanted to do with it figured out.
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    Grrrrrrrrrreat writing!
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    I continue to keep the affair going with Kris. So bad I want to brake it off with Misty. But I got to make sure Kris will be there for me. The sex between us is awesome. I tell her I love her. And all she says is I know. And sometimes she’ll say things like. Don’t get to attached. WTF??? I know she likes me. But she doesn’t want to take the next step. And it boggles my mind why she won’t. As far as I knew, I was the only boy that was fucking her.

    This went on for weeks. We were probably on the last couple of months of school, when I found out why she didn’t want to commit to anything.

    At lunch one day a Navy recruiter comes in to the cafeteria. He walks up to us.

    “ Kris have you decided yet, if your going to join up with us? “
    She walked away from us, so they could talk privately.

    We all watched from a distance. Seeing her sign several documents.

    “ No!...No! Don’t do it! “ I was saying in my head.
    But she’d already taken the tests. And scored quite high. And had her physical. And had just been giving it some carful thought before committing to it.

    After she signed the papers they shook hands. And she returned to our table.
    She said she joined up. And would be leaving a few weeks after graduation.
    Later we found out her uncle was a retired navy man. And influenced her to join.
    She’d been interested in learning to scuba dive. And learning to weld under water.
    I guess she needed the challenge of trying something new and different. Cause she had that welding shit down from what I could see.
    If it would have been me. I’d stayed at her grandfathers shop. She’d have a guaranteed job and would probably own the place some day.

    We only had about two months left together. The thought of a three way with Kris and Misty was always on my mind. Misty, Shirley and me had a couple of three ways. Which were awesome. I’d also had one with Misty’s mom and her aunt June. “ Mmmm! “ That was fucking Hot!

    I didn’t know how to really approach the subject. For sure I didn’t want to piss either of them off. As it turned out. The two of them wanted to do the same thing. Which was a total surprise to me.

    Misty found out my parents were out of town that weekend. And she wanted to bring Kris over to my house.
    In hind site, it would have been better to do this at Misty’s house. Cause her drunk ass mom would be out bar hopping all night. And wouldn’t come home until after the sun came up.

    My problem was I have to share a house with Trish the total bitch. And I didn’t want problems from her. Misty and Kris showed up around 8:00. She’d brought over a case of beer. She smuggled out of the grocery store. The night before, when she finished her shift. Misty just had on a skimpy pair of shorts and a tee shirt. Kris had jeans and a tee shirt. Both were bra less. We went to the den. To watch a little Tv. And drink some beer first.

    I sat between the two girls. And took turns kissing each one of them. I felt like some kind of player or something. Having two sexy women at the same time. The cable box was on the end table next to Kris. She slid the channel selector. Trying to find something to watch. I was hoping for some R rated porn on Showtime or something.

    And unfortunately she stopped it on the Soloflex commercial. And they both get excited.

    “ I just love watching that guy! “ Kris said.

    “ Oh he’s fucking hot! “ Misty adds.

    “ Trish gets all wet watching that son of a bitch! “

    I reach around behind Kris, to change the channel. Finding Showtime. They were between movies. And had those two hot sexy sweaty girls doing aerobics. To that funky music.

    “ Now we’re getting somewhere! “ I tell them both. With a couple of beers in me. I just unfasten my jeans and let my cock out. It was rock hard. I looked at it and smiled proudly. The girls went right to work, playing with my cock. Oh yeah this was good. Things like this didn’t happen to me every day.
    And suddenly the fucking door opens.
    It was Trish, and Josh right behind her.

    “ Is that son of a bitch looking at my cock? “
    I asked myself. I hoped they would just pass through. And we could have our fling, and they could have there’s.
    But oh no! Trish Just has to run her fucking dick sucker.

    “ You have to excuse my brother. He has no standards. Got the fat cow on one side. And the lesbian on the other. “
    Misty pops her knuckles. And starts to stand up. I pull her back down.

    “ I’ll handle this. “ I pointed upstairs. “ Piano now! “ I tell Trish. She’s instantly pissed off. I look at Josh. Catching him again looking at my dick.
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