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    This is my first story and English is not my first language, so please be kind about any grammatical errors.

    When I was just twenty-five years old just fresh out of University of Florida with a degree in business, I decided to leave Florida and move to Chicago to work in some business firm that my professor had manage to get a good position for me. Being young I was excited to leave school and start my career.

    Several months later with the money I saved from my previous job and what my parents could send me from Ecuador, I was finally on my way to moving to Chicago. When I finally got to Chicago I quickly familiarized myself where my job, supermarket, hospital, police station etc... you know the essentials of living. But the one thing that was missing was the gym. Being average body size when I was younger, I started training and with weights when I was in High school and University. No of my neighbor knew any local gym around so I took a glance at the phone book and found a Asian gym just about 17 miles away from where I lived.

    I would say I have a good physique, a mixture of a strong soccer players legs with a great upper body look of a beach volley ball player. What I really am proud of though is my strong biceps and rip abs that I worked so hard for years and I was not going to let it go to waste. After work I decided to make a routine schedule of going to the gym around 7-8pm.

    First day at the gym it was raining and thundering outside, so I quickly gathered my stuff and ran inside. The inside of the Asian gym had was very modern mixed with some stereotypical Chinese and Japanese themes going on. When I entered the counter to register the young Asian girl seemed shocked to see me. Quickly looking around I notice that I was most likely to be the only latino in this whole facility. Once she registered me in I quickly headed to the free weights room. Not to busy inside but there was a couple of very muscular Asian guys lifting dumbells. I started doing my set doing about 120 pounds on the bench press. After about 15 reps, I 've notice to good looking asian guys checking me out. Now and then I like when people stare at me when I just finished an exercise. Sweat running down my flat chest, I quickly moved on to legs then abs. I decided to take off my shirt and allow these guys to stare at my pecs. I love when other men look and admire my body. But those two guys who continued to stare had really great bodies. One guy had a nice tan skin, short hair, big biceps and calves, and the other guy much whiter but had a really big firm ass and a chest with well defined cut abs.

    After finishing my last reps, I decided to call it a night and headed to the showers. Before wntering the locker room, both guys who watched me before approached me and congratulated me on my hard work out. Not knowning what to say when the small talk was over. One of the guys name Sung offer to come into the steam room. My muscle were really tired so I was like what the heck. Going into the locker room I got the steam room towels took of my shorts and wrapped it around my waist. Entering the steam room for muscular Asian guys were laughing and lounging around as the steam swirled the room. Sung introduce to the fellows and gave me the official welcome to their gym. Sung and Lau and the rest of the guys were really cool and all in great shape. After the other two guys left Sung offered me a massage courtesy of the gym since he was a professional trainer for the gym. I could not resist there generous hospitality and charm that I said sure. Quickly Sung spoke to Lau in chinese and Lau grab a black scarf and tied it around my forehead. They explain that they were going to perform a traditional massage. Lowering the steam in the room, infused the room with some type of herb. Sung hand were warm and big as he massage my shoulders with some oil. Taking his time he really took care of the most tense part, My cock was slowly getting hard it felt so good. Being in the seated position a little tiny was starting to form as my shaved cock started to grow. Lau sat in the corner smiling. Sung continues down the lower back section until he notice the little tent form in my towel. My 8 and half inch cock had no control. Sung stop massaging the lower back area and lowered my blindfold toward my eyes. he whispered that he was going to work areas of the body that I going to bring totally relax my body. I not gay but I was kind of nervous when the towel wrapped around my waste was taken off.

    My cock sprung out and the warm steam surrounding the room felt really good. Starting to fell weird I tried to get up but Sung instantly started messaging my pecs. I felt this wave of fire swim down my spine and my cock felt stome hard. His finger all oily quickly grabed both of my nipples and little massaged and twisted them. Being Blindfold I felt vulnerable but with hot muscular body radiating more heat then the room it felt so good. Now working furiously on my nipples I felt some move over to me and then a tounge swirling around my nipples. In an instance my cock errupted in the most powerful orgasm I ever had. Not having sex for about 5 months, thick ropes of cum spurt out about 9 shots in total. Sung took of the blindfold and standing infront of me was Lau naked with a 7 inch cock pointing straight at me. Looking back Sung fully naked to was about 9inches long fully hard. Both men smiled and Sung said for the last massage Lau will help me.

    Still recovering from the orgasm for the first time in my life I was instantly hard again. Sung lowered me to the bench and laid me down and lifted my legs. Lau quickly lowered myself down and started licking my ass hole. I was like holy fuck this is so hot. Two fucking goodlooking guys are going to suck my ass. Not being gay this experience was amazing. Lau than started to finger my ass and sucked on my cock. His mouth was so hot and he wonderfully fit my 8 and half inch cock like a pro, no girl could never do that with me. Being turn on and getting into it I grabbed his hair and force his head down my pole almost choking him. Gaging sounds were made but he nod his head to keep my hand pushing head. Still fingering me he started hitting a spot where my hips started to buck and I cram my dick deeply in his throat. Sung just held my legs up and watched in lust. After what felt like the longest 10 minutes, I finally came into his mouth. Lau took his fingers out of me and sung let me legs go. Both got their towels, the cum around the room and wrapped the towels around the waist. I was in daze at this point and Lau already left the steam room. Sung by the door with a big grin on the face once again welcome my to the gym. He told me that there will be many more massages and welcome ceremonies next time I come to the gym. It was a crazy experience what I just went through and yeah I did agree to come back for the other ceremonies.

    Ok guys, this was my first story and I plan to continue this one. Feedback would be really nice! Thanks to all who read and expect more as i formalte more ideas. By the way fictional story never really hapened.
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    not bad at all ! barely any mistakes at all... easily forgiven since teh story is so hot !
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