the only time I was self concious....

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    Back when I was growing up we had to showers after gym class were mandatory.I had gym first period so I would take my shower at school.Most guys thought nothing of it unlike today's teens.I lived in a household of 3 brothers and on 1 sister. Most of the time I had to shower at night as there was hardly any time in the morning.I would jo almost every night and then in morning before I got up to go to school. I would often cum on my stomach and chest.Most of the time I just wipe my chest and and belly off with a towel.I didn't even attempt to clean my pubes as anyone knows it's a bitch to get out of and back then guys didn't even think of trimming which left me with a big ole' bush! That was the only thing that made somewhat self concious when showering. I was afraid the guys in the lockerroom would see the dry cum matted in my pubes on my way to the showers but doubt it was noticable besides I could always chalk it up to a wet dream.Guys bushes were so big and thick back then I'm sure if you held a blue light up to their crotches it would light up like a christmas tree due to improper clean-up.But I never looked the long or close to ever notice.
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    who lives in the east 'neath the willow tree? Sex
    okay then
  3. D_Elijah_MorganWood

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    Jul 20, 2005
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    In the next in stallment does he end up bent over with 4 fingers in his ass?
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