The photo of a German man with this e-mail:

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    There's a picture that I've been looking for a long time.
    It's a picture in shades of gray has almost no color, like a black and white photo.

    There's a naked man in front of the camera (thin man, not fat) with a handkerchief tied around his face covering the mouth, is not seen his face.

    He is completely naked and has a huge erect penis slightly curved upwards, very little.

    The camera is positioned low (below) and that man is focusing on bottom-up direction and maybe that's the reason why your penis look very long. It's amazing how it looks.

    The photo is put a text is this:

    I thought that email address was from that man there in the photo, but I think not!.

    I want to know if anyone has seen or is in possession of this picture to post it here on this site.

    Thank you!!.
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