The Photo Session

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    I was just finishing up the photo session with Carl, and things seemed to have gone well. Modelling professionally had never occurred to me until I realised it could help with my college tuition. I reasoned: why not take advantage of my good looks and avoid real work over the summer? I was also glad to be working for a top agency; at least that’s how Carl described it. I thought he had taken his last shot when he surprised me with:

    "Okay, once we take a few nudes we’ll be done."

    "Excuse me?"

    "I need some of you nude, to add to your portfolio."

    "I don’t understand. I’m just here to model clothes. I never..."

    "Look, it’s standard procedure. I know you don’t want to model naked but let’s say you change your mind, I’ll need something to go on."

    I guess my face was twisted in a look of incomprehension, so Carl continued: "It’s also done to check out your poise, how comfortable you are as a model in all types of situations. Besides I have to see your entire body to judge what you’d be good to model. You do want to model for us, don’t you?"

    Feeling I had little choice I said "Sure, no problem" and began slowly to shed my fancy dress duds. As the clothes started to peel off I contemplated my image in the room’s only mirror. What would Carl be looking at? A five foot ten white skinned blond, 19 years old with a reasonably good build from working out at the gym; no body hair above the waist and just a little on the legs.

    "Eh, Donny, the underwear..."

    Sighing inwardly, I let the loose underwear fall to the floor and flicked it away with my right foot, exposing my average sized cut cock to scrutiny. Carl was about 35; if it was a guy my own age who had in effect ordered me to strip I would have told him to fuck off, job or no job. I had no alternative but to try to act cool. I could get used to Carl but I was more worried that some chick would walk in and cause me to hop around and cover my privates.

    "Carl, the door..."

    "Oh, no women work for us, if that’s what you’re worried about. As a result we’re very open around here. In fact I might call in some others to check you out."

    After getting me to turn around to check out my ass he told me to move into the area where the lighting was brightest as he was ready to take some snaps. It felt weird to be crossing the hardwood floor of the large nearly empty room in my birthday suit and when I stepped into the bright lights my skin felt totally exposed, like my first communal shower in high school.

    But when Carl approached and pointed his camera at me I began to get a familiar tingle in my abdomen, which only got worse when he instructed me for the first pose. I thought: can this be happening?! I was fine minute ago. But now I was getting an erection! The culprit was the camera, I was sure of that. The fucking camera boring in on my naked body. I looked down at my guy continuing to rise, helpless to stop him. Showing an ordinary boner was bad enough. Unfortunately my dick when hard is not a standard issue. From an exact parallel it starts to curve downward at the 3/4 mark, almost like a hook. It just looks so damn weird. But at the moment waves of hands-free boner pleasure passed over me to jostle with feelings of deep shame. My dick was now so hard I thought he would strangle himself. As a final humiliation my face began to flush (or I just then realized it). What a sight I must have presented. Without yet having taken any snaps a smiling Carl lowered his camera.

    "Just a minute, I’ll get Mario. You two can pose together. It’ll be great."

    Who the fuck is Mario, I wondered. Pose together? What kind of operation is he running here? Also, I half expected Carl to reassure me that spontaneous boners were not unheard of at nude photo shoots. But the bastard left me standing there all alone while he fetched this Mario guy. He also left the camera on his work stool, pointing directly at me. The camera! My boner was still raging so I tried turning around; but then imagined the camera enjoying my white ass. I was in this position when I heard Carl clear his throat. Turning around I faced him and some young guy about my own age, a shorter muscular dude with shoulder length black curly hair framing a squarish face. A rich brown tan covered his whole body. His lips were slightly parted and his eyes alive with interest as he zeroed in on my hook.

    "Hi, I’m Mario. Don’t worry, your dick will go down by the time I finish my strip."

    By the time I finish my strip! He took all of 30 seconds to rip off all his clothes and stand in front of me, smiling away. His uncut dick caused an intake of breath: the most impressive cock I have ever seen. Some cocks are described as BIG, some are described as LONG. His was long, very very long. And dark. And hanging straight down. The flap of excessive foreskin gave his cock the shape of a carrot.

    "You can’t be serious, Carl. I can’t pose with him."

    "Why not?"

    "Look at him. His dick is way bigger than mine even when mine’s hard - still, I may add. It would be too embarrassing."

    Sympathetic creatures, they both laughed at me.

    "Don’t be such a baby," said Carl.

    "Yeah, don’t be such a baby," said Mario. "Guys just deal with it."

    True, I thought. Twerps in the dorm showers besting some of the athletic types who didn’t seem to mind, or pretended not to notice, just enjoying the democratic atmosphere of all male nudity. Before that in high school realizing that dick size didn’t correlate with what grade you were in. No big deal, right?

    "You’re, what, six inches as the crow flies, maybe seven measured along the shaft?" Mario exclaimed, more like a statement than a question. "Do you want to know how long mine is?"

    "Not really."

    "Nine inches hanging down, ten when hard."

    The conversation was not exactly conducive to calming my dick, especially when Carl began taking some snaps of us together. And especially when I noticed Mario was starting to get a semi also. Holy shit!

    "Look, that thing of yours is not going down anytime soon. I think I need to relieve some pressure for you." With that, Mario got on his knees in front of me, grabbed my balls and steered my hard cock into his mouth. My cock was soon engulfed with the wetness of his mouth, busy tongue, and teeth grazing my shaft and knob. As I started to moan with pleasure both Carl and Mario paused to chuckle at the dude who was here to model clothes. Mario also took the opportunity to playfully grab and twist my dick in a comic attempt to straighten out my hook, then resumed his sucking. I wanted the pleasure to last all day but Carl was impatient to wrap things up.

    "Uh, Mario, let’s get this guy off. Do your thing."

    In response Mario disengaged his mouth, took his hand from my balls, showed me his middle finger and proceeded to jam it up my ass! I immediately exploded a huge load right on to his chin and throat. Then we both collapsed flat on the floor, panting slightly. Mario’s cock was glistening but I was so preoccupied I realized I had missed his coming.

    "This place has a shower. Let’s go."

    The studio indeed had a shower, a four nozzle column type. Mario and I were both subdued as we soaped up together. All I could think to say was, "Nice tan." Indeed, it was a nice one, without that ugly white bunny tail at the top of his ass crack. "Where’d you get it?"

    "Pool parties. My buds and I have a pool party every week....wanna come?"

    "Sure, but no cameras please. And can I wash under your foreskin? I’ve never had the pleasure."

    I made a new friend.
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    Short and sweet; uh, the story, that is.:smile:
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    dow we get to read more about the two?
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