The Piano Teacher

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    I once had a private piano tutor when I was in my early 20's. He was older around his mid-30's and married with 2 kids. He was originally from Sweden I believe but raised in Spain. He actually looked like Antonio Banderas but more of white if that makes any sense. Anyways, his wife and kids were away on a trip and I had a lesson. I noticed how different he was with me during my lesson. He would touch my fingers differently when showing me how to play something on the piano. He would sit right across from me but in a more laid back fashion in order to show me his bulge where I can see his half erect cock. I swear all he needed to do was rub it because he was definitely giving me the look u know. I've kept this story non-fiction so far and I'd hate to make it fiction so I'm leaving it as it is and ending it with a note that back in those days I was too much of a virgin to have gone for it. Nowadays it'd be different! ;)
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