The Re-education of Alysen, Part I

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    Here's the first erotica I've written. It's not a true story, but I think it really captures the mindset of a size queen. Let me know what you guys think!


    Nick and I met during the summer after graduation from college, and instantly fell in love. We had gone to different schools in the Southern California / LA area, graduated the same year, and met each other online at that time when we were ready to settle down and start our careers and new lives after school. We got married the following year and moved to Ventura County, where Nick got a great, well-paid job on the PR team of a professional sports team, and I started writing and working on my master’s degree. We bought a nice house in the hills, a new car, and two dogs. We were excited to finally be starting our lives together, and every day we grew closer and happier. Nick is a great lover, the kind of guy who understands girls very well, and knows how to make you feel sexy and special in the bedroom. He played sports in college, and kept an active lifestyle afterward, making sure his tall, broad toned body stayed fit. He is average in the endowment department, about 6 ½ inches, but very well formed. We have great communication in the bedroom, and aren’t afraid to change things up and try something new. About a year passed, and I soon noticed that our marriage felt like it was lacking something. We were happy, but I thought our sex life had hit a bit of a rut. It turns out there was something missing…about 7 more inches worth.

    It was August, when the summer in California reaches that clear, sunny sweet spot in the weather, and you feel like taking a break from life for a while. Nick had taken me to dinner at our favorite steakhouse on a Friday night, and waited until after the meal was done to mention- “Hey, just to let you know. I invited one of my old buddies from college over this weekend.”
    “That’s fine,” I said. “One of your old teammates?”
    Nick’s mouth curled in an odd sort of smile, as if the suggestion was humorous. “No…Jason was…just a friend from when I lived on campus. He hung out with me on the weekends sometimes.” That’s fine, I told him. We purposely hadn’t planned anything that weekend, since we wanted to relax. I had looked forward to spending some intimate time with him, but this was a nice surprise as well. I hadn’t met many of his college friends.

    That Saturday evening Jason arrived. Nick was working the grill on the patio, which had a great Western view of the sinking sun. I was getting the rest of dinner ready and mixing some drinks to chill for afterward. The doorbell rang.
    “I’ll get it!” I called, and ran to the door. I thought I had met just about all of Nick’s close friends, and they were all pretty much like him- the handsome, sporty jock types. So I was involuntarily unprepared when I saw the guy on the other side of my front door. He was about 5’9”, just an inch taller than me, with sandy brown hair, and not that attractive. His nose was a little too big for his face, and his smile revealed prominent front teeth that turned it into a bit of a toothy grin. He was wearing a leather jacket over a preppy collared shirt, and loose-fitting slacks that seemed oddly out of place, like the apparel of a teenager dressed for an occasion he wasn’t invited to. “Hey,” he said.
    “You must be Jason,” I said, taking his jacket and leading him into the house.

    The evening progressed casually, but I felt a strange energy in the air. It didn’t feel like a simple evening with an old acquaintance of my husband’s, but rather more like a first date or an encounter with someone you’ve had a mixed history with and haven’t seen for a while. I tried to get a better idea of what it all meant. “So, Jason, Nick tells me you knew each other from school. Did you have the same major?”
    “No,” Jason said, reaching for his drink. I waited for more.
    “We were more like party friends,” Nick explained. He had a knack for making awkward situations more comfortable, and could get along with almost anyone. “I used to introduce a lot of girls to him.” The wording of Nick’s answer was odd, and I didn’t know what to think. He should have said, “I used to introduce him to a lot of girls,” since obviously the guy wasn’t exactly a ladies man. Nick always got along great with the female species, and had a lot of girl admirers through college, a fact I took pride in, since he ended up falling in love and marrying me. But the way he was talking, it sounded like he was doing these girls a favor by introducing them to Jason. Did these two really go out and party together?
    The dinner was great, as always, and when it was over I brought out the pitcher of Long Island Ice Tea that I mixed and we moved into the living room. “I’m going to shut down the grill,” Nick said. “You guys just keep talking.” He moved out onto the patio and shut the sliding door. Jason wasn’t a very good conversationalist, and I noticed he laughed too loud, and said unexpected things at strange moments, while at other times remained silent when he should have spoken. Kind of dumb, I noticed. But overall I got this feeling as if he was expecting something, specifically from me. I refilled my glass, and noticed he was looking at me. Or, rather, at my body. I am pretty attractive with a nice build that I take pride in taking care of. I wear a C-cup, and my breasts are bigger than my frame- a slender body with a busty chest. I was wearing my highlighted brown hair back that evening, and had changed into stretch pants that accentuated my firm ass and hips. “I bet he’s jealous of Nick,” I thought. “He must also be getting a little drunk. He’s not even hiding the fact that he’s checking me out.”
    “So, Jason. Do you have a girlfriend?”
    He snickered and gave me the same toothy smile, with half-closed eyes. “No,” he said simply. Then, after a pause, “Why do you ask?” He had sunk down on the couch, so that his crotch was thrust out, and his hands were behind his head. For the first time I noticed the outline of what looked like a sizeable package in his pants. From the way he was laying, the front of his pants bunched up in a manner that could only come from something large lying under his clothes. He suddenly stood up and announced, “I’m going to drain the lizard.” He started off toward the bathroom, but not before pulling up and adjusting his pants a little. The movement of his clothes gave the impression of holding a heavy weight.
    A very strange and new yet powerful feeling washed over me. I am by no means a prude, but I take pride in holding out for quality in the guys that I have dated. From the minute I met him, I had Jason placed in a category far below my consideration. He was one of those awkward guys that someone like me would never consider, but there was now something in his manner that fascinated me. He acted and talked as if he thought he was the sexiest, most desirable man in the world, and I was only lucky that he graced me with his presence in my own house. He showed little concern to questions asked of him, as if he didn’t owe anyone a sufficient answer to anything. Throughout dinner he had been looking at me at odd times, as if he had been invited over by me and not by Nick. My face flushed with excitement, and it scared me. I went out to the patio.

    Look for Part II, next...
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    i luv this whole series...your mind and talent must be so consuming to your good lovers...i know big cocks dont av the fascination for how they control as i do....i beg my girl to worship size as they grow but i want to watch other women react to watching her amaze them by swallowing 10 in her mouth....etc...
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