The Re-education of Alysen, Part II

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    Nick was taking a long time scraping the grill, and I wondered for a second if he had left us alone on purpose. I slipped my arm around his waist and kissed him. “Hey, sexy man. Thanks for the meal.” He looked at me with his piercing brown eyes, as if he was searching me for a clue about something. “Thanks…what do you think of Jason?” It was a question spoken with more meaning than I thought it should have had.
    “He’s nice,” I said. “He’s…uh. Yeah. Yeah, he’s nice.” I didn’t know what else to say. Nick remained silent as if expecting more, then suddenly turned to face me and grabbed both my hands.
    “Baby, there’s something I am going to ask you, and you have to feel free to say no. It’s just an idea.” His handsome face showed concern and nervousness. “I just…feel like our love life needs a little something. You know…something more.” I nodded, trying to figure out what he was going to ask. “I actually invited Jason over for a reason. I thought that maybe you and him…it’s something he and I have done in the past before, you know, with other girls, and it’s really amazing. I mean, if you don’t want to, it’s totally fine, it’s just…I think you might…” He was trailing off.
    I suddenly realized what all the energy in the air had been. “Oh, like a threesome?”
    “Yeah! Kind of like that. But, there’s more. Well, you’ll see. But yeah, like a threesome.” Nick looked relieved that I wasn’t shocked. I had to laugh.
    “Babe, if you want to try it, I’m up for anything.” I couldn’t help kissing him. He was so cute. Here he had been planning for weeks on how to suggest it to me, and even went so far as to set it up with one of his friends before letting me in on his plan. That explained why Jason had been so unabashed in checking me out, and how the whole night I had felt like there was a secret out there that I wasn’t in on. “Just let me go change. Are you ready!”
    “Yes!” He said with a little too much enthusiasm. I laughed again and kissed him. He picked me up with his strong arms and swung me around. “I’m so glad you think it’s a good idea! Aw, honey, you’re going to love it! This will change your life. I swear, I’ll make sure it’s good for you. You’ll never forget Jason.” He was talking fast, and we both were feeling a little buzz from the alcohol. I felt another flush of excitement come over me- the feeling of doing something new and sort of daring.
    I was no stranger to threesomes. I had done it twice before in college, both times with a girlfriend of mine, and a different guy we happened to pick up at the club each night. It was fun, but nothing life-changing; more a result of convenience in having only one guy and two horny girls. You might as well share.

    When we came back in the house, Jason had poured himself another drink and was standing leaning against the kitchen bar counter. I’m sure our faces confirmed what he thought we were talking about, and what we had decided. I now regarded him in a totally different light, the kind of aura that someone takes on when they become an object of your desire…or even a target. This was a guy I was now going to have sex with. As I looked at him and smiled, he broke into another grin and looked at me fully now, up and down, as if surveying property he had just inherited.
    Something still bothered me, though. Why him? He was unimpressive in all respects, both in appearance and mannerisms. Why didn’t Nick ask one of his many single athlete friends, who were much more attractive, and guys that I already knew? Why did he pick a friend he hadn’t seen in a while, and I had never met? Maybe he asked Jason because he didn’t want to feel shadowed by a “better” man. Maybe he wanted the 3rd party to be a guy I wouldn’t feel more attraction to than my own husband. That certainly made sense.
    “So, dude…are you ready?” Nick gave him a naughty smile. Jason downed the last gulp of his drink.
    “Great! Let’s move into the bedroom.”

    I let out a laugh at these two silly men, who no doubt had been conspiring for weeks or possibly months on how to make this very night happen. I felt sexy and desirable. Even if it wasn’t that great, or Jason never came by again, it was still something different, and our sex life needed some variety. Plus, I was buzzing from the alcohol and getting horny.
    Once in the bedroom, Nick shut the door and started drawing the shades. I unbuttoned my blouse and lost the sweat pants. Since I was the girl, I figured I would need to be the one doing most of the work and putting on most of the show. I gave Jason a seductive smile and started undoing the back of my bra. “Are you ready, stud?”
    He shot me a goofy and confident grin back. “I think the question is…are YOU ready?”
    I laughed and threw off my bra. “Come here…take off your shirt.” My breasts bounced with my movement toward him, and I noticed with satisfaction that he was getting visibly excited. He took them, each the size of small melons, in his big hands. “You like those?” I asked.
    Nick, instead of undressing, went into the bathroom to get something. When he came back out I saw it was a bottle of lube. In his other hand he held our digital camera. “He’s really getting into this,” I thought. But his excitement seemed like the excitement of a spectator, and not someone about to fuck his wife with a friend of his. I felt a twinge of anticipation. Something is going to happen, I thought.
    Jason had removed his shirt and tossed it into a corner, then moved with his back leaning against the bed. His whole personality seemed to be changing. He took me by the shoulders and positioned me in front of him. I moved in to kiss him, but instead he placed a hand on top of my head and tilted his head back, thrusting his crotch forward. I understood what this meant, and my hands moved to his belt to undress him.
    For the first time I noticed his build: average in all respects, with a slight paunch that hung over the top of his baggy pants. His skin was untanned and lightly freckled. I looked over at Nick, who was staring at me in anticipation, his hands on his own belt. I dropped to my knees and started undoing the buckle. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, I noticed as I slipped his pants off his thick hips and down to the floor. The room seemed to hold its breath. My jaw dropped open.
    There, hanging before me, was the most incredibly large penis I had ever seen. I had seen large men before on the screen, but this was unbelievably real…impossibly huge. Even then it was only partly hard, and I could see fold upon fold of skin where it still had more room to grow. It hung almost down to his knees, heavy with weight, yet held up slightly by the blood of arousal I could see already coursing through it. The head looked like an upside-down apple, purple and slightly moist at the end where pre-cum had oozed out. The shaft was immensely thick and veiny, and I could feel a powerful heat radiating off of it. Behind it I could see his ball sack, proportionally enormous and hanging heavy with fluid, and at the base, a neatly trimmed patch of hair that ran up to the base of his paunchy belly. Time seemed to stand still as I struggled to take it into my whole field of vision. I was caught completely off guard, and now my mind was flooded with an overwhelming sense of awe, mixed with a tinge of fear. I looked up at Jason.
    “It’s….I can’t….oh my god,” I struggled. He stood there with a proud grin on his face, looking down on me in satisfaction. My whole perception of him had suddenly changed, and he knew it. From the moment I opened the door for him just hours ago, he had laid eyes on me as the girl he was going to fuck. She didn’t know it yet, and didn’t respect him yet, but she would. Before the night was over, she would even fear him. His casual, confident manner, his disregard for social etiquette, and his bold surveillance of my body, all flashed before my brain in context now. He had entered my house, unimpressive while his clothes were on, knowing that before the night was over, he would reveal the awesome power he possessed between his legs, and leave here a conqueror. I was now completely in his hands, and he could do with me whatever he wished.
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