The Re-education of Alysen, Part III

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    “Come on, baby...don’t be scared, suck him, just like that.” Jason put his hand on the back of my head and eased me closer, gripping the base of his shaft with the other. I shot a helpless glance at Nick, who looked to be captivated by the scene unfolding in front of him. Turning back to the enormous cock hanging before me, I lifted a hand to guide it into my mouth. I couldn’t fit just one all the way around it, and had to use both to grip the base of the head. “I can’t…it won’t…it’s too big,” I stammered. Jason smiled gently, but firmly. I was going to suck it.
    I always prided myself in giving a guy the best blow job he’s ever had. Most girls don’t know how to do it right. They don’t establish a good, even rhythm, or don’t go deep or smoothly enough. They usually aren’t patient enough to keep it up long enough for him to get a good buzz going. Some don’t even know how to deep throat. But I had never taken anything like Jason before. As he eased his massive cock into my mouth, I felt the head alone filling it all the way to the back. I knew the best ways to avoid gagging- when you feel the gag reflex starting, try to swallow. That suppresses the reflex and lets you last a bit longer. You still can’t breathe, and the deep throat only lasts as long as your breath does, but it’s usually long enough for the guy to get quite a good face fuck going before you have to come up for air. But Jason was different. This was going to be the challenge of my life.
    I forced his head down my throat, and immediately felt I was going to run out of breath before I got him as far as I could. My heart was pounding as it was, and I felt faint from the lack of oxygen. No, it’s not going to be enough time, I thought. I need to start over. As I started to pull my head back, I felt Jason’s hand strongly behind it. “Shhh,” he said. “That’s it, keep going.” I panicked at first, but changed direction and swallowed more of his huge shaft. I could feel its unreasonable thickness pushing out against the walls of my throat. I was doing everything right: making my throat one long, unmoving tunnel, and not moving my neck muscles. But this wasn’t going to work. I started to gag, then caught myself.
    “Keep going, baby, you’re doing good!” Nick’s voice sounded a hundred miles away. I realized suddenly what this meant for him, too- seeing his wife take the largest dick either of us had ever seen, and take it like a professional. I suddenly felt a rush of power, like an athlete clambering up an impossible slope that no one else could master. I slid another inch of Jason’s meat down my throat. There was so much left. It didn’t even look like I had taken him halfway yet. Another inch. My vision started to darken.
    “Aw, fuck, yeah…good girl!” Jason moaned as he released my head and withdrew his gigantic pole. I gasped for air.
    “Wow…that was…you are amazing!” I breathed. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I was completely enthralled as I looked back up at his cock, now half hard and bobbing over me, in time to his heavy breathing. The first five inches glistened with my saliva, and I noticed it had colored from the strain of forcing it down my expanding throat. Jason let out a laugh, a loud one that a champion would give when asked to explain his victory one more time to a fascinated fan. He grabbed the base of it with his hand again, and held it over me.
    “What do you think, baby girl? You still think you are ready for this?” Nick laughed, too, a laugh of pride for me, and pride at his friend, who was now revealing to me a whole world of amazing sexual extremes that I never knew existed before. Jason took a step forward, and let his cock rest on my head while his balls hung huge and heavy right before my face. I realized in awe that his penis was still growing, expanding and thickening into impossibly larger dimensions. A powerful heat was coming in waves off of his shaft, and I could feel it singe the top of my head, already heavy with its weight.
    “I TOLD you you’d never forget him,” Nick laughed, and handed Jason the bottle of lube. Jason took it slowly, all the while looking at me, as if judging if it was a good idea or not, or whether I was deserving of what he was about to give me. He grinned another toothy grin.
    “Get up. Lay on the bed.”
    I obeyed, stripping the rest of my clothing off and collapsing naked on my back, watching while he slowly squeezed a long stream of gel out of the bottle. He handed it back to Nick like a swordsmen handing his sheath back to his armor-bearer, then turned to look at me again with a smug expression. His hands slowly worked the lube up and down his giant cock, which soon dripped and shone with the liquid. It was still growing. I couldn’t take my eyes off this man, who, just hours ago, I had regarded as a nobody, a dork, an awkward kid. I was now lying naked before him, while he lubed up his enormous cock as a murderer sharpens up his weapon before his tied up and helpless victim. “You’re going to love it,” he said with a smile. He took his hands up under my knees and knelt below me on the bed as he slowly lifted my pussy up and toward his body. His heavy cock rested momentarily on my belly and chest, and I could feel the awesome weight of it, realizing with disbelief that this impossible thing would soon be inside my body. He pushed himself up with his feet, lifted his knees, and rocked me back as my knees came in toward my chest. The cock was dragged off my belly as Jason aligned it over my waiting pussy. Time seemed to slow down. I stared at him, helpless.
    The first penetration came like a shock wave. All I saw were Jason’s thick hips suddenly thrust down, and my cunt exploded with a course of energy. “Ahh!” I cried, then clenched my teeth. The walls of my insides closed around his massive pole, as he slid it in a few inches past the head with a wet schlucking sound. I had never been stretched so wide, and it hurt with an exhilarating pain of domination, a pain of capture. Jason uttered a low grunt of pleasure and began a slow, powerful rhythm of thrusts- two inches out, three inches in. Three inches out, four inches in…
    “Yeah, baby, you take that! You take that mother-fucking monster cock!” Nick’s voice rose with excitement, and looking to the side I saw him, eyes wide, now stripped down to just his muscle shirt. One hand was on his cock, the other was aiming the camera at me. I had no idea how long he had been taking pictures, and I tried to imagine what I must look like, pinned down under the power of an enormous, god-like penis that was filling me and stretching me to my physical limits. I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth again, trying to concentrate on the slow, intense thrusts that continued to open me wider and wider.
    I opened them again when Jason paused on a down-thrust. He let out a slow, loud breath of air, and looked up at me with an intense, evil look, his teeth showing. My eyes drifted down to the sight of his massive shaft buried less than halfway into my cunt. It pulsed with an amazing sexual energy, and I could almost feel the veins echoing his rapid heart beat. “My god,” I thought. “He’s not even halfway in yet.” The same desperate pang of fear I experienced when I was sucking him rushed over me again. He wasn’t going to stop until I took all of him, I realized. He owned me now. Nick had given me over, and I had agreed. He had subdued me with the awesome power of his size, which now held me flat on my back in wonder. I looked up at him, terrified. He grinned.
    When his thrusting resumed, I gathered my breath and focused. My eyes were closed now, and brilliant stars of color flashed in the darkness, mostly red and purple, the colors of surrendered sex. “Uh…Uhhh…oh god…yes…fuck…yeah.” I couldn’t stop moaning. Inch after impossible inch, my insides expanded to accommodate him, and slowly, involuntarily, I felt something deep inside me, in my emotions and psyche, change and stretch as well. I was becoming someone different, someone reaching a new level, passing a threshold, away from the average, ordinary people who fuck and fall asleep, fuck and go about their business. Sex was becoming a championship, an unattainable prize that could only be won by someone super-human. I felt myself strengthen and deepen. I was becoming a woman of god-like abilities as well, someone who had walked to the edge of the extreme, someone just pulled back from the edge. The room was hushed silent for a time, broken only by the click of the camera, and the low, satisfied grunting of Jason.
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