The Re-education of Alysen, Part IV

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    I opened my eyes again, not knowing how long it had been. Jason’s eyes were glazed with pleasure, his forehead dripping with a stream of sweat that ran down in drops onto his oversized nose. Surely that must be all, surely he must be all the way in…my gaze dropped to his cock, which had about four inches left still outside. It was impossible. I felt him start to bottom out deep within me. No, I thought with desperation. No, I must take him all. I want all of him. It was the most incredible feeling I had ever experienced, and he still had more to give me. I wanted all he could offer.
    Jason felt himself start to bottom out, and rocked me back farther to penetrate deeper. He closed his eyes and grunted deeply, “Aw, yeah…fuck.” His huge ball sack rested against my ass, and I felt it swing as he resumed thrusting. My mind flashed with alarm as I wondered what would happen if he shot his load while I was like this. There must be a gallon, I thought. It’s too much. He’s too much. My god…
    My first orgasm came suddenly, in a rush of energy. It was a complete surrender to being overwhelmed, a surrender to the impossible power of this god-like being towering over me with his god-like cock stuck farther in me than I thought possible, with even more left to go. I felt so incredibly full. “AHH, OH GOD, FUCK!” I cried as my body pulsed with pleasure. The sensation coursed through my body and collected around the straining walls of my cunt, which held tightly to this amazing, huge tool that possessed so much power to leave me breathless and immobile.
    After my body relaxed, Jason resumed his unstoppable effort to thrust his entire cock into my pussy. He got about an inch more in, and I knew I was completely full. The tip of his cock hit bottom deep within me, and I was at my limits. That was enough. I felt panic overwhelm me, and this time couldn’t control it. “No,” I moaned. “No, it’s too much. I can’t…I’m sorry, I can’t.” I looked up at Jason in alarm. He grinned and didn’t move. His cock remained in place, the weight of his body on mine. He wasn’t going to stop, I thought with desperation. I started to struggle, and felt tears well up in my eyes as I closed them tight. My body felt stretched to the max, past the point of pain, as I pleaded with him to pull out. Suddenly, I felt lips pressed hotly against my own. It was Nick. “Easy, baby,” he said softly and intensely between kisses. “You’re doing great. You’re okay. You’re okay.” His hands reached for mine, and his beautiful eyes held my gaze as he continued to reassure me. His voice was soft, but his mouth was curled up in an amazed smile, and his face was flushed with exhilaration. He was watching the change come over me, just as I felt it was happening.
    Suddenly, Jason began to pull his oversized, swollen cock out of my pussy, and put one of his short, thick legs up on the bed. His face was red with the look of animal pleasure, and his dull eyes were glazed with contented satisfaction. I exhaled a breath of exhaustion, and felt a rushing vacuum of energy it seemed he left when he withdrew. It was as if the entire inside of my being was sucked out with it, and there was a void now, a space occupied only by potential, the hunger of a woman who now possessed a sexual strength, the likes of which other women would never understand. I looked up at Nick, who was watching the change of expression come over my face…from pain, to power.
    “Roll over. Get on all fours,” Jason commanded. He walked to the dresser and wiped the sweat from his brow with a tissue. His absolutely massive cock swayed as he walked, contrasting with his short frame to create a surreal visual effect, like a gothic statue meant to symbolize the male sex. I couldn’t stop staring at it. He pointed at the lube on the dresser, and Nick stood up quickly and grabbed it for him. I noticed the change of energy between them now- Jason was the master at work, and Nick was his humble apprentice. It occurred to me suddenly that what Jason was doing was for Nick…it was for Nick and I both. It wasn’t a threesome at all. It was my re-education.
    I quickly rolled onto my hands and knees and waited, facing the headboard of the bed. Doggie-style has always been my favorite position, because it allows the guy complete control. It is the ultimate position of surrender. That thought occurred to me with powerful new meaning now as I waited for this incredible experience to continue. Seconds passed and I looked behind me. Jason was squeezing lube directly onto his gigantic shaft, which was still pulsing from the fuck he had just given me. I noticed with shame about two inches at the base that were dry- the two inches that I couldn’t take from him. He caught my eye, and spent extra time lubing up this particular part of his penis, as if to say, “See this? You are going to take this part, too, this time.” For some reason I blushed, and he saw this and grinned. “You’re doing good, baby,” he said. “You’re going to get all of him this time. Just relax.” He handed the lube back to Nick and told him to fetch a towel. Nick apologized and ran into the bathroom, emerging again with two. Jason tossed them over the bedpost. I wondered what they were for.
    When he turned and looked at me again, his eyes had the same former intensity as minutes ago. He got on his knees on the bed, and put a hand on either side of my ass. His cock had shrunk slightly, and dangled down to slap heavily against my legs. I faced forward again and instinctively lowered my head and thrust my ass up and back, offering him my pussy. Time once again slowed as I waited.
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