The Re-education of Alysen, Part V

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    This time, Jason began slowly, pushing his head and one more inch in, and allowing his cock time to thicken and grow inside of me. I could feel it, like a monster slowly awakening and stretching from a sleep. He thrust two more inches in, and I felt the waves of pleasure once again overtake me. As his cock thickened to its full girth, the walls of my cunt once again bulged and radiated with energy. This time, I noticed the change that had overtaken me before grow stronger. This time was different than the first. I was ready this time. “Yeah…fuck yeah, baby…give me that monster cock,” I said. “Give it to me like you mean it!”
    At this challenge, Jason suddenly thrust half his cock inside me, with a firm and powerful punishing blow. I cried out and gasped for air, as a shock of pain rushed through me. Two more thrusts, each one deeper than the last, sent me reeling, the last one causing my vision to blur. “AH!” I cried. “No, stop! Go slow!" The room was filled with Jason’s loud and crass laughter, and Nick soon chimed in. Jason then put his hands on me- one on the back of my neck, and the other behind my ass. He kept his cock halfway inside me where he had thrust it, sending an unmistakable message: “I’m the boss. I decide how much you get, and how quickly.” I breathed heavily, and having learned my lesson, remained silent.
    The slow, rhythmic thrusting resumed, and I once again closed my eyes. The feeling of submission filled me with a warm sense of security, an erotic, child-like feeling of being cared for. Here I was, facing down in a subservient pose, like a peasant bowing down to the throne of a god, while my captor enjoyed my body from behind. Complete control was his. He could see me, but I could not see him. My comfort and safety were completely in his hands. If he wanted me to feel pain, he would cause me pain. If he wanted me to feel pleasure, it would be pleasure. I was free from choosing, and he was king.
    Inch after inch slid into my cunt, and Jason started once again to grunt with satisfaction. They were the low sounds of a powerful being exercising his will to his own delight. “Aw, yeah. Fuck yeah, that’s good.” I could feel every inch of his enormous cock quiver with each sound. I concentrated for a minute on the meaning of this. Jason was the owner of a penis of gigantic proportions, the size that most guys only dream about. This giant cock was also an enormously powerful tool, a tool for pleasure for the woman he deemed worthy to bless it with, and pleasure for himself while he used it, feeling the satisfaction and dominance that comes with having complete control over a person you can cause both pain and pleasure in superhuman amounts. I concentrated on the sounds he was uttering, in awe of this amazing god-like creature blessing me with his incredibly huge cock.
    I was filling up again, giving myself to him again. There it was again, the feeling of being overwhelmed. I screamed once more in orgasm, and Jason rewarded me with a tender thrust, in time with each wave that passed through me.
    After two more inches, my body once again began to tense to the breaking point. I closed my eyes to concentrate. I knew he was getting close. Suddenly, he grabbed my hand and led it back to feel his cock. There were about two inches left. I understood what he was trying to tell me, and nodded in obedience. Placing my hands up against the headboard, I began to push backward, feeling the terrible pressure radiating from my cunt. Jason straightened up, and spread his knees wider to brace himself against me. His massive nut sack swung like a pendulum against my ass, and I momentarily lost my balance, falling forward, away from his body, but the tension of his huge cock stuck inside me allowed me to regain my place. I resumed my backward thrusting, and heard its slapping sound and felt the heat coming off of it at the end of each of my efforts to force more of his pole inside me. Another inch…
    Suddenly, Jason leaned forward, wrapping one arm around my chest, and the other around my neck, in a strange kind of wrestling pose. His hips thrust forward in a powerful jerk, and I felt the rest of his impossible size slide with a shock inside me. He was all the way in. My closed eyes once more saw an explosion, a spark of colors in star patterns, this time bright shades of yellow and orange. My body began to shake beneath the power of the feeling, this complete domination that overtook me. I tried to breathe, tried to think coherent thoughts, but all that existed at that moment was energy, an amazing transcendence that carried me from my human body to somewhere else, somewhere I would come back from, changed. I thought I felt Nick somewhere before me, talking to me, holding me, kissing me, but I could only feel the presence, the invading power, of the enormous dick impaling my body.
    Jason’s voice struck my ears, rising over the confusion, “Aw…fuck…here it comes…AHH…” I had only a second to realize what was about to happen. There was a convulsion somewhere behind me that rippled up every impossible inch of his massive dick. I felt, somewhere deep inside me, a sudden burst of power that seemed to rock my entire frame. It was like being hit with a shock wave from within. Hot liquid exploded somewhere inside me, and I could feel it, rushing into and filling every crevice already straining with his overwhelming size. I gasped for air. “Oh god! Yes! Ah!” I screamed between breaths. My head felt like it was swelling, and I started to pass out. I was collapsing in exhaustion around his gigantic tool, which swelled as it pumped burst after burst into my helpless body. My grip gave way on the headboard. My vision darkened, and I was falling forward.
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