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    Ok, so this secretary gets with her boss and he`s married, well the`yre getting it on every day in the office, well one day the`yre getting it on as usuall and he`s really giving it to her, foreplay that is, and they really get into it, she`s breathing harder and harder while he masterbates her with his fingers, she`s so into it she says, give me more.... oooh baby.... give it to me more... . Well of course he`s happy to ablige, so he starts really giving it to her, one finger, two fingers, three fingers, eventually he gets his whole hand in there and she screaming for more, finally she tells him ooooh baby, get on me and take me to another place, as he pulls his hand out he realizes he had forgotten to take his wedding band off butt thats not whats bothering him, the ring is missing. He says, oh my gosh, i`ve got to get the ring back. So he`s searching in her vagina now looking for the ring, nothing. Ok, he says, i`m going in deeper, well now he`s up to is elbow, still nothing. Alrighty then, he says, i`m going in for a look. So he sticks his head in there and he`s looking around, nothing still. Ok, he tells her i`m going in, he climbs inside her vagina and he starts to walk, still nothing, an hour goes by and he see`s to his surprize another man standing there in amazement. He decides to comfront the other guy and when he does the stranger asks, what are you doing her? Well he replies, i`m looking for my wedding band. The stranger says to the secretaries boss, so your looking for a ring huh? I`ll tell you what, he says to the boss, i`ll help you find your ring under ones condition. Whats that replies the boss. Help me find my car keys, no way says the boss to the stranger, car keys? Yea, he says but thats not all, if you help me find my car keys we can drive back outa here....i`m late for my wedding. lol

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