The Ruling Class

Discussion in 'Models and Celebrities' started by catman, Dec 18, 2005.

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    Just happened to be watching The Ruling Class (made back in the 80s (70s?)) Amazing performance by Peter O'toole (jack the ripper AND jesus christ in the same move- only he could pull it off...)

    I was watching the opening scenes involving the 14th Earl of Gurney (watch the movie, bit hard to explain) but as he is coming UP the stairs, don't know it it 'just the cut' of his slacks- but some MAJOR:eek: trouser snake in his left leg... I know the pants are cut 'high' but still- had to go back a few times... sure hope the _13_ earl got his blessings (or to quote Grace Shelley aka the Lady of the Camilles later on "his mind may be a bit wonky, but the rest of his sure isn't...."

    worth a cheap rental- anyone else notice?

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