The Salesman-Part 2

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    They began kissing again. I saw my wife raise up her hips as he tugged her panties off. I heard him order her to suck his cock. He was guiding her, bobbing her head up and down to slide the tip of his cock in and out of her mouth. Now she seemed eager for it, and I could hear loud sucking noises of her mouth. She tried to get as much of his meat in her mouth as she could, without much success. I had my cock out and was slowly jacking off as I watched my wife give a complete stranger a blowjob. I heard Amy moan, saw her shudder, and knew she was coming.

    Then the salesman pulled away from her and stood up to pull his pants off. My wife lay back on the couch, pulled her skirt up, and spread her legs for him. Instead of mounting her, he went down on her. She tried to protest, but I saw his face move between her legs, his tongue lapping at her pussy. In seconds she was coming again. I couldn't believe it. He went on eating her until she was ready to come again, when he moved up between her legs. She reached down and grabbed his dick, guiding it to her cunt. She was almost screaming at him to put it in her at this point.

    I watched his huge prick slowly slide into her snatch, far deeper than I had ever been. I couldn't believe how easily she seemed to take him. She was really screaming now, her long legs thrown up in the air, only to come down locked around his his waist. Amy was begging him to fuck her deeper and deeper. In a few strokes she was coming and coming and coming. He pulled out and moved up to straddle her face. Amy lay back with her eyes closed, accepting the feel of his wet cock stroking over her face. He moved down a bit, and shot his load all over her tits. She moaned again as she took him back in her mouth. She wanted him hard again, and she soon got her wish.

    Amy stood up to strip off her blouse and skirt. She then went back to playing with his now fully hard member. He let her push him back on the sofa, and she climbed on top, her back to him (and me). I could see his cock sliding in and out as she rocked back and forth in long slow strokes. She was talking to him now, telling him she had never felt anything like him before, how big he was. She said she wanted to come for him again. My innocent wife was like a bitch in heat! Amy told him he could have her whenever he wanted. He said he might bring some friends next time for a real party. When he said that, she started tonguing his ear and bucking harder.
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