The Salesman

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    For the past six years I've been married to a beautiful woman, several years younger than myself. Amy has the kind of face and body men dream about. She's now 28-years-old, stands five feet five and weighs about 115 pounds. Her measurements are a stunning 35-25-35, with a nice firm pair of natural C's. She has very large and responsive nipples. Her small waist has a seductive sway when she walks.

    Amy is the perfect lady. She does dress very sexily though, at my request. When we met about 3 years before we married, she said she was a virgin. Our sex life has been good. Amy seems to reach a satisfying orgasm during sex. She doesn't like me to go down on her and she seldom wants to give me head. I work long hours, and often when I get home late, we don't make time for sex.

    Six months ago I came home from work several hours earlier than usual. As I walked in the back door, I could hear voices coming from the front room. I stepped to the door and saw my wife sitting with a young man on the couch. They both had their backs to me. Something made me keep still. I could see sales material spread out on the table in front of them. Obviously the sales pitch was over and they were enjoying a cup of coffee.

    Amy was wearing a white blouse and a short dark skirt. Her skirt had ridden up her legs slightly as they had gotten more comfortable on the sofa. I knew they hadn't heard me come in, as the salesman kept making obvoius glances at my wife's legs. I knew he would soon try to make out with her.

    He had his left arm over the back of the couch, behind Amy. When she would move slightly, his hand would brush her shoulder. She made no attempt to avoid the contact. Finally as she shifted her position one more time, he turned her to face him. She gasped as he kissed her and I saw his hand cup her tit. Amy moved the hand away, but it came right back. I heard her say, "No, I'm's not right..." Both his hands were working her tits now. He started to undo buttons of her blouse to reach inside her bra. Amy struggled a bit, and as she did her skirt rose even higher on her legs. I couldn't believe what I was hearing...Amy had begun to moan softly.

    He slipped her bra strap from her shoulders and lifted a tit to his mouth. I could see her big nipples were fully erect. Her eyes were closed as she lay her head back on the sofa. He moved to kiss her again, and this time she responded eagerly. Now I began to think he might try to fuck her.

    His right hand moved between Amy's legs, to just above her knees. I watched his hand steal beneath her skirt. She moved his hand away once, twice, a third time; but each time he got a little higher . I could see her legs starting to part, and now his fingertips were caressing her pussy. Her skirt was bunched up about her waist. Now my wife threw her arms around him and kissed him wildly. Her hips began to undulate as he fingered her, her moans grew louder.

    He whispered something to her, but I couldn't hear. She hesitated for a moment, then reached down to unzip his pants and pulled out his cock. She sat up and looked down at the hard dick she held in her hand. It looked twice as long as mine. I heard her say as she tried to close her hand around it, "Give it to me...put it in me."
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