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    Oct 6, 2002
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    Interesting article in this month's "Details" magazine.

    Does everyone think you're gay?
    Details Blog on men.style.com

    Author Mike Albo draws attention to the segment of guys out there that, no matter how much they profess a love for the pussy, that they get miscategorized as being gay and that rumor tends to stick with them. He acknowledges that whatever it is about this kind of straight guy that gets pegged for gay, it's "almost impossible to pinpoint" (162). Furthermore, "He may talk up his love of ladies more than Bret Michaels does, he may have a wife and kids, but people always react the same way: 'Really? No, wait -- really?' " (162). He affectionately calls this sub-group "strays" -- "the gray area between homo and hetero tastes lie an abundance of gaydar-stumping indicators" (164).

    He gives a little context: that the stray issue really got kicked off by the categorization of sexual orientation dating back around 1860, but really, "homosexual" or its German variant was just another purposeful descriptor for mental illness (165). Also, that nailing down the stray is just a way for people to deal with the threatening quality of not being able to categorize something into simple terms. That the fact that people and scientists can peg beyond chance levels (164) a guy's sexual orientation gives the problem a here-to-stay status.

    In my own experience, I just don't think there's a lot to do about the qualities that might get me pegged un-straight. I'm a listener. I like to talk. (Hell, counselors have to do that sort of stuff for a living.) I'm a bit of an entertainer, so I like to tell jokes and be boisterous and loud. And I don't really play a meathead very well. So, I dunno. You can take only so much solace at the end of the day. If I want to start humping guy ass, I think I'd be the first to know.
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    Jul 16, 2005
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    I read this article in Details and just couldn't help thinking "Do we really need ANOTHER term to attempt to define male sexuality? Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Trisexual, Metrosexual etc etc were apparently not enough...

    How about we just admit that we all have individual sexualities?

    I bet there are no two men on earth who have the exact same sexual makeup.
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    Jan 3, 2008
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    Northern Georgia
    I get this all the time. There's an aspect to my personality that's very 7 y/o girl, and people misread it as gay all the time.

    Most recent example would be a business trip I just went on. We went out to a brewery after the customer meeting. Pitchers of beer on the table, and I ordered some Jones' sodas. Root Beer at first, but second one was "Fu Fu Berry". The name was eating at me and I had to see what it tasted like.

    So I poured myself a nice tall glass of hot pink soda, sippin on it through a straw. My boss joked that it should have a cherry and a pink umbrella in it.

    But at the end of the day, that's not about sexuality, that's about a sweet tooth and being comfortable enough in one's sexuality to indulge it even when knowing that you're gonna catch some flack.

    So I'm sure I invite some of the suspicion, but it doesn't bother me (just a lot of people who can't tell the difference between sexual orientation and the odd bit of childish fancy).
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