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    © under the pseudonym of the LPSG poster known as Nick4444

    Chapter One

    “Damn! Look at that ink!”

    Turning from my bud to see what he was talking about, I turned around on my barstool to examine the guy who had sat down beside me, and had become the object of my bud’s exclamation.

    I can see why he had become excited – the guy’s arms were huge!

    Oblivious to us, and everything else, he was obviously intent on getting Connie’s attention, so he could place his order. That gave me the opportunity to really examine his ink – an elaborate pattern, mixing ancient Celtic and Mayan patterns, striking against his tanned Latino skin tone.
    “Connie!” I yelled, trying to get her attention, as she served other regulars at the far end of the bar. “Paying customer over here!” as I motioned by tilting my head to the new guy.

    “Hi! What’ll you have?” she cheerily asked him, at which point I turned back to my bud.

    We continued to talk about what had been going on in our lives, and what we actually wanted to have happen, and, of course, what tattoos I should be getting.

    Several drinks later, we get up to leave to visit the tattoo parlor, and I notice the new guy over at the pool tables, leaning into the table, aiming his shot.

    What I hadn’t noticed while he was sitting next to me was his tight, buff build, coupled with his massive, muscular arms.

    We left.

    At the tattoo parlor, I discussed with the guy what I had seen, and asked if I could get something similar, as nothing he has shown me interested me. Curious, he asked me to draw what I had in mind.

    As I began to do that, this hot babe with a tight body, and big rack entered, engaging my bud’s attention.

    Somehow, he got her talking, and laughing, while I got nowhere fast with the bald tattoo artist.

    So, we left, but not before my bud, Tony, had managed to get the babe invited to a party we were having at his place. Oh, man! She had agreed to come!

    We make the run for the beer, and the stuff for the bongs, all the while, although Tony is talking, I’m thinking of what might happen, and, of course, my pervy imagination runs wild, especially now that I know that babe will be showing up, and having promised Tony she would be bringing some friends. (It turns out she works at a local strip joint, and her friends are friends from her job.) I could feel myself getting hard, I could feel the pre-cum dribbling several times, as we drove around.
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    Mmmmm tattoos! When's the next installment?
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