The test of the future Mrs Claus.

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    the pain behind your eyes
    Chip had always been one overly superstitious about Christmas and Santa.
    Altho his callous father had dropped the bomb on him at the tender age of 8 about there being no Santa, faithful Chip had maintained the of some kind of Santa just to keep in the spirit.
    later on, when his best friend had his 1st child almost directly after High School, he still wanted to maintain the facade; better children learn in due time, rather than 96 months after their 1st appearance.

    So, on Dec 22th, Chip made his way to the Super Mall for a gift for his Best Friend's little girl; He felt it best to buy something fun something fun, yet educating as well.
    After a while, he felt the need to find the Men's room. The closet one was in the food court. As he made his way over, he noticed a HAVE YOUR PICTURE TAKEN WITH SANTA set up. he paid it no mind and searched for the rest room.

    About this time, Andrea ,"Andi" Dupre was waiting by the security booth for the Santa coordinator as she was being interviewed for the Mrs Claus part.
    Naturally bright blonde curly hair, and pink skin with a pert nose, she took to the outfit perfectly.

    The coordinator took one look at the anxious Andi, then walked her to "Santa" ".Excuse me, Sir, this is the lady we're interviewing for the part of Mrs Claus" Santa turned around to look at Andi. She gasped as she got a good look at him; he definitely looked the part with his real white beard that covered His almost hideous face that showed great age with pock marks mixed into it.

    Examining her form from head to toe, he croaked, "Yes. yes, my dear, you'll be perfect as my Mrs Claus." The coordinator said, "Well, that confirms it, Miss, you've got the job." Andi was relieved and happy. At last a chance to make money for her own family and friends gifts.

    As she spun around, Chip was walking fast almost reaching frantic looking for the Men's room when he stopped dead short, within inches of Andi. He looked at her, blinked, then asked, "Andrea? Andi Dupre?" "Yes. Chip?" "Yeah!!" Chip said, almost guffawing. He studied her from head to toe; the Mrs Claus outfit just barely concealed her magnificent figure, from shapely waist he'd admired in the cheerleader outfit to her supple breasts he'd seen contained in a blue two piece bikini.
    "You look great." Chip remarked "Are you playing Mrs Claus?" "Yes. and thank you, Chip." "We should talk some more during or after the holidays. "
    Chip said. "Yeah, that would be nice. "Andi said. Just then , Santa caught the whole conversation, walked over to Andi and said, "Come along, My dear; if you're going to be MY MRS CLAUS, then you need to be in the part while you're here." leading her way by the shoulder, Chip said, "I should get going; I've got one more stop then home." "OK, well, give me your number I'll call you later" Chip handed it over to Andi, but Santa snatched it up saying, "Mrs Claus has no time for this when she's in my company. besides, you're supposed to be faithful to ME, remember?"
    Whatever, old man, Andi said. jeez, this geezer's really into the part..
    Just then Andi felt the need to relieve some nervousness, and excused herself to find the ladies room. But the prop glasses for her outfit didn't quite make it as good as her regular glasses, and she stumbled right towards the family restroom. She opened the door, took off the prop glasses and found Chip draining himself into the toilet. Gazing upon his manhood, she gaped at the length and thickness he held.
    Just then, after he opened his eyes, he saw the light from the outside. "Huh? Who's there?" not wanting to get caught, Andi quickly improvised. "Is janitorial, sir." she said. "Sorry."
    Andi closed the door and stepped to the side. She never had any idea that Chip was that endowed. She found the Ladie's room, did her thing, and made it back to the Santa stand.
    She quickly composed herself, and went to work over the next two days, playing Mrs Santa ostensibly for the kids, but was preoccupied by Chip's endowment. When closing time finally rolled around, She was grateful for the 12 hrs she had put in, and would put it to good use for belated Xmas gifts.

    She excused herself to have a smoke, and went to walk outside. "You should stay close to me ANDREA; After all if you're to be Mrs Claus, we need to be closer." Santa said. "Listen, pops, this is a one time gig for the night, OK? I'm out of here after this." "OH, it'll be MORE than that, my dear, you'll see." he replied, and went back inside to his throne. Shit, if I could have ONE CHRISTMAS WISH, it'd be to find that delicious cock of Chip's. Andi inner monologued as she began to take a drag on her cigarette. A millisecond later, her body began to shimmer, and then flash! she was gone. The cigarette she had been smoking was suspended in mid air only a second, then dropped to the asphalt. Over by the MULLIGAN'S family bar and grill, an old man who had one too many seen this, and quickly made an addition to his resolutions to quit drinking.

    A half hour before this had happened, Chip had found a cardboard fireplace with red lamp and propped it against his wall just to add to the spirit. by the table, he had left a half drank glass of milk and chocolate chip cookies.

    Then Chip stretched, used the bathroom one more time, and stripped down to his boxers and went to bed.

    He quickly drifted off,the thought of Andi still in his memory

    Just then, he heard a clutter from the living room. Maybe a present got knocked over by the cat? What cat? He got up, carefully peered out the door, quickly crept out towards the living room, baseball bat in hand, raised it, then stopped when he discovered the perpetrator;

    It was Andi. Still in her Mrs Claus outfit, she was bowled over.
    Confused, she asked, "What the fuck just happened? What-the-fuck-just-hap-pened?!"
    "Andi?" Chip asked, "Whatr'e you doing here?"
    "I dunno!" She said. "One minute I'm having a smoke, next minute I'm in somebody's house."
    Chip had to wonder; "Andi, Those...WERE REGULAR TOBACCO CIGARETTES, right?"
    She scoffed at his remark.
    "The truth is, Chip, is that I was thinking about you when I was smoking, because.... I accidently got a peek of you in the restroom earlier." she said laughing nervously.
    "And you just appeared?" Chip asked.
    "Yep. I'm sorry" she said, tapping her fingers, still confused as to just HOW she got here.
    Chip smiled through his confusion. after all he had looked at her figure before, so he was not angry.
    "Well, the truth is I'm not exactly one to judge; When I saw how well you filled out your outfit, I couldn't do anything but admire, didn't want to make a move while you were there."

    "Well, I've been paid, and I got my gifts for my family/friends, so as of now, I'm no longer Mrs Claus." Andi said.
    "You know, after gazing upon your cock in the restroom, I'm still anxious to find out how good it is." she continued.
    Not one to be a braggart, Chip proffered, "You could always make your own evaluation."
    That was all Andi needed to hear. She stood up straight leaned over and kissed Chip on the mouth in a long passionate kiss. Chip caressed her long curly pony tailed hair. still as soft as ever. She quickly shed her costume in favor of her lace bra and panties. Chip attempted to unhook her bra, but she deftly unhooked and tossed it aside in a 5 second motion. Chip held her soft breasts in his hands and squeezed lightly. She sighed and tilted her head back. To Chip, right now this was the best gift he could get-until tomorrow. After sucking on her nipples for a minute, she removed her panties, revealing a tuft of blonde pubic hair, perfectly trimmed into a golden landing strip. Chip wasted no time sampling her blossom with his tongue.

    Her outer lips tasted like sweet honey, her clit was fragrant of a rose.
    After two minutes and passionately moaning, Andi lifted his head up and kissed up him on the lips. Then her turn. She pulled down his boxers to reveal his swollen cock now bigger than she had seen it. At it's best length, it was a good 11" and 5.5" around. She stared only for two seconds, licked her lips, then wrapped her lips on the plum shaped head. Slowly she worked her mouth around his length. Chip was astounded and incredibly turned on; since he had been discovered by other ladies, none had taken his full length into their mouth.

    But Andi had easily engulfed him to the balls and was breathing like a deep sea diver. Chip was now very turned on, but didn't let himself lose control.
    No, this reward would be soon, but not here.

    After five minutes of sucking and licking his dick and balls, Andi finally popped it out of her mouth. Glistening with her saliva, she asked, "Please can I have that candy cane in my stocking?"
    Who was Chip to deny such a request? Leading her to his bedroom, she lie on the bed. Chip slowly entered her vagina so she wouldn't be surprised, but was caught off guard when she gasped and her eyes widened for a second. "Don't stop; it feels fucking good.' Chip slowly pumping and gyrating into her while she lay on the bed, her head beginning to thrash slowly.

    Turning her on her side, Chip entered her pussy from behind. She began to perspire slightly as she realized his thickness was testing her compactness.
    He sped up his gyrating, and got her from behind. Now HE was perspiring, and not stopping. She too now had more sweat than ever. Finally, Chip could back no longer as he felt a surging building in him. Grunting, he said, "Oh, God, Andi, I'm going to cum anytime now!" "I want it- Let me have it please, Chip!" At that moment, Chip, lost all restraint and pulled out of Andi, and began stroking off. "My mouth." She beckoned as she lay back on the bed. "NO!" I want to kiss you afterwards-first your tits then you can scoop it into your mouth."
    Chip felt the sperm rising in him and sped up his strokes then his testes tighten, then shot voluminous rope after ropes of sperm into her stomach and her tits. After four shots, he hunched over, spent as the last of his cum oozed out. Smiling, he kissed her on the lips. Then following her promise she scooped up what oozed out of his cock, took it to her lips and sucked it down.

    Just then, a loud, BOUND was heard, and there he was; SANTA, appearing in Chip's bedroom. And looking mad.
    Seeing her in undress, he spoke up; "SO, Andrea, this is where you've gone off to?? I'll have none of that while you're Mrs Santa Claus." "What are you talking about?!" Andi yelled outraged, and surprised."I'm just somebody they hired to fill in for the Mall Santa." "No, more than that." Santa said, "You're going to be Mrs Claus all year, ANDREA. this way I can extend my term of Santa and still visit all the other naughty girls." So that was why Andi got into Chip's house; she'd been given Mrs Claus's powers. "Well, I'm not going; I have someone here I really care about;CHIP!" and grabbed the number Chip wrote down out Santa's pocket. "Listen to ME, YOUNG LADY; I will-" Santa started. Just then, a bright light appeared on Chip's wall. "Ned. Ned Bakely; your term of Santa is up after tonight; We have been listening, and your sense of Christmas spirit is not the kind we will extend one more term." a voice echoed beyond the light. Holding his hands up in a frightened voice, Ned/Santa said, "No, Wait! I just did it because there was no Mrs Claus.NO-WAAIIIIIT!" he yelled as he was pulled into the light. "Chip, Andrea, our apologies. Have a merry Christmas"
    Now Chip & Andi didn't know what to make of it, but they liked the ending, and their own "gifts" to each other.

    No Santa Claus? Chip thought If only Pop knew about this.

    So the gift of this Christmas was Andrea and Chip finding each other, and they haven't parted since.
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