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The Time I Ended Up Live On The Internet


Dec 28, 2020
Newcastle upon Tyne (England)
99% Gay, 1% Straight
I’ve never really been into cam sites, such as Chaturbate or whatever. I’ve got nothing against them but just never used them, that’s probably why I didn’t recognise one of them when I was looking for a hook-up.

It was a typical Friday night, I’d had a few drinks and was starting to feel horny, very horny. I decided to look to see if there was anyone nearby, and sure enough there was a couple that caught my eye but then I received a message from a blank profile. He sent me a message saying hey and that he liked my pics.

Normally I wouldn’t reply to a blank profile but like I said, I was very horny. So, I decided to message him back and we chatted the usual small talk until I asked to see a pic of him. He was a very attractive blond boy, so attractive in fact that I assumed it wasn’t him. We continued to chat until I was pretty confident he wasn’t a murderer and agreed to meet in a public place halfway between our houses.

I arrived there after a 10 minute walk and to my surprise he was there, and looked exactly like his picture. He was tall, blond and gorgeous. I couldn’t believe my luck and we headed back to his flat.

When we got there, we had a little drink and started chatting. I asked him how come he had a blank profile when he was so attractive and he said because he didn’t want to be recognised and potentially catfished as had happened to him before. I was intrigued, was I hooking up with a celebrity? Who could it be?

He explained that he was a popular webcam model on chaturbate. Although slightly disappointed that he wasn’t an A-lister, I was definitely curious. (This was before I started uploading my own nudes to the internet lmao). We talked about what it was like and I explained my curiosity about it. I started to get erect as he was describing it to me. The exhibitionist in me, that I never knew existed until now, was coming out.

I continued to ask question after question, to the point I assumed I was asking too many. I didn’t want to be rude but the thought was just so sexy to me in the moment. I’d never even recorded myself having a wank, never mind done it love to an audience. By now it was pretty obvious how excitable I was getting at the prospect when he suggested something pretty wild to me.

“Why don’t we go live together?” he said. I was hesitant but curious. My main worries were about being recognised, but soon enough the curiosity got the best of me and I agreed.

We agreed that he would go live, by himself, for a short period tonight so that I could see what it was like, then if I liked it, I would sign a document and a copy of my ID and we would be good to go next week, agreeing that we could split the money that we made together.

At this point, I just want to add that he was (maybe still is) quite well-known on chaturbate and I don’t want to give away his identity. So I’m going to leave it at tall, blond, British and extremely attractive. I won’t be saying who it is, just forget about that and let your imagination go wild.

Pretty quickly, he had a large number of people in his room. He done his thing whilst I stayed behind the camera, out of view. This was all so new and crazy to me but also a complete turn on. In the moment, I was completely sold on the idea. Once his show had finished, we had a few drinks together and I signed the relevant information and arranged to come back next Friday.

The next week was by in a complete blur. There were times when the thought of what we were going to do drove me absolutely wild and others when I was sure I didn't have the nerve for it. However, the Friday arrived and I plucked up the courage to return.

He greeted me at his front door, we had a couple of drinks and some small talk, and then the moment arrived. He turned his webcam on and started doing his thing. Then, he ushered me to come on the camera. He told me to look into the camera and he started kissing me, then moved onto my neck and kissed my body as he unbuttoned my shirt, one button at a time. Before long, my shirt was off and my cock was fully erect.

We kissed some more, I kept grabbing his dick but he told me to wait. That the longer we waited, the better it would be for the two of us. I don't know how long this lasted for, but it felt like an age. However, the more I kept remembering we were on camera, the hornier I became. I’m still unsure how it works as I have never gone on there solo but eventually we had made enough tips or something (I’m really unsure at this point so don’t hate me if I’ve got it very wrong).

By now, I was so horny that I went to town as sound as I could. I ripped his trousers off him, got on my knees and started sucking his dick right in front of the webcam. His computer was making a lot of noises at this time, which he told me was a good thing and I should use it as encouragement.

After a few minutes of this, we switched positions and I laid down on the bed whilst he went to town on my dick. He was a lot slower, licking the head and teasing me. He told me don’t be afraid to moan as people would love it. I moaned louder than I ever have in my life and it was a very liberating feeling.

We continued to switch positions, teasing each other, rimming each other, kissing passionately for another 20 minutes or so until we could take no more. Spurred on by the thrill of the webcam, he got on his knees right in front of the camera with his mouth wide open. I came a huge amount, mostly into his mount with a bit on his chin. He processed to kiss me, which would normally turn me off, but felt so sexy on camera. I got on my knees and he did the same to me.

We ended the call and I went to clean up, whilst he counted his money. I couldn’t believe how much we had made for one night's ‘work’ (or how much of a % they took lol). Although the money wouldn’t be paid to him straight away, he still transferred me my half.

We then had a really fun night together (off camera) that lasted until the early hours. I slept at his and left the next afternoon, with his number in my phone in case I wanted to do it again.