The time they met.

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    Was you typical west hollywood afternoon, mid 70's a bit overcast, but enough to wear shades. Steve tall, built, with a nice tan, and being single for over 5 years thought he would go to Eagle LA just to see what was happening. Out of the cotner of his eyes he saw someone, Ministry playing "Everyday is Halloween" fitting for steve at this time and space in his life, because one hook up after another with basically a clone of him was getting old, and he felt like he needed something new. Eric was lankey, not very hairt (in Steves standards) but somehow he could take his eyes off of him, Some type of deeper attraction made steve want eric more and more..... After a bout of stif Jack and Cokes Steve finally goes up to Eric and says nothing but Hi, Eric answeres back with a hello too. Nothing progresive at this point, They both sahare simple things like, what do you do, where do you work, how is your family kinda stuff, nothing hardcore, jusr basic introduction type stuff. They exchange numbers and Steve doesnt call Eric for over a week.
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