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Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by ShortStuff, Jun 17, 2006.

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    Have you seen this chart? It's shown up recently [thread=25830]HERE[/thread], [thread=28121]THERE[/thread], [thread=28395]HITHER[/thread], [thread=28473]TITHER[/thread] and [thread=28519]YON[/thread].

    It's been posted here many times. Some think it genuinely accurate. Others think not.

    Let's find out, shall we?

    First, let's see what 'Ed' himself has to say about his own website.


    What does it mean to inform and help?

    inform means to communicate knowledge to.

    Knowledge means, among other things, clear perception of truth.

    Help means aid, assistance, relief, and/or remedy.
    To paraphrase William, Methinks 'Ed' doth protest to much...
    Read that last statement very carefully. Think of your congressman/woman.

    The first mention of any tests related to that chart are on this page:

    Once again word usage will tip off astute readers as to where this is could be going.... ;)

    First up - The eye pupil test:

    That didn't take long, did it?

    Imaginary results don't count. Next.

    Vaginal response test:

    Why lookie there, way down on the bottom of the page...
    What, not even any imaginary results? 'Ed' is a lazy boy!

    'Ed' himself stated on page 37 that 'The truth lays in the facts.'

    Too bad Ed's 'facts' are imaginary and nonexistent. But that doesn't stop our 'informative helper' from using them to create the aforementioned graph on the very next page.

    Please keep in mind that 'Ed' is using imaginary/nonexistent 'facts' to 'lead us' in the direction he wants us to go...
    'Ed' never admits on this page that this chart is a figment of his imagination, just like his 'facts' on the previous pages. But, just in case you might be swayed by other's opinions, he added this:
    I took a quick look through the comments section, and doubt there are more than 700 comments of any kind allegedly from
    women. Not exactly an 'enormous amount' IMHO.

    I also find an interesting similarity to the distribution pattern
    on this graph and a scattergraph from a penis size survey. They look almost identical except 'Ed' has shifted his both higher and longer, making someone of average size barely enjoyable/not satisfying.

    'Why would 'Ed' create such a graph?' you might ask.

    The answer is on his website. But it's not in the Table of Contents.

    Why not? Because he doesn't want you to find it.
    This is the same guy who insisted he wasn't trying to damage any man's self esteem.

    So why is he targeting those who have issues about size?

    So he can do this:
    Exaggerated means represented as greater than is true or reasonable, enlarged to an abnormal degree, and/or enlarged beyond truth or reasonableness.

    Does this sound like someone who is trying to 'help' and 'inform'?

    Just how informative can 'Ed' be when he is [size=+2]LYING[/size]?

    Is he really trying to make guys feel even worse about their size?
    Ah, the old 'salt in the wound' technique. How quaint.

    Problem is, if you repeat a lie often enough, people will start to believe it.

    And his propaganda is having an effect, if this forum is any indication:
    Not according to 'Ed'.
    Those charts are crap. And so is the fucking BMI. :mad: Use a Bodpod or get tanked. They don't lie.
    Use your imagination. 'Ed' did. :wink:
    Aesthetic fecal matter. No.
    Number used on actual women: ZERO. (the animation doen't count.) :rolleyes:

    But some see through the lies...
    very astute question.
    No correction needed. :biggrin1:
    Too bad they're imaginary... :tounge-in-cheek:
    Reality trumps Internet every time. :nutkick:
    Did I mention Reality trumps Internet? :bluboomteamenforcer

    And my personal favorite:
    Yes. From silly little minds come silly little things. :yup:
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    Respect ShortStuff, are you a lawyer or something?
    You quoted one of my posts which I had written after breifly going through his site. I read through it more carefully afterwards.

    It is too obvious that he must be linked to some penis enlargement product/site - there were links on almost every page!

    His way with words is similar to one of those fake independant websites that compare two products and link you to the one that they sell.

    The fact that he starts with a belief and repeats his arguments throughout the whole site gives it little credibility. He makes little effort to be impartial.

    If he did do the tests, how can we believe that someone with such firm beliefs would give the true results.
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    I have always thought the graph has an odd resemblance to a right hand jacking off. The blue bit a wirst and hand kind of shape. Maybe just my mind is odd.

    I actually have always assumed the site is a joke designed to be a satire on common myths. Way too many things on that site to reference that are utter crap.
  4. rob_just_rob

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    I always thought that site was an attempt to create the ultimate small penis humiliation resource.
  5. Dr Rock

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    Jan 11, 2005
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    who lives in the east 'neath the willow tree? Sex
    whoa, i'm finding it damn near impossible to give a shit
  6. davidjh7

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    Try a little harder, doc, and you MIGHT just reach the excitement level of boredom.:biggrin1:
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