The Truth Is...

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    The Truth Is...

    I'm not perfect. I'm far from perfect. Which is a REALLY strange thing to say in a personal ad. In personal ads you’re supposed to put your best foot forward, flash your brightest smile, suck in your tummy a little bit if you have to and make someone think that you have your life together so well that he would be foolish to pass you by. That’s what we’re all here for, right? Even if you have someone special in your life, you’re on this website to communicate with other likeminded people. And to do that, with your words and sometimes with your pictures you have to compel the person reading your ad to make initial contact, right?

    Fuck that.

    I have issues, I have baggage. Which is ANOTHER REALLY STRANGE THING to say in a personal ad. Who wants to talk to someone that would freely admit to having “issues and baggage”? But the truth is, there isn’t a one among us that doesn’t have issues and baggage. We’re all human beings. Superman is a comic book and (sometimes) really good movie franchise. I'm not Superman and I don't claim to look for Superman. I think in my previous ads I may have made myself out to be superhuman in what I can “bring to the table” and what I want in another person. But the truth is, my expectations for myself and for the person I am looking for were WAY too much for one person to embody.

    Do I still look for the best in a guy? Of course. I still have standards and I would hope the person I talk to would have standards as well. The difference is nowadays I’m not just gonna throw a guy out of bed or out of my life completely because he doesn’t quite measure up to the million and one things I have on my laundry checklist.

    Wanna find out what's on that laundry list? You'll just have to ask me. Because the truth is I may not measure up to the million and one things YOU have on YOUR checklist. The only way to know for sure is to say hello and start a conversation with me. Or I with you.

    In these ads you're supposed to put your best foot forward. You're supposed to put on the whitest smile and have the biggest dick and have the perfect body and have no baggage and be everything any guy would kill to have. But you know what? Fuck it. I'm human. And so is everyone else on this site - I think. LOL

    I've decided that if there is such a thing as a "soulmate" or "the one" we will find each other someway somehow. The truth is, I may be as elusive to him as he has been to me. The only choice I have is to continue to put myself out there, warts and all, and be nice to whomever comes my way. I'm done stressing over spending my life alone. The truth is, there's a HUGE difference between being lonely and being alone. Sometimes I get lonely, but I'm never alone.

    The red cape and tights have been put away. I’ve ripped the “S” off my chest. From now on, I can only be me. I'm Stephen. Warts and all, I'm just Stephen. Accept me for who I am. Get to know me. Take the time to say "Hello." I'm just Stephen. That's all I can be. And the truth is, that’s enough.

    If you've made it this far, you deserve the particulars: I am 35 years old, 5'10", 235lbs, black hair, brown eyes, clean shaven face, moderately hairy, pierced nips. I am predominantly a bottom. I've been known to top. I'd put myself in the 70%/30% bottom/top category. If foreplay and afterplay are foreign concepts to you then we certainly will not mesh sexually. If kissing sounds to you like something only aliens from the planet Neptune engage in for extended periods of time then we're probably no good for each other. If you cuddle only to keep warm as a means of survival in the winter, we're probably no good for each other. And finally, if you know how to use your entire body in sex (including elbows! LOL) please move to the front of the sex line!
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