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    Lets change it and do what Republicans and Democrats will never do by electing candidates who will help us instead of hurt us. We get a democrat in office and the majority like him. 4 years later the majority hate him. We elect a republican and the majority like him enough. 4 years later and everyone hates him. Or sometimes 8 years if a catastrophic event "happens" to which he can use to gain strength somehow. Republicans and Democrats are both Anti USA and if you dont know or dont care, its time that you started knowing and caring.

    End the wars overseas - If for no other reason (there are very many) we simply cant afford it.

    Bring home the troops stationed all over the world - Its what we all want. Fight back the military industrial complex and stop supporting candidates who love spending overseas and sending more soldiers over to foreign countries. This isnt the 1800s. We can zero in and track a lady bug flying anywhere in the world from space. We know everything the second it is happening. Nobody is going to march over here and invade us. Yes having espionage is important and yes having information about people is important, but we need to stop worrying and worrying that we are going to be attacked. The greatest threat to our country is within and we have been ignoring this threat the longest.

    Pay off our debt - We cant keep borrowing forever. Its coming to an end. Fix our ways of monetary spending
    Remove the bankers from power over our monetary system and
    get rid of the current Federal income tax
    - Do I really need to explain this? They take way too much of your money and spend it on things that we dont need to spend it on and they take way too big of a cut for themselves. So much of the money gathered from the federal income tax is used just to pay off the interest on the borrowed debt from printing money.

    Fix health care
    that means more personal responsibility. Its not like 3/10 people randomly come down with cancer or heart problems or need medication genetically. The vast majority of people ruin their bodies senselessly and then scratch their heads wondering why their heart stopped working. Insurance should not be used to pay for trivial things. Insurance should be used to pay for things that are "catastrophic events that are unexpected"

    Learn how to take care of yourself - Dont be surprised that by living the typical American diet that you have high blood pressure, diabetes, are 100 pounds+ overweight, have tons of disabilities, and are on 7 different medications all of which you think the government should pay for. Eat healthy and exercise. If you want to smoke and drink a ton and eat horribly unhealthy food then you should also have to pay for your health care bills, NOT me. (why don't liberals understand this?)

    If you smoke on your own property then that's fine. Don't expect any free handouts when you get lung cancer though. Don't have children living at home though or have a lover who doesnt smoke because then they shouldnt be covered by any smoking related issues either. Basically quit smoking ffs. Sick of breathing in your smoke when im walking down the street.

    Let people be free - Leave gays and lesbians alone and stop the god damn church loving jesus freaks from swaying our government to have hateful laws against them. (Im not gay but I understand the importance)

    Shut up about Abortion. Let women do what they see fit but ffs women dont let it get to the 3rd trimester that is creepy as hell. (Im not a woman but I understand the importance)

    Decriminalize marijuanna. Fucking insane that it isnt legalized. Get it done. Stop voting for people who wont change it (I dont smoke but I understand the importance)

    Stop the police state who brutally oppresses the american people through tasing, beatings, unlawful searches and harassment on a daily bases.

    Get rid of all the unconstitutional bullshit that Bush and Obama have famously supported which Bush started and Obama continued. Remove the wool from your eyes. People in this country continue to lose their freedoms and their rights little by little every day.

    Deal with Immigration - Is it realistic to put up a massive wall and patrol it 24/7? No it isnt. Its also a terrible idea which would cost so many billions that it would make our foreign empire look like a game of risk. Is it realistic to put extremely harsh fines on someone who will hire illegals? Of course it is. The Arizona immigration law is nothing different than the federal law that we already have (We just done enforce it!) Am I all for people who want to come here legally and be productive? Of course I am. What im not here for is people who will work here illegally, as an artificial member of society who works but doesnt pay taxes. Who floods our hospitols and jails, who uses our food stamps and takes advantage of other things that only legal residents or legal aliens should be able to take advantage of. People say well, if the illegal immigrants went away who would clean toilets? Who would wash dishes? Who would vacuum shit up from portopoties? I'll tell you who, some of the 10% unemployed people in this country. And that number isnt even a real number of unemployed people. Would you rather work as a cashier at Mcdonalds or washing dishes and cleaning toilets and vacucming shit and cleaning peoples houses and working with old people and doing yardwork. The jobs will get filled. People will raise their wages until the job is filled. If no illegals worked on farms then farms would have no choice but to raise their prices. Liberals don't understand this simple market philoosephy which has been proven forever.

    Well thats just a few things. God I am so pissed that Linda McMahon is going to win in CT 2010. Go Peter Schiff!
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