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    Hi to all!!.

    1.- Is true that Gangster John Dillinger's exceptionally large penis is housed in one of the Smithsonian museums in Washington, D.C.?? What's size was his penis??... Is true that he had a penis too much Length.

    2.- What other men who been popular in the years: '20, '30, '40, '50 (men of the Mafia or men of the Artistic World like Frank Sinatra, Humphrye Bogart) also they had reputation of having very big penises???............. Because it is said (rumors) that Mr. Frank Sinatra had a very long flaccid penis, and that Mr. Humphrye Bogart had a erect penis that was measuring 25 cm. of length (9,85 inches of length).

    3.- Which has been the flaccid the longest penis in U.S.A.'s history that is due documented and of which some doubt is not had. (And erect penis too).

    4.- It is said that Mr Milton Berne was in his youth a pornographic actor and that then he turned into comedian-man. Also it is said of him that he had a very long penis. My question is: How much inches had the Milton Berne's penis?? (flaccid and erect).

    5.- Are there photos in Internet of the penis of all theses men???.


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    who lives in the east 'neath the willow tree? Sex
    yoselin, words cannot hope to convey how much i enjoy your posts. :yourock: :yourock: :yourock:
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    I'd be willing to bet that my Spanish sounds to a native much like Yosie's English sounds to me.

    -- 0 --

    The trouble is, men of the mid-20th century and earlier had little opportunity to be photographed in the nude so most of what we 'know' about their endowments is by word of mouth.

    So, Yosie, you won't likely find revealing pics of these men.
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    Hollywood has some legends from that era. While the 20s didn&#39;t seem to spark much, the 30s and 40s certainly did&#33; Some anecdotes from Hollywood&#39;s golden age:

    Frank Sinatra was so endowed that one of his wives, famous actress Ava Gardner, said of him, "He only weighs 120, but 100 pounds is cock."

    Clark Gable&#39;s wife, the witty and lovely Carole Lombard, once gave him a hand-knitted penis warmer. She once remarked that his cock should have been enshrined in cement at Grauman&#39;s Chinese Theater rather than his shoes as it would have made a bigger impression. :eek:
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    Most of Hollywood is just that, make believe town -- Dillinger&#39;s dick is in no museum anywhere, that has been researched endlessly and always same answer. Milton Berle is supposed to have had a large member, but do we remember how very rare even an 8 inch dick actually is so guess what size it could have been. Often a long flaccid doesn&#39;t inflate very much so large flaccid doesn&#39;t necessarily translate to humongous erect. And Clark Gable is also mentioned in many memoirs of his sexual partners who did not become wife and all commented on ordinary size and also that he had phimosis which he refused to do anything about so those that went down on him had nasty surprise in the mouth -- was first seduced by a male HW producer who apparently did not mind the taste, he thought he was so good looking.
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