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    Hey guys, have you ever been really glad when your wife started to lose some weight and really look "hot" again. You know, no matter how good a marriage can be, everyone kind of has a little bit of the dulldrums, where things just aren't clicking to much anymore. We were not immune to this happening in our marriage.

    So I was really glad when my wife announced that she was now wearing jeans that were actually smaller than when we first got married. Now my wife had a rockin' body on our wedding day. Tiny waste, 5'6" and 112 pounds with an absolute perfect ass. Yep, I actually hated to cum when we were at it doggy style, because I just enjoyed watching her ass and curves so much. And now I could actually enjoy seeing them again. WOW!!

    Except, I guess, life would get in the way. You know, those things that keep couples from having a good sex life. Work, kids, schedules......a seemingly never ending list. And I guess I could live with that a bit, because I was really enjoying that she was once again taking pride in her makeup and hair and things like that. Not that those things mattered that much to me anyway, but I did notice and gave her compliments. She seemed to like it when I noticed.

    So I was at work, and thinking that I would slip out at lunch and run home and have an "afternoon delight" with the wife. You know, something to put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

    So I was developing my plan. Do you guys do this too? I was thinking of what I would do to her. How many positions? would I eat her out early, or early and then fuck her and then eat her pussy again? Hmmm, the options were endless.

    I thought of calling her as I sped home, but I wanted it to be a total surprise. I wanted her to know that I was really noticing how hot she was looking and that I appreciated it.

    Parked the car in the driveway.....walked quickly up to the door and very very quietly put my key in and opened the door so she wouldn't hear me. Thinking that perhaps I should have bought flowers or something to make the event really special, I then heard the sound.

    I was so close to yelling, "Honey, I'm home and I've got a BIIIIIGGG surprise", when I heard our bed headboard banging against the wall. Yes, there was no mistaking it, someone was in our bed and having a really really good time.

    Not entirely sure I wanted to know, I slowly made the climb up the stairs. Trying not to make any of the steps creak, I could clearly hear the exuberance of the activities as I approached our bedroom.

    Fortunately the door was open a bit, and I was able to glance in. There on top of my wife was Horton, our neighbor down the street. Horton was an African-American gentleman who was always very friendly as we went on our evening walks. My wife seemed to always make a point of stopping to talk with him during these walks, and I have on more that one occasion caught him staring at my wife's gorgeous rack. She never had been one to show much cleavage, but with her recent weight lose I noticed that she was wearing tight shirts with low plunging necklines. Now I didn't mind at all, and apparently neither did Horton.

    "Damn, fuck me with that cock Horton! It is so amazing!" was the first thing I heard.

    Now, my wife had always been vocal during sex. And she loved to be fucked hard and fast. Some women like it nice and slow. You know, they want to draw it out a bit. Not my wife. She loved the aggressive fucking. And evidently Horton liked it too.

    In and out at a lightening pace he went. I watched for about a minute and I noticed that his cock was really thick. Much more than mine, which is on the short and thin side.

    "Damn baby that feels so good when you go deep like that! I've never been fucked so deep!"

    Horton then pulled out and my wife proceeded to give him a blowjob, tasting all her juices on his thick and long cock. I really had no idea that he was so well endowed, and I always knew my wife wanted more than what I had to offer.

    My thoughts went back to the 10 inch vibrator I would use on her. She would always urge me to bury the whole thing inside of her. But she usually came up about an inch short. She also wanted me to fuck her with cucumbers. The thicker the better, and other assorted items. Was she trying to see if she could accept Horton? Was that her goal?

    These thoughts dashed through my head as I could see my wife struggle to give Horton a blowjob. His cock was just too darn thick, and her little hands simply couldn't fit around his shaft. But the site was amazing, and I continued to watch.

    A couple minutes of this and she was ready to be fucked again. She laid face down, prone on the bed and told him to fuck her even harder. The prone position had been her favorite for years, but I would often have a difficult time doing it very well because......well........I would come up a bit short. Know what I mean?

    She spread her legs as he gently entered her. She let out a low moan and teh encouraged him to fuck her really fast.

    "Faster! Come on baby, give me your huge cock!"

    I couldn't believe my eyes, as I saw her soon orgasm not once, but a few seconds after that she had another orgasm. She has never had an orgasm with me from just penetration. Never.

    I decided to leave. Was it the right thing to do? Leaving my wife in our bed fucking our neighbor with his huge "Super Cock"? I didn't know. I still don't. But now I saw first hand at how much she loves a large penis. Since I don't have one is it fair that I tell her she can't enjoy one, especially since there is one just down the block?

    Would this mean the end of our marriage? Or would it open up new doors? All these things, and more, went through my mind as I drove back to work. Obviously I was a bit dazed, but I did know one thing, my wife had never been fucked like that before. And seeing that was a really huge.......pun intended.......turn on!
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    good start, keep going!
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