There should be a LPSG book

Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by fatunicorn, Apr 25, 2007.

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    I think there should be a LPSG book.
    I've probably dealt with the worst sides of having a huge penis:

    - unable to find fitting condoms
    - fear of rejection (stupid people thinking assuming their scientific experts on female pleasure and the evolution of the male genitalia)
    - no one teaching me anything about sex. (Big penises have a small but vital learning curve: aka. using lube and taking easy on women with limited experience)
    - short frenulum which drove me to depression and downwardly spiralled me in to impotence for 2 weeks (not a good place to be at 20). And this happened because the doctors when they looked at my penis saw nothing wrong since the frenulum looked to be of adequate size for my dick when it was 6 inches (but obviously it wasnt when it was 8.5 inches) and how the fuck I was supposed to know frenulums could even be short in the first place. I found out about it from this site and aimlessly wondering on the internet.

    All this stuff is not a problem now, but it was before because I was so young and I had no idea about lube, no idea what having a short frenulum was, no idea that having a 8.5 x 6.3 inch penis made sex different.

    Without this site I can safely assume i'd be impotent, and depressed out of my mind, or dead.

    I personally believe there should be a book (or a pdf) file going through an intro on these subjects on general and somewhat specific issues. The lack of education and lack of condoms of adequate size for guys like us is a danger to us mentally and physically. The consequences could have been bad for me ranging from being bad at sex, to being impotent, to having a disease because of unadequate condoms. I believe we should try and negate this by outreaching through this community through some focused product. I also believe that sex ed at school sucked (and my school had the best, because they kept trying to lower the teen pregnancies) so not only should we pose to bring more knowledge to larger endowed men, but also include the revelations this community discusses about male sexuality.

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