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    So I just moved to FL about 2 months ago from MN and now seem to go to the beach more, which means I've been wearing my board shorts alot. I'll put them on before i leave the house ( if im going to the beach ) and might stop here or there on the way or the way back. I dont wear underwear under my board shorts ( never understood those that due, I mean who wants wet undies on) so i have been freeballing more than ever. Well the other day it came natural that when i put on regular shorts on I left the boxers in the dresser, didn't even think about it. Sence then 5 days with out undies and i think im done with them for good I love it, and it is really much more comfortable. I all ways slept in my underwear NO MORE, now sleep naked and my boxers dont bunch up and more. Was just woundering if anyone else has experienced the samething and or may inspire some one else to give them up.
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