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    I'm thinking about buying a pump, but mostly for pleasure. My penis is 5 inches long, and I want it to be bigger, and it's 6 inches around, which I'm told is quite exceptionally large girth-wise. But I would be much happier with 6.5 to 8 inches, is this possible?

    Mostly I just want it for pleasure, I like the feeling of a REALLY hard dick and the thought of being "trapped" in a tube turns me on, haha.

    The thing is, I'm really proud of my penis, it's the one thing that's in shape. I got my girth up to 6" from around 5" by doing jelqing exercises, a few years ago, which although time-consuming were totally worth it. But I haven't seen that much gain in length.

    I don't want to deform it. Is there any safe way to pump so as not to make it deformed, but still veiny and such? as it is now? How long is it safe to pump? When do you know when to stop?

    I'm a virgin now, sad, don't want to end up too thick for a woman, or a man either for that matter, lol (still confused on my sexuality).

    Just want to use it for pleasure mainly, but wouldn't mind some length gains. Any advice on what pumps to look for and such?
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