this gal wanted to get fucked badly and read

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    Well picture this, a woman in a wheelchair is sitting around in a party and she is upset that nobody will talk to her because she is in a chair. And she wonders why because she is pretty and smart and has a nice figure. Now mind you she is very limited use of her hands and in fact only enough to push the button on her chair. so she continued to sit there and all of sudden this tall very musc man with extremely goodlooking body with a killer package approaches her and sez Hello young lady and she is flattered by the attention. so they decide to sit down and she tells him of her dreams and wishes and he is listening thoughly and she finally gets enough courage to tell him that she wanted to get fucked by a man because she never had it and the man asked her if getting fucked would make her truly happy and she said yes.

    So they start going around and chatting some more and telling each other how they feel about life and romance. so they decide to go the boardwalk and go to the pier. The handsome hunk is pushing her wheelchair and she is so loving it and he reaches down and kisses her lightly on the cheek and she blushes.

    So they reach the end of the pier and she said she could not see over the boards because they blocked her view. so the man picked her up in his massive arms and they looked at the ocean and the full moon and they kissed.

    And then the man threw her over the ledge and into the water...and he said laughing out loud...YOU JUST BEEN FUCKED.....

    and dont hate me because I have a warped sense of humor it is no different than other peoples jokes...
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    that was fucked! ahah :O
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