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    Scroll down to the picture of him if you want to get straight into it. Essentially Paul Haggis, probably one of the best script writers at the moment, resigns his commission in the church of Scientology due to what he perceives is their acceptance of Prop 8.

    I wish more people, gay and straight, had this kind of courage. And before anyone rips into it if they are pro Scientology, please note I admire this from the stance he is taking in favour of "human" rights, rather than just gay rights.

    Paul Haggis Moving On Up a Little Higher
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    He is right, there is good stuff there but nothing that is not in any religion. For example, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    Looks like he finally found an excuse, a cause supported by more than your usual Mormon and Scientology cult haters, to get out of what he probably knows was a huge mistake he made 35 years ago. Twenty-somethings are the Scientology "target" when they give college kids that stupid "survey," the results from each one that is "you really need help, your life is in danger if you don't practice our principles." And he was "prime" for it as he says "I received a great deal of counseling." However, it appears that he has been trying to get out as long as he has been in when he says "I had my disagreements, but I dealt with them internally," and "And I have always had a thing for underdogs," "We all know this [disconnection] policy exists." He was looking for an excuse to get out of something with which he has struggled for 35 years. But, you know you never really hear the entire story. They don't tell you what is really going on inside of their heads. Surprise, surprise if in the next year or two he does not come completely out of the closet and this was just his way of taking the first step.
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