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This is a story.

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by mephistopheles, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. mephistopheles

    mephistopheles Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2006
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    Ok, this is a bit of a story I've been writing.

    I'm posting it in Etc, Etc. because it's not a sex story.

    --please forgive any spelling errors, I was in a hurry.--

    Astro Lady

    writtten by Marc Rollins.

    This is a modern world - This is the modern world
    What kind of a fool do you think I am?
    You think I know nothing of the modern world
    All my life has been the same
    I`ve learned to live by hate and pain
    It`s my inspiration drive -
    I`ve learned more than you`ll ever know
    Even at school I felt quite sure
    That one day I would be on top
    And I`d look down upon the map
    The teachers who said I`d be nothing -
    This is the modern world that I`ve learnt about
    This is the modern world, we don`t need no one
    To tell us what`s right or wrong -
    Say what you like `cause I don`t care
    I know where I am and going too
    It`s somewhere I won`t preview
    Don`t have to explain myself to you
    I don`t give two fucks about your review
    -The Jam; Paul Weller


    Frederik lives in a shitty apartment on the north end of town; where the riff raff and more mysterious men dwell. Life has been quite different since they dropped the bomb. Frederik’s neighborhood used to be much nicer, but the paint has been torn off of the buildings and most of the windows are broken. The world was put to waste because of the war.

    Travel isn’t easy anymore either; bandits and highway men have taken control of the streets moving in and out of the city. Also, with the government having been more or less dissolved there are no longer any police forces, anywhere. Men and women roam the planet, looting and killing each other to make their ends meet.

    With things in the state they’re in now people have turned to another source for entertainment; television doesn’t exist anymore and most of the radio towers have been destroyed. The one thing that still exists, if you have a means to steal it, is an internet connection. Frederik has, through his own skill, acquire a one hundred megabit connection to SurfSoft; one of the world’s last internet service providers with a facility that still runs.

    Instead of browsing web sites and downloading videos the internet has become something much more real. People connect to the internet through an ethernet cable that has been converted into what they call a Cat100; which bares a strong resemblance to a usb cable.

    The user sits at his computer terminal while he plugs into the internet, but there is no longer a monitor or graphic interface; as it were. They plug the Cat100 directly into a port on the right side of their necks. The companies told them it was a new way to experience virtual reality; no one knew it was really a way for the government to monitor the average internet user’s activities.

    When the world was still alive the surgery would have cost you up to a million dollars; after the bombing though, it costs at least two million. Frederik had used all of the money in his bank account to get the surgery after the bombing, he figured it would be the only way to lead a halfway decent life; he was right.


    Frederik sits in his computer chair, which resembles an old barber chair. He takes the Cat100 and plugs it into his neck, which is stiff from sleeping on his shitty mattress. With the stroke of the connect button on his keyboard Frederik’s sight fades to pure blue and one world is put in front of his eyes: “Loading...”

    This only lasts for a few seconds before the blue fades to black and then to a cell shaded city, at night. It’s a copy of New York city, not an exact copy; but it serves its purpose. In this part of the world the colors are more colorful, more vibrant, and you can see the moon and the stars here. Though the sky is pitch black at night. Even though none of it’s real, it’s still better than the real world.

    Frederik takes his SurfSoft Surfboard out and lays it on the ground. He powers it up nd the board begins to hover about nine inches off of the ground. He steps onto to board and leans forward. Lights and stars whirl passed him and every bulb, ever strip of neon lights leaves a tracer of magnificent proportions. The colors all bend together beautifully, sometimes its nice to plug in just to look at the lights. Like a moth.

    Frederik finds himself in alley before too long and he’s walking toward a single door. The entire alleyway is pitchblack, except for where I tiny light shines over the door. And even though the colors are better and more vibrant, this alley still looks like a defunct dump. Frederick knocks on the door.

    A small area on the door, around where the peep hole would be, starts to pixelate. The millions of tiny pixels subside into what looks like the snowy screen of a television, and an eyeless face appears on the screen in the digital tear on the door. “Name?” a cool female voice asks, though the mask makes no movement. “Mephistopheles.” Frederik tells the door, which pops open promptly.

    He steps inside and sees a dark, short hallway. On the left about eight feet away is a door and a dim blue light can been seen laying on the floor in front of the door. Frederik rolls the sleeves up on his shirt and turns his flat-cap hat around, then he walks toward the door. As he moves closer the blue lights lend a little illumination to the hallway. There are large, fat cables; as big as a man’s wrist, running up against the molding of the hallway. At the end of the hallway they either loop around or else they move up the corner of the wall and disappear into the ceiling.

    Frederik looks into the room. There are several computer moniters suspended around a large round desk. Some of the monitors are flat, LED or else bulbus CRTs; but none of them have cases, they are just wires and tubes and chips. A chair just like Frederik’s barber chair is sitting in front of the desk, but the chair has nothing holding it up, it looks like its freely floating.

    The room is about ten by ten feet, though its hard to tell because its dimly lit and full of clutter; like CDs, DVDs,smaller wires and adapters. The large wires run around the bottoms of the walls and up the corners in this room too.

    Of all of this strangeness in this place the only thing that truly merrits Frederik’s attention is sitting in the levitating chair right in front of him.


    As Frederik moves closer to the chair it turn turn toward him, but he can smell something strange. Like winter, his nostrils are clear and when he breathes in he can feel the coolness fill he lungs; but it isn’t cold, it’s room temperature. He can hear something too, repetative instrumental techno. It’s sounds muffled, like its coming through ear plugs that are in someones ears.

    As he moves around toward the chair he can see the top of someone’s head, this person have flourescent blue dredlocks; and they look amazing. When Frederik puts hand right hand on the chair it slowly turns around. Magnilda is sitting in the chair. She is tall and slender and wearing nothing but a legless and sleeves latex body suit, which is blue. Her skin is pale and seems to glow, though she has the features of a very fine persian-black woman. Every thing about her is blue, she seems to give off an aura, a glow of a very light blue.

    Her eyes are large globes of bright blue and her nose is somewhat small and upturned, and her smile is a lovely, curly line that stretches across her face whenever she sees Frederik standing over her.

    What you think?


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