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    My wife Kat is an exhibitionist. She likes to show off to any young
    stud who happens to be watching. I don't mind, in fact I find it flattering to
    have other guys lusting after her. As well they might, she`s an extremely sexy
    woman, petite, slender, with big come-to-bed eyes, and that sexy `bruised-lip
    ' mouth that just begs to be kissed. She wears short mini-skirts and will
    offer a flash of white panties at every opportunity. Though we've been married
    for years, I still like to sneak a look up her skirt. We're uniquely suited
    because I am a voyeur. I just love to watch.
    One evening when I came home from work to our high-rise apartment, she
    sat me down on the couch and said, "Watch this." She clicked the VCR remote
    and I was treated to a delicious strip-tease which was, though erotic, very
    tastefully done. She'd placed the camcorder on its tripod, played a suitable CD,
    and lasciviously performed a strip-dance just for my benefit. It was probably
    the nicest gift she had ever given me. I was delighted, grateful, not to
    mention aroused. It gave me an instant hard-on, and when the tape ended, she
    gave me a nice blow-job. She just loves to suck dick.
    From time to time Kat would create more videos, each sexier than the
    last, until we had built up quite a collection. She was inventive, creating new
    variations of dress and undress, lewd insertions of assorted fruit and
    vegetables into her vagina, and close ups of her lips around my dick. When she wasn'
    t home, I would play the videos, jerking off and spraying cum all over the
    place. She was aware of my masturbatory episodes, and fully approved of them.
    In fact there was little she didn't approve of, happy to indulge in any kind of
    sexual kink, avoiding only pain and feces. Everything else was fair game.
    One evening, we decided to go a little further. Kat had known that I
    was bisexual, even before we were married, and it didn't bother her at all. "If
    you have a bit of gay sex on the side, then so can I," she'd said. "Just be
    From time to time I had encounters with guys, always brief encounters,
    usually blow jobs, and I knew that she had occasional sex with other women, although
    sucking dick was her principal turn-on.
    My idea for a new experiment came to me when I learned that the guy in
    the apartment across the hall was a blood donor. The great thing about donors
    is that you can be sure they don't have any nasty diseases. I looked at him
    with new interest, realizing for the first time how really cute he was. My `
    gaydar' suggested he might be a possibility. Slender, with blue eyes and a lock
    of blond hair falling over his forehead, when I pictured him in his
    underwear, I could feel my dick stirring inside my briefs. His name was Bart. My
    name, by the way, is Zak.
    I discussed my idea with Kat and she was enthusiastic. "Yeah, I've seen
    the guy. He's quite a stud," she said. "Let's have him over for a few
    drinks tonight." I knocked on his door and offered the invitation, learning that
    he was a beer drinker like me, and assuring him that we had a plentiful supply.
    At the appointed hour, he showed up, wearing a white open necked dress
    shirt, tan slacks and loafers with no sox. As he'd already met Kat, no
    introductions were necessary. He ran his eyes over her, dressed as she was in one of
    those skimpy silk tops that just cover the basics, with spaghetti shoulder
    straps - I think they call it a camisole - a flimsy mini skirt and her
    customary white panties. I brought three beers from the kitchen and we sat down, Bart
    and I on the sofa, and Kat sitting opposite, giving us both a glorious view
    up her skirt.
    After a few minutes of inconsequential chat, Kat said, "The reason we
    asked you over is to show you our home movies." Bart didn't look too
    enthusiastic. "I really think you're gonna like these." She popped a video into the
    VCR and came and sat between us on the couch. The tape started, showing Kat in
    a business suit, gyrating to a slow melody. She unbuttoned and shrugged off
    the jacket, turned her back to the camera and slowly pulled up her skirt,
    revealing stockings held up by a garter belt and white frilly panties.
    "Wow," said Bart.
    "It gets better," I said. On the screen, Kat turned to face the camera,
    unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to her ankles and unbuttoned her blouse
    to reveal a lacy bra. Then she turned her back again, bent down, slowly
    lowered her panties and stepped out of them. With a half pirouette, she spun round
    and stood with her legs apart, revealing her shaved pussy, placed her hands
    behind her head and rotated her hips. The camera, which had been operated by
    me, zoomed in on her pussy, then pulled back in time to see her unfasten her bra
    and begin to massage her tits and pinch her nipples.
    "Holy shit," said Bart, "This is hot!" I looked over at him and saw a
    distinctive bulge in his pants. Kat placed her hand in my lap and began to
    stroke my cock, not making any attempt to conceal this from Bart. Then, in the
    video, she unfastened the garters from the stockings and threw the belt away.
    Pulling up a kitchen chair, she sat down and, with legs wide apart, slowly
    removed her stockings. The camera zoomed in again and came closer and closer to
    her pussy until it lost focus and faded to black. The whole thing had lasted
    for only about four or five minutes.
    "So how did you like it?" asked Kat.
    "Fucking amazing!" he said. "I thought I was gonna see vacation photos.
    But I dunno, Zak, how do you feel about me seeing your wife like that?"
    "Oh he feels just fine," Kat answered for me. "In fact he gets off on
    having guys drool over me. He`s a voyeur. The kinkier I get the more he likes
    "Really?" said Bart.
    "Sure," I said. "I love to see my wife with other guys. You should
    know that more than anything, she likes to suck dick, anyone's dick, and I love
    to watch her do it."
    "I've heard about guys like you," said Bart. "Guys who wanna watch
    their wives in action, but I never thought I'd meet one. I guess you really trust
    "We trust each other," said Kat.
    "Kat," I said, "Check to see if he has a hard on yet."
    She reached out and grabbed the bulge in his crotch.
    "Oh, yes, he's as hard as a rock."
    "Let's see another one." I said, pressing the remote. The next
    performance was a little more original. Kat had dressed as a schoolgirl, with a plaid
    skirt, white blouse, white cotton panties and knee socks. She did a
    coquettish number, pointing her toes inwards and sucking her thumb, corny but cute.
    When she was finally naked, she took a banana and pushed it into her pussy,
    then followed that with a cucumber. While the video was playing Kat was
    massaging both our cocks, and we were all breathing a little harder, and when it was
    finished, she stood up.
    "How about giving us a live one?" I said.
    "I though you'd never ask." She put on a classical CD, a nice slow
    second movement of some concerto, and began to do her thing. First she sat down
    on a chair and removed her shoes, giving us another great view up her skirt,
    then she stood up and pulled the front of her skirt up under her chin, revealing
    the panties which are such a turn on for me, then turned, bent down and
    flipped her skirt up giving us a nice view of her butt, clothed in flimsy white
    nylon. Then she dropped the skirt, and did a little dance dressed in just the
    camisole and panties. We could see the panties were wet at the crotch. Then she
    very slowly lowered them, an inch at a time, teasing us, until her shaved
    pussy came into view. At this moment, I glanced over to Bart, whose gaze was
    riveted on her pussy, an the knowledge that my wife was exposing her most
    intimate parts to a relative stranger made my heart race with excitement. The
    panties fell to the floor and she sat down again, legs apart and began to
    masturbate, fingering her clit and inserting her fingers into her pussy. Both Bart and
    I had been stroking our cocks through our pants, and, feeling overdressed, I
    unzipped mine and pulled them off. Bart gave me a glance, I hoped of approval,
    and returned his gaze to Kat, who pulled the camisole over her head and
    began to play with her nipples, pinching them and giving little gasps of pleasure.
    Then the music came to an end.
    "Isn't she beautiful?" I said.
    "Holy shit! I've never been so turned on. Kat, you're fantastic!"
    "I guess you now have a nice image to jerk off to," she said.
    "Sure," he said. "I hope you don't mind."
    "I'd be insulted if you didn't," said Kat.
    "That goes for me too," I said. "I love the idea of guys jerking off
    and cumming to a vision of my wife. When she`s not here, I jerk off myself."
    "We should have taped it," said Kat.
    "Good idea," I said, setting up the camcorder on its tripod and loading
    a fresh cassette into it. "Now lets get down to some serious sex. I can't
    wait to see you to suck Bart's cock."
    His eyes grew big. "You don't mind?" he asked.
    "Mind? I'm gonna love it. You've no idea how sexy it is to see a nice
    big dick in her mouth. And I think she likes it more than I do. Kat, do
    your thing."
    "You bet," she said, getting on her knees between his legs, unzipping
    his pants, and pulling them off. He was wearing a pair of white briefs, which
    were tented by his hard-on, which she pulled down to mid-thigh. She then took
    his dick into her mouth, giving him one of her classic world-class blow jobs,
    while I sat back down on the couch and stroked my own cock, which I'd pulled
    out of the fly of my briefs, enjoying the fact that Bart was looking at me.
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    Jun 25, 2007
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    From time to time, I would lick the precum off my finger and make yummy-yummy
    noises. Then I picked up Kat's panties and offered them to Bart.
    "Here, sniff these," I said. "Maybe you'd like to wear them later. If
    you don't, I will." I wanted to let him know I was ready for any kind of
    kinky thing. He gave them a sniff, and gave and appreciative "Hmmm."
    "Do you like to eat pussy?" I asked.
    "Just gimme a chance," he said.
    Kat reluctantly let go of his dick, and got up on to the couch,
    straddling his head. He tilted his face up and began to tongue her cunt and suck her
    clit. This left the lower part of his body, with his underpants still down at
    mid thigh, protruding from between Kat's legs, with his dick sticking
    vertically up in the air. No way could I resist it. I knelt down, took it in my
    hand and carefully inspected it. Like mine it was uncut, about 6" long with a
    generous foreskin, and very wet at the end. His balls were shaved which was an
    encouraging sign. I gave it a few strokes, then took it in my mouth. I
    waited to hear an objection, but he kept silent so I started to suck him, fondling
    his balls and doing that thing where I hold the foreskin forward and insert my
    tongue under it. He cock tasted wonderful, a mix of precum and Kat's pussy
    juice. From time to time I licked his balls, and fingered the opening of his
    ass hole. The fact that he was eating my wife's cunt made it all the more
    enjoyable. Then I felt him shudder, and Kat gave a strangled cry and slumped
    down on top of him. As it was unlikely that she'd suffered a heart attack, I
    assumed she'd just cum. Bart's legs stiffened and his dick pulsed as he shot
    his load into my mouth. I swirled it around then swallowed it. Abandoning his
    dick with reluctance, I lifted Kat off him and laid her down beside him on the
    couch. I kissed her, letting her have a taste of the residue of his cum.
    She gave me a huge smile. "He gives great head," she said, "but you didn't save
    any cum for me."
    "You'll get a full load next time," I reassured her.
    "Was that you sucking my dick, Zak?" Bart asked me.
    "I don't see anyone else in the room," I said. "How was it?"
    "You're at least as good a cocksucker as your wife."
    "Now that's what I call a compliment," I said.
    I went into the kitchen a got three new beers. "I'm glad we video-taped
    it," said Kat as I came back into the living room. "Unless Bart has any
    "Oh, no," said Bart. "It'll be great to have a souvenir. This was my
    first threesome, and I want to be able to remember it. I didn`t know that sex
    could be this much fun."
    "Why are you talking in the past tense?" asked Kat. "We've only just
    started. Just as soon as you're horny again, jump right in. Meanwhile, l let
    me suck your dick, Zak, while we wait for Bart to recover." I sat down beside
    her and she bent to her task. Bart had pulled his briefs up over his now soft
    cock, but he still looked absolutely delicious. He looked on as Kat worked
    diligently to arouse me, not that I wasn't already rock hard.
    "I think it's time you fucked my wife," I said. "Let me know when you
    feel up to it."
    "I think I'm getting hard again," he said. This was a remarkable
    turn-around time, his youth notwithstanding. I reached out and fondled his cock
    through his underpants. Sure enough, I could feel the beginning of an erection.
    He made no effort to stop me as I manipulated his dick out of the fly of his
    briefs and started to stroke it. Within seconds he was as hard as I was.
    "I'm gonna lie on the floor, and I want you to sit on my face, Kat. You
    can keep sucking me off while Bart fucks you doggy fashion."
    "Perfect," she said, and as soon as I'd started the camcorder, we all
    got into position.
    With my lips clamped on her clit and her lips on my dick, I looked up to
    see a close-up of Bart's magnificent cock approaching her cunt. I took hold
    of it, gave it a couple of friendly strokes, then inserted it up my wife's
    vagina. He immediately thrust it all the way home, and I heard Kat let out a
    deep sigh of satisfaction. The sight of his cock pumping in and out, wet with
    her juices, and the feel of his balls banging on my forehead, was fantastic. I
    reached up and fondled his balls with one hand, and fingered his ass with the
    other. I pushed my finger in as far as it would go, and he didn't seem to
    mind. This was sex the way it should be. We were each getting what we most
    desired. Kat was getting fucked by a stud, Bart was fucking a beautiful woman,
    and I was getting to watch as well as being sucked off.
    This went on for quite a while. Bart, having just cum, was able to fuck
    her vigorously with no danger of shooting his load, and I was experienced at
    holding back my orgasm while Kat sucked me off. It was Kat who finally
    surrendered and came, for the second time, with her body trembling. I pushed at Bart
    's thighs to remove his dick from her cunt, and she rolled off to one side,
    leaving his dick pointing right at my face. Before he had a chance to move, I
    grabbed it and pulled it into my mouth, uttering a loud "Mmmm" of pleasure.
    Kat lay off to one side, looking at us, as Bart pumped into my willing mouth.
    She smiled.
    "Now there's a beautiful sight. Suck his dick, Zak. Fuck his face,
    Bart. Shoot a big load down his throat. On second thoughts, save it for me
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    later. Tell me, Bart, have you ever sucked dick?"
    Bart was slow to respond, I guess because for most men, it's not an easy
    thing to admit, but before he answered, Kat said, "Go ahead. Suck him off.
    If you enjoy it half as much as I do, you'll love it. We're all cocksuckers
    Bart leaned forward and took my dick, which all the time had been
    sticking out of the fly on my underpants, in his hand. I could feel him peel back
    my foreskin and heard him inhale through his nose. The aroma must have aroused
    him even more than he already was, because he clamped his mouth around my
    dick and began to masturbate me with his lips. If he was a beginner, he was
    pretty good at it.
    "That's perfect," said Kat. "Two guys sucking each other. Almost as
    nice as seeing two chicks eat each other. I've got videos of me and a
    girl-friend we can watch later." The sound of Kat's voice giving approval of our
    actions, the knowledge that my wife was watching us fellate each other, was enough
    to send me over the top and I came in his mouth. I half expected him to pull
    away in disgust, but he kept his lips there, milking my shaft with his hand,
    squeezing every drop of cum out of my dick. Then he rolled off me and lay on
    his back with a big smile on his face. Kat immediately jumped on top of him
    and kissed him, getting a taste of my cum before he swallowed it.
    When he was finally able to breath, he said, "Jesus Christ, I've never
    done that before."
    "What?" I asked.
    "Swallowed a guy's cum."
    "Now you know how nice it is," said Kat.
    We decided to take a break, and sat side by side on the couch, playing
    our collection of videos, and drinking several cans of beer. Bart and I both
    had our dicks sticking out of the flies of our underpants, mine soft for the
    moment, but soon stiffening up as Kat did her thing. We started with some of
    her more tasteful strip-teases, then progressed to harder stuff, blatant
    masturbation, cum shots on her face, and close ups of my dick in various body
    orifices. Then came a couple of lengthy ones where Kat and her gay friend serviced
    each other's pussies in interesting ways. Finally came a shot of Kat pissing
    on me as I lay in the tub. Some of it went into my open mouth.
    "I've always dreamed about that," said Bart, "being peed on by a
    beautiful woman."
    "I've always dreamed about being peed on by a beautiful guy," I said,
    giving Bart a meaningful look, and reaching for his cock. "You have a very
    suckable dick and I bet your piss tastes great."
    "Go for it," said Kat. "I'll operate the camera."
    Bart's hand reached across to me and began to fondle my stiff cock. "I'
    m easy," he said.
    In the bathroom, I knelt down in the tub as Bart stepped into it. I
    took his dick in my hand. "Aren't you gonna take your briefs off?" he asked.
    "No," I said. "Just hose me down, briefs and all." As he stood there,
    trying desperately to piss, I put his stiff dick into my mouth and waited.
    Suddenly a powerful stream hit the back of my throat and I began to swallow
    rapidly. It tasted marvelous, well diluted with beer, not acrid at all. After
    half a dozen swallows, I took it out of my mouth and let it spray all over my
    face and chest and finally down on to my underpants and exposed dick. The feel
    of hot piss on my body was fantastic. "Jesus, I love this," I said, as his
    pee slowed to a trickle, and a final squirt hit my face. "You taste so fucking
    Kat had captured it all on tape. "My turn," she said. "Lie down in the
    tub, Bart."
    He peeled off his briefs, handing them to me for a quick sniff, then lay
    down as instructed. I took over the camera and Kat stepped into the tub,
    straddling him and let go a nice stream of pee, directing it on to his cock and
    balls, then his chest and finally up to his face. He was excited enough to
    open his mouth and get a generous taste. When she'd finished, he licked his lips
    as he stood up. "Mmmm," he said. "Pretty tasty. I never thought I'd like
    the taste of piss, but I think you've converted me."
    "Guy's pee tastes just as nice," said Kat. "I know, I like to drink
    both, girl's and guys."
    "Got any to spare?" he asked me, sitting down on the toilet.
    "Sure," I said, handing the camera to Kat, pulling my dick from my piss
    stained briefs and putting it in his mouth. "Just slap my thigh when you want
    me to stop." I let my bladder go, and half expected him to gag and give up,
    but he swallowed away with evident enthusiasm. I waited for the slap, but
    nothing came. When I finished, he let out a great gasp. "Wow, I drank it all!"
    "So you did," I said, "like a fucking expert. That was a real turn-on
    for me. How was it?"
    "Like fucking champagne," he said. "Let's drink up and do this again."
    We showered, then I set up the camera in the living room. With Bart
    fucking my wife doggy style and simultaneously sucking my dick as I straddled her
    back, we shot another long sequence. At the end, as I sensed that Kat was
    cumming, I pulled my dick out of his mouth and sprayed cum all over his face. A
    few seconds later, he emptied himself, with a groan, into Kat's pussy. We
    all collapsed on to the couch, breathing heavily.
    Kat wanted to continue, but as we'd both cum twice, neither of us was
    up to it.
    The following evening he knocked on our door. "Is Kat at home?" he
    asked, as I opened the door."
    "No, she's down at the gym for the next couple of hours."
    "Oh, good," he said. "Can I come in."
    I opened the door wide. "Oh absolutely," I said with a welcoming smile.
    "Now I have you all to myself," he said. "I hope you've been drinking
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    Lincoln (GB)
    Good story. It had me very hard indeed!
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    Instant hard-on from the first paragraph....
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    now thats a REAL threesome great writting
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