Thoughts and ideas about inheritablility

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    It might be lucrative for a guy with a big dick to sell his sperm. I mean, if a woman wants to get pregnant like that, she could give her son one great gift that way! Maybe her daughter too... I know sons inherit big dicks from their fathers, but do daughters get big clits or lips from hung dads?

    Another idea is to use eugenics to get people having bigger genitals. Have you ever noticed how much bigger a big dick looks on a small-framed guy? And also, for me, a HUGE turn-on is a tiny woman with a prominent mound and large cameltoe. There's a Russian girl on the Hegre website like that... I guess it's just the sight of someone with such a high percentage of sex organ to body weight that is so hot. :biggrin1:

    Anyhow, here's my selective-breeding idea.. has anyone ever heard of a porn actress named Lil' Cinderella? She played the cokehead who passed out in Boogie Nights. This girl is 4' 10" tall and naturally very skinny. What if someone like Quercusone got her pregnant (or a surrogate mother had a test tube baby with her egg and his sperm?) It might be interesting to see a 100lb 5'2" guy with a 10x7 schlong.
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