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    Hey guys,

    I’ve been working on foreskin restoration for about a year now, using a DTR fairly regularly. Happily, I’ve made some progress. I’ve gone from no foreskin to enough to cover the glans. Sometimes I even wake up with full coverage. Not bad. But all in all, what a pain in the arse. Worth it? Yep. But I also want a bit more progress.

    The downside is that the new foreskin REALLY compresses the glans. I guess the linear tugging also equals a tightening of the girth. Sometimes when my glans comes out of the foreskin it looks like it has been compressed in a vise….

    Well, I was thinking about this and came up with an idea and I’ve tried it out. I went to the store and bought a couple of Advent 3+ (that’s the brand and size) silicone baby bottle nipples. I cut the retaining ring off (the flange that holds it into the baby bottle) but left the ridge that remains next to the flange. I also cut off most of the nipple. After being turned inside out what remains is a near replica of my glans and penis head, only slightly bigger.

    Now, I slide the silicone creation over the head of my penis and roll the new foreskin over the top of that. It was a bit tricky at first but well worth it. What I found was after getting the foreskin over the silicone, the front end of the new foreskin snugs down over the small farthest end by my piss hole. If I massage the skin into place, it simply stays there on its own over the silicone. There are lots of great things about this, I’m finding out. Here are the things I’ve found out:

    Wearable nearly 24/7. I can even wear it to bed and it stays in place all on its own until a nighttime erection rolls the foreskin back and pops off the silicone bulb. It doesn’t even wake me up!

    Soft and pliable, but still stretches OUT gently – I can wear this all day without any discomfort at all. It stretches the foreskin girthwise, but doesn’t ever compress the glans. Since the silicone is soft and conforming, it doesn’t leave an unsightly bulge. And if I happen to lean over something, the foreskin isn’t hurt by being trapped between two immovable objects. I had that happen when using the DTR and OH what agony!

    Since the end of my dick is not covered (except nearly so by the foreskin) I can urinate without any problem – even in a public restroom. No one can tell it’s there.

    I wore the ring while swimming at the university pool in my Speedo. Other than just a slightly larger head bulge (not a bad thing!), it was not noticeable. I even went into the group showers afterward and since the thing was completely hidden by my new foreskin, it just looked like I had a great glans.

    I’m getting really great and FAST results. The best result is that now when I take it off, the glans and penis head actually fit my new foreskin. I’ll likely be trying a larger size soon.

    Happy to answer any questions, guys. Best part? Two nipples for $4.29! Give it a try and let me know what you think
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    I'm completely happy with my foreskin condition, but will have to try the silicone baby bottle nipple suggestion. Always interested in new toys and sensations. Thanks.
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