Thoughts on the current economic crisis

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MercyfulFate, Oct 26, 2009.

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    I'm looking to start up a discussion on the economic issues we're all facing as countries and people alike. I know there's some people here well versed in economics, government and all the things tied into this.

    First, do you believe the bailout in the US fixed anything, and did you agree with the premise? If you did, what examples would you show to say it's had a beneficial impact in terms of job production, reducing debt (and perhaps the elusive "Toxic Assets) and helping out the people that most need it.

    Also I'd ask if you blame the institutions that received a lot of the bailout money for any lack of change or improvement you might see. Do the "golden parachutes" issues to execs bother you? I imagine it would for most people, but it seems to be one of the least talked about things anywhere.

    For my final thought to start it off, do you think Wall Street and the government are too closely aligned, and do you feel there's a conflict of interest with Goldman Sach's execs in Obama's cabinet along with the Federal Reserve as well.
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