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    So I'm watching the World Series game last night and it's in Texas. In between plays, they're showing people in the stands. On one of these cutaways, they show two women sitting together, both in their mid-40s I'd guess. One of them, in just this three second clip, totally knocked me out and has been on my mind since. Here's why: she totally exuded not just being a "woman", but also confidence and comfort with herself as that woman.

    She had above-average bosominess and wore tight, but not revealing, clothes. She had a pretty, "mature" face and had on just enough make-up to accent her looks, perhaps hide a few wrinkles, but most of all, signal "I like to look nice". Great smile as the camera found her and she noticed. The first metaphor that came to mind was that of a yummy frosted cupcake.

    (I realize that almost everything I'm saying is speculation on my part, but let me roll with it for a moment.)

    It astonishes me how many people, both men and women, have personalities that "don't fit" their physical appearance. You find handsome men or pretty women who don't seem to know it, and act insecure beyond all measure. You have physically unexceptional people who seem to think that they're all that. You see people with great bodies who act like they don't know they do, or are ashamed. Etc. and so forth.

    And then you have people who have the goods, but use them more as "weapons" rather than as integral parts of themselves. It's like the body image they've formed of themselves is of a sort of scheming, physically undeveloped individual who has been gifted with "add-ons" that can be used for advantage with the other sex (women with big boobs, guys with big dicks, etc.).

    The Texas Rangers fan I alluded to above went beyond any of this, at least as far as the quick impression I got of her. What she seemed to be was a woman who totally knew what she had (good looks, nice figure) and brought all of it to bear when interacting with people. I had no doubt when looking at her that there would be no hang-ups, no hoops to jump through, no deals to be made or weird maintenance issues, if she chose a guy as a close personal friend. He would get all of it without pretension, all acting together in concert. She would never be the sort to dress slutty or trashy, but a kiss from her would be authentic, and she would bring her whole body into it in a knowing way -- and she would definitely know the way. She would kiss as a woman, not as a girl with big boobs. Sex with her would be total and overwhelming, not let's try this trick -- okay, now that trick.

    All this, from three seconds. I know part of my impression comes from the fact that I'm in my mid-40s, too, and I know that the women I meet now are often very confident sexually about themselves after spending a decade or two figuring themselves out. I'm sure I'm imputing some of that experience on her. But, by God, she deserved it, because she just radiated "I'm a good ole Texas gal who loves being a gal, especially to a man I find attractive."

    I guess she hit on a topic that's been on my mind, which is how and when we form self-images. As I said above, people often mismatch personalities with body-types/attractiveness. She seemed to match hers perfectly.

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