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    Ok. So I'm on a plane the other day and my seat is next to a woman. As I sit down my cock gets wedged between my thigh & the seat. A little uncomfortable at this point but nothing I can't handle. We have a little chit chat and all the while I'm becoming more and more aware of how uncomfortable I actually am. Shortly after takeoff we hit a little turbulence and things shift. Now we have a problem. So I asked her to please turn her head for a moment so that I could "adjust things". She was a little taken & somewhat perturbed buy my request, and said no. Almost daring me to fix things. So being the guy that I am, I did. While she stared in disbelief that I would actually do that in front of her. She spent the rest of the flight to NY stealing glances & fidgeting in her seat.
    We've had sex twice since then.
    Has anyone else had "Public adjustment issues" and how did you deal with them?
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