Tightest Woman I Errr' Did See

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by D_Harry_Pitts, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Aug 4, 2009
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    Welp....my girlfrriend has not had lots of sex, nor does she get off on penetration. We have had penetrative sex, and it really doesn't do much for her...so it doesn't do too much for me.
    She knows how to handle all of me like no woman has orally or with good ol' fashioneds. And I can make her cum over and over from almost entirely clitoral and regional external stimulation.
    Since we're in a pretty serious relationship, I figured why not call it off for very special occasions - but continue the liberal application of lots of foreplay.
    Curious, does anyone else have this type of sexual relationship with their loved ones?
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