Tim Hetherington Killed in Libya

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    The New York Times reported today that Tim Hetherington was killed on Wednesday outside of Misurata, Libya along with Chris Hondros of Getty Images. Many of you may not have heard of Tim, but to me, he was one of the finest photojournalists in the world.

    If you get a chance to hop on Netflix, you can see the Academy Award nominated documentary he directed and produced about the Afghan war called "Restrepo". If you've never heard of this film, it is a very close and personal account of a platoon more or less struggling on its own in the Korangal Valley. No one -- regardless of their opinions of the war in Afghanistan -- can watch this film and not be moved by the courage of these young men or the futility of their mission. "Restrepo" honors those who have fought and died in Afghanistan and now, sadly, becomes the last major piece we'll see from the very talented Tim Hetherington.

    You can find the entire article here in today's NYT.
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