Tolls vs Religion

Discussion in 'Politics' started by transformer_99, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Orthodox Jews Oppose Boca SunPass Interchange -

    This has nothing to do with walking on the sabbath ? It has everything to do with widening a turnpike, what it does to/for the neighborhood with increased traffic in terms of property values. Put a toll plaza and exit and entry ramps for easier accessibility for commuters and that has to adversely effect the property values. This brings the highway closer to their premium neighborhood.

    I'm really starting to weigh whether South Florida is any place for me to be as well. Any other South FL LPSGers in this phase of assessment ? I-95 is going tolls. The area I work, has several malls and the turnpike authority has pretty much taken that stretch and made it a pay for ride area. The more price points they put up, the more money they collect. I don't see the tolls dropping to maintain the toll rates. Where one toll is $ 1.00, they now have broken that same stretch into 2, $ 1.00 toll collection points. There'll be a day when that extra toll pays for the plazas, but there won't be any relenting on the tolls collected.

    Incredible, economy in a downturn and this is the best this community can do ?
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