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    I'm looking for a submissive person who needs to be Fucked, especially one interested in 'tantric' endurance and multiple orgasms.

    Giving others orgasms is fun (and I love to do it) but sometimes I just need to FUCK until I'm tired out. I like to take a long time and 'recycle' the affection, which some categorize as tantric, and I'm not so concerned with a big finish, though my body may need it! To be out of breath and to keep going, as an endurance thing. I get off on making my partner handle my size, really using your body, leaving that sore feeling. So it would be an endurance thing for you as well. Unless you make me lose it earlier, I do like to lose control with orgasm when I just can't hold out any longer, as far inside as I can get ;)

    To friends and strangers I am shy and sarcastic. But for those I make my bed with, I prefer causing shock, a little pain and effort. (Looking up 'effort' in an etymological dictionary yields this phrase from Ortega: "Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt." Lols.)

    I like kink, as the side dish to a nice harsh fucking. I have a collar and a riding crop, but I mostly like to use my hands (grabbing, pushing you around, folding limbs) and my teeth, rowr.

    About me: I've got massage training, that is a plus. I can geek out about the human body at times. I work normal hours in a deli kitchen, though I work on weekends. I read constantly. I am close with my boyfriend, we are open, and play on the sides regularly (and safely). I'm free most nights.

    Safe, sane, consensual
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