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Toys and Sexual Preference

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by petetown, May 25, 2010.

  1. petetown

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    Aug 11, 2008
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    North Truro (MA, US)
    Do gay men have more sex toys than straight guys? From cockrings to dildos to fleshlights.....please list and state your preference.

    Me, a few cockrings, nipple clamps, a buttplug and a nice glass dildo.....
  2. 43698

    43698 Guest

    I gotta say it depends. This question is a lot like the questions people as such as the following:

    Do all women like to be fucked in the ass?
    Why do all women like rough sex?
    Do all women squirt?
    Do all black men have big penises?
    Are there any asians with big dicks?
    Do all men like to get their dick sucked?

    I have read all these questions on here over and over and over. I would have to say it once again all comes down to the person. I know a homosexual male quite well. He and I know each other well enough that we can talk about sex openly without either one of us feeling judged or uncomfortable. He personally does not like sex toys at all. I think there is some kind of a stygma out there that mainly straight people have about gays. That stygma would be that gay guys wear leather assless pants to bed and get into all kinds of alternative sex acts such as group sex, bondage, and have many sex partners. Once again I have got to say that it depends on the person and it is wrong to stereotype anyone. I have noticed that lesbians tend to have more dildos and vibrators than any other group of people. That to me makes since. Just look at the bio-mechanics of the sittuation.
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