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    the fat deposit area above the penis over the pubis referred to as the "pussy pad".....
    dose this require surgery (lipo) to reduce or is it not so tricky to work off, any one with experience? i been a trainer off and on for 5 years or so and i never thought to check on a client. any one got anything?
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    In truth, lipo is probably best. You cannot target fat loss. Your body will take fat from where ever it has deposited it rather evenly no matter what part of your body you train. The second problem is that pubic fat is what the body considers, "privileged fat," meaning it will always try to keep a deposit of fat there even if you're rail thin. This is so you can have sex without discomfort. How much fat is deposited there depends upon your genetics and your diet.

    Over time, you will lose weight and your fat pad will go down, but not as fast as other areas of the body. It is even possible, if you are genetically disposed to it, that you won't lose that much. The only way to know is to be at your ideal weight and then see how much you have left. Prominent fat pads are a problem for many people who are not overweight and pubic liposuction is about the only way for these people to get rid of the excess.
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