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    I just watch Trump's speech.
    I noticed that always uses superlatives, not matter what he is talking about and how unimportant the topic is.

    At his inauguration will be the best bands ever seen and they will play the greatest music.
    He also knows people who do tremendous things... abd the Miss Universe Show he was part of went very very well, very well.
    And so on.

    I can imagen how he acts in negotiations, how he promotes his ideas and projects... and I simply can't understand how anyone would invest even a dollar in his projects.
    Our industrial leaders have to be as smart as white bread.


    He also talked about his economical success, he alread had as President elect.
    That Ford cancelled his project in Mexico, Chrysler will create 2000 new jobs... now he expect from GM to do something similar. The next step is to get the pharmacy industry back, and a few month a go he talked about Apple production in the USA.

    If he really will try to get as much production back in to the USA as possible, it will have critical effects on the US economy.
    While he will create a few hundred thousand jobs and will lower the import of goods, it will also have negative effects.
    Companies don't produce abroad because they think it's "cool", but because they have economical benefits.
    That's why it's likely that the price of all these goods, who are then get produced in the USA, will become more expensive. So, the new jobs will get financed by the American consumers.
    At the same time the American companies will become less competitive to foreign companies.

    While more companies produce inside the USA, these companies will produce less abroad. It will influence their economical development and lower American export. Jobs will get lost, even if not as much as get created. So, the new jobs get financed by other American workers.

    In total it's likely that we will see two or three years of overproportional growth and the next 12 years, the USA will pay the price with nearly zero growth.

    But very interesting is, how he wants to finance his economical and fiscal plans. Lower tax and improvement of infrastructure will get financed by more debts.

    In total we will have increasing inflation, weakening companies, slow growth and growing debts... time for the next economical crisis... but what cares Trump? Till then, his Presidency is over
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