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    (All names of course are fictitious)
    1. Sal was dick jerking..daily when twas not even..quite seven
    And with full fledged copulation..on his birthday..of eleven.
    All girls did love..his hairless dong
    Which was already..9 inches long
    And without seed..there followed no little Sue..or little Kevin

    2. In Rio sex clubs..Sal’s performance’s..become a legend
    His ginormous penis..places every competition.
    In cevix bumping..preceding seismic clamping
    Or dp thrusting..without gagging
    His cocks unrivaled..AND his always second

    3. The need for Sal to quarter hour is odd..does confess he
    ‘n Shots beyond Pete North’s..result of course..from ultra active testes
    To his physique
    Add chrisma..with brainy mystique
    With porn comic prick..he’s worthy of four LPSG

    4. Frau Muller was Nobel..Prize’s 09 Lit..selection
    Blending poetry’s brevity..and prose’s sheer perfection
    To this pairing..Sal adds one better
    Word picture sex..this future Nobel man of letters
    So reading strongly upgraded..with Nobel class erections.

    5. To many gals..should be an encumbrance
    To fill a cock..of 11 inch length..and 8 inch circumference
    Yes bood drain..makes him light headed
    But so many nymphs..need to be bedded
    So risking faints, he fucks to please..with 24/7 tumescence.

    6. On Cerne Abbas Giant’s..penis barren lasses..oft are lying
    To become fertile..on 30 foot prick..mentally trying
    Better to hire Sal..for a fuck
    If there’s good luck
    Got 5 plus..epic orgasms..for the trying
    *180 foot chalk reclining figure from British ancient times lain upon by couples and women hoping to get pregnant

    7. When workout’s finished..Sal hits showers..and always full
    All guys wanna admire..and question reality..of his thick tool
    Rich wrinkled Kielbasa..if it’s soft
    Or thumping his sternum..when flung aloft
    Claims “God given”..(true, but twas first a bull).

    8. To Niagara Falls..Sal took his girlfriend..her sheath to vet
    But aft one bedding..a super cold..she was to get
    Too bad they struck off..their must do list
    A soggy ride..on Maid of the Mist
    But he in their room..for three days kept..her dripping wet.

    9. I love Sal..with all my heart..and all my life
    Not events or distance..can cleave this a knife
    Beware the curse of..Appaloosa* soul mates
    Who allow jealousy..through the toll gates
    In form of wiles..and devisive maneuvers of a wife
    *Gun slingers in the movie played by Ed Harris and Viggio Mortenson have a chaste straight back mountain love affair that is destroyed by a jealous wife grabbing Ed

    10. Full of spirits..Sal calls me Donkey..Dong the Lesser
    And the Greater..we both a no guesser
    For him.. my favorite sobriquet
    Is a well deserved..MTTK*
    But we both know..for wise cracking wit,..I am the bester
    *meat to the knees

    11. Sal’s favorite lay..from Thailand made..request from he
    A flood cum..rare from female honey his salami
    He briskly stroked..her clit and g-spot
    Sh’burst her dam..enough t’fill a p.m. teapot
    And Ocean Center..that very moment..detected a mild tsunamai

    12. 11 inches we do share..with penises are laid..side by side
    “No problem” brag take most of that..deep inside
    But Sal’s great thickness..can be alarming
    So it comes with..a stern dental warning
    For best results..throughout procedure..”Open wide!”
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    Corrections: in verse 2, cervix for cervis; d.t. for dp (deep throat); and tsunami for tsunamai in verse 11
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    nicely done... appreciate the effort that went into this ode...

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    Some may ask where in the hell did I get all these absurd stories. Actually none but 1 or 2 (Holland and Thailand) are mostly fact baseless. All the others except for preposterous endings are from true events in this guy's life. How do I know they are true. Because he is a fantastic writer of truth in his life but at his young age, a lousy fiction writer. The true events that he shared with him have the telling element of detail that no one but an exceptional writer could have put in them. The fiction stories (of which there were many), have no details and he would never furnish any answers to imploring questions I asked of him in those stories (but always quickly filled in details on the true ones).

    Someday I expect that when he can create details for sexual excapades that never happened as adroitly as he does with the real thing, this guy will move into the league not only of an exquisitely talented non fiction erotic literature writer but a fiction writer as well. Good luck to my friend if you ever return to this site.
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