Tribute to sexiest guy who ever was on LPSG

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    13. Like Hugh Jackman..both men and gals..are drawn to Sal’s bait
    With black hole attraction..he’ll pull you in..and seal your fate.
    Teammate and foe,..him cannot resist
    In contact sports..where he’s specialist
    Each one is wish aloud..that neither of them was straight.

    14. Sal and I..matched in endowment..and things intellectual
    Though 7” shorter..he calls me Little man..”so are we equal?”
    New HW* boxing champ..was 7” shorter
    Than opponent..but whipped his asser
    Pugilist lessons..I am Sal be mindful
    “New heavy weight world champion was not expected to overcome the much taller and bulkier foe but he did.

    15. Holland’s known..for Dutch Masters..and tulip flowers
    And their orgies..where Sal gained fame..for his sexual powers
    Once he fucked 50 gals..with iron member
    And still twas not..the least bit limber
    So then plugged 3 inch dike hole;..held back flood waters.. for o’er 10 hours.

    16. Hit TV’s “Hung”..has Tom Jane..with matchless body
    His 40ish gigolo..e’ev without cock still a hottie
    But in ’10..I’ll star in the sequel
    And in ’11..Sal in the prequel
    With rawer we’ll often have..wide screen full monties

    17. Sal’s woman..must be sexy, model legs..and super busty
    And be enclose his cock fully..must she
    One day fiancé..took him aside
    And to him..did gladly confide
    That now at last..she had a G-22*..size pussy
    *largest side condom available in world.

    18. Sexiest man..with 5 lb my friend Salem
    Though most time nude..and steely erect..poses a conundrum
    How does he stand very straight
    With all that way out..front weight
    He’s counterbalanced..with a sandbag size..bum

    19. Sal at bank..was behind man and girl..each with a gun
    They laughed to see..that beat his meat..he’s begun
    But with one jet squirt..Sal did blind him
    And disabling cunt gal aside him
    Got big reward..and in 9 months..also a new son.

    20. Sal had prepped fondue party..Swiss please
    Forgot the bread..with which to eat with ease
    So offered cock..for the dipping
    With sweet nectar..from his dripping
    And now posh Sal’s cream cheese

    21. Billiard factory..found its gold be flawed
    So emergency re-tooling..was required..with a recall
    Sal offered of his testosteroidals
    Was proper size..’n perfectly spheroidal
    Got Rolls Royce..and thank God..he was triple balled.

    22. Sal was watching..very last episode of a bar
    Then a nympho..dragged him her car
    He had her cumming,,for over an hour
    Then for another..washed her with a cum shower
    And was most glad..that he had preprogrammed..his DVR

    23. As to sports..absolute tops in prowess
    Salemian is..for Male perfection..and sexual excess
    For me..he’s a God send
    The very best..and trusted friend
    And I wish for him..all the best..and success in erotic lit where he’s peerless.
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    The land of Oz
    Why does the tribute start at 13?
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    spelling corrections: fiancee instead of fiance in verse 17; and he'd instead of he's in verse 19
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