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    hi guys,

    been on here for a while, getting useful information. Thx!

    Regarding dick size:
    I´ve always put ´Large´ for my cock size at 8x6" uncut. Some say its huge, some say its extra large. I´ll keep it at large. Prefer to be humble, lol
    My brother is extremely big (9" flaccid) hence my desire to add an inch or more myself since my youth. I guess he caused me a cock-size trauma....:biggrin1:

    I tried to enclose the ´dick-o-meter´ which may help you guys to decide what size you are. (by Mail me at if you want it send to you.

    I´ve tried various ways to grow my cock, pump, pills, jelq. None of which stayed for a longer period.
    Pumping has some effect but you really need to pump daily for 30 minutes or more to get definite effect.
    Same applies to jelqing technique. If you are interested I can send the technique by mail.

    One more thing, I´m bisexual and have met various guys hung huge 9+.
    Only few got very, very hard.........
    (then again that could be because I didn´t arouse them enough...............).

    Keep up the good work guys!
    Ciao, Robert
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