Trojan Supra's & Microsheer Condoms

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by KoreanDude, Jul 28, 2006.

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    My current girlfriend even with enough foreplay gets too much of a burning sensation down there with the use of latex condoms. We've tried a lot of things and still blame the condoms :smile:. We even had one session where I did absolutely nothing and just lay there so she could set the pace, and after 15-20 minutes it got uncomfortable for her. Anyway a friend of mine told me about Trojan Supra's, I did a little research and am somewhat confused because I got mixed results.

    A number of people say these kind of condoms break on them fairly often unless you use lubrication. With this type material condom what is the best base lubrication to use with them? Aside from the breaking issue I hear they feel awesome, and the no latex smell is a plus as well. I read a review though that this type of material doesn't stretch much, so I'm wondering if the Supra will fit me. I'm about 7.25x6". If this microsheer won't fit, where can I find some that will? I'd really like to try these out. Thanks for any info

    Edit: I forgot to ask..since I started having sex I've never had a condom break, so this will sound stupid but how exactly do you know the condom broke?
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    I don't think you'll have much luck with a one-size-fits-all polyurethane condom given your size. They don't stretch. I was unable to squeeze myself into the Avantis. The Trojans may be a little wider than the Avantis depending on who you believe, but still.

    I know of no good options for people with latex-sensitivities who want to protect themselves from STDs if they have -- or want to fuck someone who has -- a big dick. If STDs are not a concern than you might try lambskin condoms.

    Polyurethane condoms really need to be sized. And when Condomania first announced the They Fit line, I assumed that they would be poly.

    How do you know if a condom breaks?

    You feel a nasty snapping sensation.

    You feel something bunching up on the side of your cock.

    You find yourself thinking, "Damn, these condoms are fantastic! They feel almost as good as nothing at all."

    You pull out and see a bunch of disgusting tattered latex hanging from your schlong.
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